Dominant Players of the Affiliate Marketing System

In recent years, marketing has undergone substantial changes, and affiliate marketing has been the perfect response to the ongoing shifts. With the changes in business practices and technological developments, businesses have discovered affiliate marketing to be a great tool for promotions on the digital sphere. By keeping pace with the continued growth in technology, affiliate marketing players are continually reshaping the digital advertising landscape.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, have a look at the various affiliate marketing players and their roles in marketing programs.

Publisher/Affiliate Marketer

Publisher or affiliate marketer is one who promotes a product or service to drive potential customers’ to the manufacturer’s website. On sale of each product, the affiliate marketer receives an agreed-upon commission. This means the more targeted traffic you send to the sales page, the more are your chances of making money.

The hottest niche attracting the interest of affiliate marketers in recent years is gadgets. For their continued innovation and growth, gadgets like Smartphone and video games make an excellent source of income for affiliate marketers. People buy thousands of gadgets every year and are always looking for the latest offers or products. However, the traffic and profit potential has been there for a long time and will continue to be here for many years to come.


An advertiser or merchant is a company or organization seeking to promote its products or services. Businesses prefer affiliate marketing because it is a performance based model meaning that you only need to incur marketing expense when selling a product.

In order to make their affiliate marketing programs more transparent and effective, modern merchants are increasingly using dedicated software to track traffic and sales referred from affiliates. With affiliate conversion tracking tools, businesses are able to create more streamlined affiliate marketing programs to generate greater sales and profits.

Affiliate Network

An affiliate network works as an intermediary between merchants and affiliates. While the network allows businesses to find a larger group of affiliates to promote their products and services, it serves as a great platform for affiliates to find and participate in the most relevant affiliate programs suiting their website.

Affiliate networks are emerging as strategic marketing systems. With high end tracking technology, reporting capabilities, and payment processing systems, affiliate networks are emerging as more efficient and smarter solution for both businesses and publishers.

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