20 Companies That Have Affiliate Programs

LeadDyno Feature Guide: Companies That Have Affiliate Programs

If you’re looking for products to promote so you can monetize your influencer platform, then you’re reading the right article. Whether you have a blog, YouTube channel or perhaps an Instagram account, there’s some great gear waiting for your marketing expertise. These companies that have affiliate programs have been selected based on trends and commission rates.

Now you may have already been wondering BEFORE you opened the article – are any of these products even going to be relatable to my audience?

To be fair, the headline didn’t exactly give hints about any specific product category. But that’s because I wanted it to be a surprise!

Well, you might as well know now.

The LeadDyno intel team has picked 20 companies that have affiliate programs from 9 different niches. That’s right! You now have a wonderful variety of companies to partner with. And it doesn’t matter what field of business you are in – there’s something for everyone.

Well, hopefully!

Find A Profitable Affiliate Niche

Finding A Profitable NicheSo you know you want to be an affiliate marketer, but you still haven’t exactly narrowed down your field of interest. Well, that’s what makes today’s guide extra special!

It will provide great inspiration for selecting a niche to work with.

Let’s say that you’re a parent. And you have an audience that comprises of other parents. Then ideally, you’d want to consider focusing on Family Affiliate Programs.

What if you’re an outdoor adventurer? And you’re constantly posting pictures and sharing stories of all your latest adventures.

Then your best option would be to join companies with Recreational or Outdoor Gear Affiliate Programs.

Whatever your hobbies, interests, or specialties happen to be – the programs you pick should most definitely reflect this.

It is way easier to promote a product or service that you know about. That you love.

So when you’re looking for a profitable niche – you should keep your eyes open for opportunities that are close to your heart.

How does that guarantee huge profits?

Simple. Affiliate marketing is all about sales. The more sales you make, the more money you earn.

And the more passion you have for the affiliate niche you’re in – the harder you will work!

How To Choose An Affiliate Marketing Program

Which Affiliate Program Should I Choose?Now you’ve decided on a niche to focus your marketing efforts on. But what affiliate program do you join?

Just remember this.

Even though you’re promoting someone else’s products or services, the customers you attract have put their trust in YOU.

So if you’re an affiliate partner with a company, and these guys disappoint your referred customers, then you’ll lose credibility with these customers.

Keeping that in mind, you need to vet your potential partners. Make sure you can trust them to fulfill their promises.

This also applies to their payout reputation. Do they commit to their agreed commission rate? Are their payments received without any issues? Are you going to get paid for ALL the business you bring to the table?

And what about the products they sell?

Hey, if you can get your hands on samples – that would be awesome! Test them. Play with them. Then give a detailed review of them.

The more niche a product or service is, the more interest you can generate.

So hunt down unique items. Look into trending products. You can also just ask your audience.

That’s right! Who knows better your audience’s interests than your audience themselves!

But you know what?

We don’t expect you to go to great lengths to figure out the best companies that have affiliate programs that you can join.

That’s why we have a team at LeadDyno dedicated to doing all the research for you.

We find the companies. We explore their affiliate programs in-depth. Then we present our findings in weekly affiliate guides.

Just like this one!

So how exactly do you choose an affiliate program?

Easy. Grab yourself a drink. Maybe some snacks. Then sit back and immerse yourself in our guide of 20 Companies That Have Affiliate Programs.

Here’s the List of Companies that have Affiliate Programs

I have split the programs list into 10 separate niches, or categories if you prefer. Each of the niches includes two companies that have affiliate programs.

For those of you who just want to jump straight to your desired niche – each of the affiliate program sections have links. So just click on them and you be there in a flash!

And no worries if you want to come back to this list. No need to scroll all the way back up again. There are links after each section that will teleport you back here.

Now let’s take a look at this list of affiliate programs.

But first, a quick thanks to Natalie for helping out with the program briefs!

SaaS Affiliate Programs
• LeadFuze
• Tuki
Technology Affiliate Programs
• Grand Videoke
• Shield Your Body
Outdoor Gear Affiliate Programs
• Voss
• Flash
Business Services Affiliate Programs
• Investible
• MiloTree
Hair Affiliate Programs
• Silka Wigs
• Wig Galaxy
Food Affiliate Programs
• My Ktchn
• Bubba’s Fine Foods
Home Affiliate Programs
• Made For Sleep
• Yorkville Blankets
Family Affiliate Programs
• Family Keeps
• The Mum Life
Education Affiliate Programs
• Coyote Learner
• Game Institute
Other Affiliate Programs
• U.S. Solid
• Get Set Style Metro

These Are The Niches & Companies That Have Affiliate Programs

Finally, we reach the bit where we share with you the details of these 20 companies that have affiliate programs. We’ll give you a quick briefing on each of the affiliate niches, and then we’ll cover the related programs.

