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What’s the word on the street about the latest clothing trends of 2019? Bright, funky neon colors? Maybe the seasoned ripped jeans look is the style to rock. How about apparel with a sexy animal print design?

Well, we have all of the above and more!

We have gathered 9 trending affiliate programs that offer the latest clothing styles to update everyone’s wardrobes. So this is the perfect opportunity for you to be one of the first to promote the latest craze.

Do you have a website? Or maybe you’re an influencer on Instagram, Facebook or even YouTube?

Then choose the most suiting program below that will resonate best with your audience. Market their awesome products. Make some sales. And get paid an arranged commission for your efforts.

New to Affiliate Marketing?

Since our main aim with today’s article is to share with you details of the latest clothing trends – we won’t get too carried away on explaining affiliate marketing. After all, we have plenty of resources on our site for reference.

For instance, if you are just starting out, then we suggest this very informative infographic to guide you. And once you get the engine started – here’s some step-by-step advice on making your first affiliate sale.

If the history of affiliate marketing is a topic that interests you, then here’s a great article for your reading pleasure.

Now, what do you say we take a look at those clothing trends?

Just a quick tip before we carry on.

When you’re going through the clothing programs, and you find one that tickles your fancy – simply hit the affiliate sign up buttons provided. They will take you straight to the application pages of the respective merchants. However, if you feel like you need more info before making a decision, then visit their websites. There, you will get to study the products further and learn a little more about the company.

Okay. For real now. Here is the clothing gear that you will get to promote once you are affiliated with the stores.

Market These Clothing Trends as an Affiliate

Just one last tip to share before the show begins. If you find the perfect affiliate program to join right off the bat, don’t just pack up and leave us. Please do stick around until the end. Because if you do (don’t tell anyone we told you), you’ll get a chance to review the affiliate programs in the bunch that payout the highest commission.

Now let’s get the party started!

1. Clothing Trends for Party People → Earn 8 bucks for every item sold

Trendy Party Clothing

Nights out. Cocktails. Great music. Dancing. Laughter. Fun vibes. Happy people.

And that is exactly what party people are made from – right?

Living on the light side of life is what party people do best.

It’s all in their energy and their dressing doesn’t hide it.

So if this is you, then please make sure you check out Who’s Your Dado Clothing.

For the love of party people, get tees, snapback caps, swimwear and more – bold, sexy and super cool.

Because life’s a party!

Click here to become an affiliate partner with Who’s Your Dado Clothing

2. Trendy Stripes → Receive 15% commission from every transaction

Affordable Clothing Trends

Stripes are all the rage right now. So do you have that stripey feeling?

The off the shoulder ruffle stripe casual dress from IamFashion will become your summer fav.

Find affordable women’s clothing from IamFashion like the lovable peeking black cat on a white tank.

Feeling extravagant?

Then a pair of neon green Strange Heels will make a big enough statement that will be difficult not to notice.

Most clothing is priced in the $10-$20 range.

Click here to become an affiliate partner with IamFashion

3. Animal Print Collection → Get paid 5 bucks commission on each sale

Zebra & Leopard Print Clothing

Does your wardrobe need a touchup of some 2019 fashion pieces?

Then perhaps you need to drop on by The Swerg Shop.

These guys have a gorgeous collection of hot fashion trends for any season.

You’ll notice from their current collection that animal print is a hot trend at the moment.

From sexy leopard print tops, zebra print dresses to high-waist snakeskin skirts.

What animal will you rock this season?

Find the current hottest animal print from The Swerg Shop.

Click here to become an affiliate partner with The Swerg Shop

4. Hot Vintage Clothing → 10% commission rate on every item sold

Vintage Clothing Trends | Gorgeous Skirts

Before you think vintage is not your style, please check out Cool Approved World.

‘Cause I’ve just fallen in love with vintage clothing.

So here are some items that grabbed my attention.

Nothing says fun summer happiness quite like a royal blue and orange cheerleader pleated skirt.

