5 Cosmetics Affiliate Programs – Popular Among Beauty Influencers

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The influencing scene has exploded! Everyone wants to be someone on social media these days. With the increased popularity on platforms like Facebook and Instagram – becoming an online influencer has never been easier. And if you’re into the field of beauty, then we have a booster pack for you. Five of the latest Cosmetics Affiliate Programs, run by some great merchants.

Start monetizing your influencer platform by signing up for these affiliate programs and promoting their top quality cosmetic products to your followers.

The Latest Cosmetics Affiliate Programs

OmiBay - Japanese and Korean Skincare Products

1. Japanese & Korean Beauty → 10% Commission


If you’re looking to change up your cosmetics and try new products, check out OmiBay by Oster International Trading, for an interesting range of Japanese and Korean beauty supplies.

Makeup doesn’t get any more luxurious than the Rich Flow foundation.

And for skincare TLC, there’s the ultra-cool leaf mask, pearl mask, collagen aqua mask, the water sleeping mask and more.

Oh and don’t leave your lips out.

Give them some love with the hydrating lip sleeping mask.

2. Eye Contour Products → 20% Commission


Sublime Repair Forte | Cosmetics Affiliate ProgramI read a random article the other day about how drinking coffee can make you look beautiful.

Besides the clickbaity title, it turns out that looking beautiful has something to do with having bright alert eyes.

Which is somewhat convincing.

So if you have wrinkles or bags under your eyes, Sublime Repair Forté has dermo-cosmetics, especially for eye contouring.

Beautiful bright eyes await.

3. Natural Body Creams & Lip Balms → 10% Commission


Golden Cocoa Butter - Skinz Cosmetics

Beauty is skin deep – literally.

Skip trying to cover yourself up and instead nurture your natural beauty with natural cosmetics from Skinz Cosmetics.

Treat your skin with Golden Cocoa Butter with an amazingly rich chocolate aroma infused with organic oils like jojoba, sunflower seed, and tamanu.

And give your lips some love with homemade lip balm – for tasty moisturized lips.

4. All-Natural Skin Care Products → 20% Commission


Cosmetics Affiliate Programs List - The Vital ImageIf you’re a holistic vegan kind of person that cares about the long term effects of the cosmetics you apply on your skin, then you’ll love The Vital Image.

Dedicated to giving you magnificent skin, The Vital Image combines innovative science with pure natural ingredients to formulate skincare products that are not only effective but also safe to use.

This boutique all-natural skincare brand has quality products to cleanse, nourish and moisturize your skin.

No chemicals. No fillers. And No animal testing.

5. Vibrant Bath Products → 10% Commission


Fish Cupcake Bath Bombs - Tranquility CosmeticsYou know, sometimes all you need is a bath bomb or some bath dust from Tranquility Cosmetics to solve your problems.

Bad day at work?

Sprinkle some candy floss bath dust into your bath.

Have your kids driven you to insanity today?

Escape to your bathroom and soak in a soothing bath with some snow fairie bath dust.

No problems?

Then treat yourself to a bubblegum bath in the name of having a great day.

Tranquility Cosmetics will bring your bath to life with vibrant colors and bubbles – just what you need when you need it.

Which of These Cosmetics Affiliate Programs Do You Join?

How well do you know your audience? What kind of products would they be interested in buying? The same way you provide value to your followers with your beauty advice – is the same way you will offer them products that they would love.

So keeping that in mind, it’s important to browse the product catalog of shops before you become their affiliate marketer. And ask yourself, “would my followers buy these products“?

When the answer is “yes“, then you ask yourself, “will I get paid fairly for my marketing efforts“?

Just remember, when you become an affiliate for a merchant, you are essentially entering a business partnership. Would you partner up with someone you knew nothing about?

So make sure to always carry out research on your potential affiliate partners and the products you will be expected to shift.

Now, with those questions in your head, go ahead and study the above cosmetics affiliate programs again.

Let us know what you have chosen and if you need any further guidance – you are always welcome to send us a DM.

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