Let’s do this!

SaaS Affiliate Programs

Software as a Service (SaaS). What is it? Margaret Rouse explains it best over at Search Cloud Computing.

But here’s our quick explanation.

A business or individual builds a software/ app and makes it available to users online or through downloads. Most of the time there would be a cost to use the software – bringing revenue to the business.

However, there are companies that offer freeware and they make their earnings through paid add-ons, upgrades or in-app features.

So first up on our list of companies that have affiliate programs is the opportunity to promote lead generation software and an app designed to support IBS sufferers.

Lead Generation Software **20% Commission**

LeadFuze | Affiliate Partner Analysis

The game of selling is tough and networking with the right people is not such a simple task.

If you need a little help, the good news is that LeadFuze will connect you to a world of ideal prospects thanks to their super cool B2B lead generation software.

Search for contact information of your potential prospects and automatically make contact through the system.

Subscribe from $150 and get up to 500 new leads every month.

Now that’s a sweet deal.

Affiliates earn a commission of 20% on active subscriptions. Apply here to become an affiliate of LeadFuze.

Supportive App for IBS Sufferers **20% Commission**

Become a Tuki Ambassador

Digestive issues are no longer uncommon.

If you’re not a sufferer, you likely know someone who is.

All the complex things we consume don’t exactly make it easy to identify triggers of IBS.

But Tuki will help make it easy for you.

This supportive digital app is made for people who suffer from digestive conditions and will teach you which foods make you feel your best.

It will also help you discover which foods trigger your digestive discomforts.

It’s easy to integrate into your everyday life – conveniently helping you on your journey to a better you.

Affiliates earn a commission of 20% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Tuki.

–back to list—

Tech Affiliate Programs

Tech, technology, robotics, machinery, computers, electronics, and even gadgets. These are some of the terms you may see associated with tech affiliate programs.

This is one of the more popular niches for affiliate marketers to get involved in. The product range is vast and the consumer spending on electronics is explosive!

So we wouldn’t expect you to show any interest in our collection of companies that have affiliate programs if we didn’t include a few techy products.

Advanced Portable Karaoke System **5-10% Commission**

Grand Videoke Canada Reseller Program

I find it so ironic that in a time where there is an abundance of entertainment available to enjoy, people still struggle with finding something enjoyable to do especially when at home.

People, your home entertainment is about to get super fun and lively with the most advanced portable karaoke system from Grand Videoke.

This outstanding entertainment gadget will bring the concert experience to your home.

With over 7,900 built-in licensed songs, the Grand Videoke Symphony 3 Pro comes with Perfect Pitch advanced scoring – it’s so advanced it can be your vocal coach.

Affiliates earn a commission of 5-10% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Grand Videoke.

Radiation Protection Products **15% Commission**

Become a Top Earning SYB Affiliate

Did you know that every day you are exposed to harmful electromagnetic radiation emitted from wireless devices?

This exposure can compromise your health.

Reduce your exposure with Shield Your Body that shields this harmful electromagnetic radiation.

It works by creating a mesh of conductive or magnetic material that forms a barrier against harmful radiation.

Get protected with a wide range of products including cell phone devices, laptop devices, baby blankets, and tiles.

Affiliates earn 15% commission on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Shield Your Body.

–back to list—

Outdoor Recreation Affiliate Programs

The love for the outdoors is programmed in most of us. And that need for “fresh air” and to “get away” is increasingly important when we’re trapped in a concrete jungle most of our days.

There has been an invasion of searches in say, Google and Bing, where people are hunting down outdoor equipment and also adventure ideas.

So investing your marketing exploits in a niche related to outdoor living will guarantee you have a steady flow of customers.

Sleek Helmets **15% Commission**

Motorcycle Influencers | Join the Voss Affiliate Program

Looking for a “W-O-W factor” Christmas gift?

Good news if you know a biker.

And if you don’t, you still need to check this out ‘cause Voss Helmets makes to impress.

I’m not even a biker and I think I want one of their helmets.

The sleekest headgear I’ve ever seen.

Something you’d see on a next-generation biker fashion runway.

A helmet from Voss Helmets will sweep your person off their feet for sure!

This gift will be the talk of the season.

Affiliates earn a commission of 15% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Voss Helmets.

Fancy Electric Bike **$100 Commission**

Outdoor Gear Affiliate Programs | FLASH

Need a little motivation to live a more active lifestyle in 2019?

Well, your ambition and laziness can now meet halfway with…

Drum roll


An electric bike!

Think of it as assisted exercise – why not?

Look, your inactive self is better off with this than nothing at all.

So, pat yourself on the back when you purchase your fancy electric bike from Flash.

I consider it fancy because it comes with all sorts of cool features never seen before.

Fancy stuff that works with your smartphone. Check it out – it’s currently on sale.

Affiliates earn a commission of $100 per bike purchase. Apply here to become an affiliate of Flash.

–back to list—

Business Services Affiliate Programs

Now here’s one that always boggles a few of you. We always get asked, “isn’t a Business Service the same as SaaS?

That’s true! There are plenty of business services that provide usable software. However, when we talk about business services, we mean it in a general term, where a business supports your business as a service. And they could very well do this from their end.

So what you can expect from these affiliate programs, is the chance to promote a service that assists the running of other businesses.

Product Research Service **20% Commission**

Investible Affiliate Partnership

No one is ever enthusiastic about taking risks.

If you’re thinking of starting an e-commerce business but you’re chickening out due to the potential risk of losing all your money with the wrong product, then this is for you.

Thanks to Investible, you have access to product opportunities in the market.

They conduct product research to empower online sellers with valuable product data to help them decide on what products to test and invest in.

You’ll also get weekly deals, multi-channel setup services, and a brand directory.

Affiliates earn a commission of 20% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Investible.

Traffic to Followers Tool **$20 Commission**

MiloTree | Companies that have Affiliate Programs

If your business relies on your web presence then you are very much aware that every visit and click comes with a price tag.

Maxing out on your website traffic is a daily battle.

If you’re worried that you’re losing out on engaging with your website visitors then you should consider using MiloTree.

This easy nifty pop will convert your traffic to followers, subscribers and even customers.

It works with your Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, and even email list.

From only $9 per month, this tool is certainly worth it.

Affiliates earn a commission of $20 per sign up. Apply here to become an affiliate of MiloTree.

–back to list—

Hair Affiliate Programs

Normally these sorts of programs are covered in our beauty guides. Mainly because we don’t come across enough to create a substantial list.

However, since we have a little “pick and mix” thing going on here, we thought – “GREAT, let’s include these two in our companies that have affiliate programs guide“.

But they are exclusively focused on wigs and hair extensions. So this would be perfect if you’re not about the whole range of hair products but just want to target wig affiliate programs.

Quality Human Hair **10-15% Commission**

Silka Wigs | Affiliate Commission Analysis

Who wouldn’t want to indulge in the instant hair transformation that hair extensions offer?

Less stress but so much amazingness.

Put your sleek on with 100% high-quality human virgin hair products from SilkaWigs.

From lace wigs, lace front wigs, hair loss wigs, custom wigs to human hair extensions.

Oh, and you must check out their trending wigs for some stunning styles you wouldn’t want to miss rocking yourself in.

Affiliates earn a commission of 10-15% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of SilkaWigs.

Wigs for Men & Women **Tiered Rewards**

Wig Galaxy | Wig Models

When the world throws a bad hair day at you, slap a wig on.

A wig makes all your hair problems go away.

Ladies, you know what I’m talking about.

Wig Galaxy has you covered for all your bad hair days and hair replacement needs.

Men, you’re not left out – there’s a collection for you too.

Ladies and gentlemen shop from a range of wigs from different brands in various styles, lengths, and textures.

For natural looks and finishes around the hairline, lace front wigs are also available.

Affiliates earn tiered rewards on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Wig Galaxy.

–back to list—

Food Affiliate Programs

Love it or hate it. We can’t live without it.

When it comes to food products that you can promote – the queue of affiliate programs stretches further than your eyes can see.

Don’t be put down by the low commission rate of the first food affiliate program. The kitchen products they sell are just pure genius!

It just wouldn’t be right to exclude these guys from our gathering of companies that have affiliate programs.

Innovative Kitchen Products **4% Commission**

Innovative Kitchen Products by myktchn

I don’t like cooking.

It’s such a chore and quite frankly, I have a million other more important things I’d rather spend my time on.

My daydreams feature a personal chef that’ll take care of all my cooking troubles.

Until that dream comes true, I have to hack my way through this one.

Eeeek – I found MyKtchn and I’m highly optimistic that the stresses of cooking are behind me.

They promise that you’ll make your favorite meals in half the time with their innovative products – prep tools, utensils, on the go products and more.

Thanks to MyKtchn, I might just like cooking.

Affiliates earn a commission of 4% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of MyKtchn.

Guilt-Free Snacks **10% Commission**

Companies With Affiliate Programs: Bubba's Fine Foods

Your clean eating was going well until you became a busy maniac, hunger struck and you did the unthinkable: you had a candy bar.

It was GREAT… Until you felt crappy afterward.

The psychological chaos that creates is not worth it.

So do yourself a favor and get healthy snacks from Bubba’s Fine Foods.

Apparently, they are the best tasting grain and gluten-free snacks.

Savory Original Snack Mix, Grand Garlic Parm Nana Chips and Bourbon Vanilla Ungranola.

All sound exciting enough to nibble on when on the go, guilt-free.


Affiliates earn a commission of 10% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Bubba’s Fine Foods.

–back to list—

Home Affiliate Programs

How could we possibly have an affiliate program series without including products from the home department? But instead of just picking out any old company, we went with two that had products to compliment each other.

Pillows and blankets.

That’s what you can expect from the next companies that have affiliate programs.

Ergonomic Pillow **15% Commission**

Partner with Sleep Experts - Made For Sleep

Our quality of sleep is underestimated.

The problem with having anything less than the best night’s sleep is that it becomes normal and you don’t know any better.

Sore necks, sore backs and feeling unsatisfied with your sleep.

For your own sanity, do get yourself an ergonomic pillow from Made For Sleep.

Made from 100% wool, this pillow is supportive and comfortable – designed for the back and side sleeper.

You’ll finally have that much needed great night’s sleep.

Affiliates earn a commission of 15% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Made For Sleep.

Weighted Blankets **15% Commission**

Affiliate Partnership Program | Yorkville Blanket Company

In the name of having the sleep of your dreams and fully enjoying the relaxing effect of the comfort of your bed, Yorkville Blankets offers premium quality weighted blankets.

The weight of these blankets creates pressure on your body which has a calming effect.

If you suffer from anxiety, this weighted blanket will relax your tenseness.

It also helps with other disorders too.

Available in various sizes – there is a blanket for every member of the family.

Affiliates earn a commission of 15% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Yorkville Blankets.

–back to list—

Family Affiliate Programs

Family products ALWAYS sell really well. Especially when it’s those special times in the year when you need to buy gifts for your parents, siblings or even your kids.

The product selection is always so varied, that it allows you to focus on a very specific family niche.

Just like today’s family-related companies that have affiliate programs – where one allows you to buy personalized gifts and the other targets the bonding relationship of mothers and babies.

Personalized Family Gifts **15% Commission**

Family Keeps Affiliate Program

There’s no keepsake that’s treasured as much as a personalized gift.

Is there a new member of the family?

What a better way to show your love than with a personalized baby milestone blanket keepsake or a personalized pillow from FamilyKeeps.

Want to celebrate mom?

Then gift her with a personalized canvas or her own family pillow scripted with heart-warming words.

Get personalized lifestyle apparel, accessories and gifts for your loved ones from FamilyKeeps – will be treasured forever.

Affiliates earn a commission of 15% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of FamilyKeeps.

Items for Mums & Babies **15% Commission**

The Mum Life | Companies That Have Affiliate Programs

Becoming a mum is an all-the-way type of commitment.

There’s no compromising once you participate in this life event that will completely change and challenge your life.

I’m not so much referring to baby here, but rather what having a baby does to you.

Kiss your pre-pregnancy body away, and while you’re doing that say goodbye to your wardrobe too as there are no guarantees that anything will ever fit again like it used to.

Say hello to your “mommy” body and your “mommy” wardrobe that comprises of things that make pregnancy and breastfeeding comfortable and easy.

Now this change is not so bad after all thanks to The Mum Life.

They have all mums, at all stages, taken care of.

Maternity wear, activewear, breastfeeding products, and baby stuff.

Affiliates earn a commission of 15% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of The Mum Life.

–back to list—

Education Affiliate Programs

There has been a wave of online courses hitting the digital world. Thus, bringing about an increased interest in education affiliate programs.

There are courses that act as additional study resources for school kids and there are those that teach advanced skills for those looking to further their education.

There is pretty much a course for everything nowadays. So we decided that it was important to have education in our list of companies that have affiliate programs.

And hey! The commissions on these are quite generous too!

Tech Courses for Kids **30-40% Commission**

Coyote Learner Affiliate Earnings Breakdown

It’s an interesting time to live – an era where technology is revolutionizing everything.

If you’re a parent, you need to do your child a favor and invest in their technology education for the sake of their future.

The sooner the better.

Thanks to educational programs like STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) your child can learn 21st-century tech skills.

CoyoteLearner makes it easy with e-courses in coding and robotics – designed to teach your child these relevant skills in funny cartoon style video clips.

How awesome is it that your child can learn super-cool skills like programming a robot?

Now that’s the future.

Affiliates earn a commission of 30-40% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of CoyoteLearner.

Video Game Design and Development Training **30% Commission**

Game Institute | Gaming Development Software Screenshot

Another hot skill to have right now is in gaming design and development.

This is an exciting career path especially for those that thrill over gaming as a leisure activity.

For a non-technical person, you may feel intimidated about pursuing a career path in this direction but Game Institute will make it easy for you.

They offer training in video game design and development for all experience levels.


Their programs are accredited so you can be sure you’re learning good stuff.

Affiliates earn a commission of 30% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Game Institute.

–back to list—

MORE Companies That Have Affiliate Programs

So we had a couple of extra companies that have affiliate programs sitting on the bench – just in case we had to call on them. But it turns out they didn’t quite make the cut for any of our affiliate niches.

However, we do like the products that they have to offer. And they would definitely add a healthy dose of diversity to our guide.

Laboratory & Precision Equipment **5% Commission**

Companies Looking for Affiliates | U.S. Solid

How much more exciting would your work be with spanking new equipment?

If you’re in the science, medical, commercial, farming or marine and auto-field you will be chuffed once you check out U.S. Solid.

They’re a manufacturer of laboratory material and precision equipment.

If things like a digital analytical balance lab-scale or motorized valves excite you, then U.S. Solid is where you need to be heading.

Affiliates earn a commission of 5% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of U.S. Solid.

Cool Personalized Print-On-Demand Products **20% Commission**

Premium Shop for Personalized Products

I always struggle to find meaningful gifts.

Everyone wants to gift something that will be adored and appreciated, right?

People, I found a gem: Get Set Style Metro.

This amazing store offers personalized print-on-demand products such as cell phone covers, towels, jewelry and more.

Their loveable round beach blankets in appealing prints will be a treasure to any outdoor enthusiast.

Finding a gift here will be such a pleasure.

Affiliates earn a commission of 20% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Get Set Style Metro.

–back to list—

Which Company’s Affiliate Program Should You Join?

So now you’ve had a whiff of our recommended companies that have affiliate programs, but where do you go from here?

Well, just like we mentioned earlier, the brands you partner with should offer products or services that compliment your marketing plans the most.

But if you’re still into experimenting. Trying to find that meaningful niche that you can associate with. Then what the heck – why don’t you register with ALL TWENTY of the above affiliate programs!

Important Side Note: Reporting Your Affiliate Income

You have no idea how many times we get asked about affiliate taxes.

“Do I have to pay taxes on my affiliate earnings?”

“What is the income threshold I have to reach to start paying taxes?”

“How do I report my affiliate income?”

It can be rather tricky and daunting being self-employed and not having help from an employer when it comes to all this income tax stuff.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Especially when you’re affiliated through LeadDyno. We are going to be here for you through every step of your affiliate marketing endeavor.

In fact, we have already released a detailed guide on how to report your affiliate income. So don’t go around asking about it in random marketing forums. You will end up even more confused!

Instead, go check out this article we published a few months back about reporting the money you make from affiliate marketing.

Trust me, it’ll put your mind at ease – allowing you to focus more on deciding which of the companies that have affiliate programs to partner with.

For the Merchants: Are You Looking to Start an Affiliate Program?

If you have an e-commerce store and you’ve been toying with the idea of setting up your very own affiliate program, then you should join us.

With access to the LeadDyno affiliate network, you’ll easily be able to connect with a wide range of affiliate marketers just itching to promote your products.

Get more inbound traffic. Increase sales. Boost business revenue.

Oh, and just recently we upgraded our LeadDyno affiliate programs app. The gorgeous upgrade now comes with some nifty additions. Learn more about it.

And on top of that, we have also added more options for paying your affiliates.

Do you want to be featured in one of our upcoming affiliate program guides? Think about it – your business could be added to our list of companies that have affiliate programs!

That would give your business increased exposure! Wouldn’t that be sweet?

Oh, just one last thing.

If you’ve ever come across affiliate links during your strolls through internet web pages – you’ll probably have noticed how many of them can be rather lengthy and unappealing.

Well, when you’re with us, you’ll get to make use of our built-in custom link shortener. Trust me, your affiliates will definitely appreciate this.

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