Oh and put your sass on with a cherry red faux leather mini skirt.

So go on and let these hot vintage items light up your style.

Click here to become an affiliate partner with Cool Approved World

5. Luxury Eco-friendly Clothing → Earn 20% commission on sales

Luxury Eco-Friendly Clothing Trends

When sustainability meets luxury fashion, women look stunning in distinctive ethical clothing from Sarvin.

Whether you’re going to a party or to the ball, at Sarvin, you’ll find a dress for any occasion.

They boast modern luxury eco-friendly collections made with fine fabrics.

Like the all-season Natalie dress – a floral embellished flutter sleeve midi dress.

Without a doubt, these are a staple for any wardrobe.

Click here to become an affiliate partner with Sarvin

6. Stylish Leather Jackets for Summer → 10% Commission Rate

Sports Leather Jackets - Latest Trends

Want to know how to look hot this summer? Then whip on a badass leather jacket from CarGearUSA and you’ll feel it.

It’s here you’ll find the top 15 summer leather jacket trends. But wait for it… at a whopping 60% off!

These premium leather jackets are available in trending styles.

From the black and white racer to the slim matured jacket to the athletic collar jacket and even a fighter pilot jacket.

So go for it – anyone of these babies will make you look super hot in an instant.

Click here to become an affiliate partner with CarGearUSA

7. Swanky Ripped Jeans → Affiliates earn 10% commission on sales

Back in Fashion! Ripped Jeans

I’m pretty sure we all kinda went through a phase of trying to understand the fad of ripped jeans.

This goes on until one day, you discover the perfectly ripped pair of jeans.

Rips have never looked this good – right?

If you’re in search of the rip of your dreams, check out Marras Dream.

It didn’t take me long before I fell in love with their high waisted ripped jeans – aren’t they so hot?

Why are you still browsing? Go shop for these and many more trendy styles from Marras Dream.

Click here to become an affiliate partner with Marras Dream

8. Trending Women’s Clothing → High commission rate of 30%

Tane Fashion | Affiliate Program

If you and your wardrobe are stuck in a rut then it’s time to bring some life to it.

Yeah, once you get too comfortable in whatever style you’ve found yourself in, at some point it does become uninspiring.

So, it’s ok to switch things up and try something new.

Try experimenting with trending styles.

How about a beautiful summer romper?

A white lace romper for that lunch date.

A black chiffon romper for a summer night out.

A beach boho romper for, you guessed it, a day at the beach.

Give your style a refresh with beautiful trending clothing from Tane.

Click here to become an affiliate partner with Tane Fashion

9. Electrifying Neon Clothing → A MASSIVE 55% commission on sales

Stylish Neon Colored Outfits

I’m one of those people that dress according to my mood. Want to know what mood I’m in? Then check out my outfit.

I love how clothing has that effect.

There are some clothing items that make it impossible not to feel happy.

Like neon colored fashion – yellows, pinks, and greens. You can’t help but feel as bright as a sunflower.

I found an electrifying neon collection at Daizy Sugar – you have to check it out if you’re into clothing trends.

If you’re looking for the latest fashion trends, then Daizy Sugar is where you want to be.

Click here to become an affiliate partner with Daizy Sugar

Want to Explore MORE Clothing Trends

We often release affiliate program guides that are all about the rags. So if you want to catch up on earlier posts that have equally impressive opportunities, then float on over to our blog space.

But if it’s a couple of quick links that you seek out, then stop the scavenger hunt immediately. We have exactly what you want.

Here’s a great post if you’re looking to promote garments for the ladies – Women’s Clothing Affiliate Programs.

And also, not forgetting the gentlemen in the building, here are 3 Men’s Clothing Affiliate Programs.

That wraps things up for 2019’s clothing trends. If you already have a platform to market these awesome clothing products, then what are you waiting for? Sign up with one or all of them to get started!

However, if you don’t have a website or even a social media account dedicated to your affiliate marketing ambition, then start planning. Sit down and have a good think about the niche that you want to get into.

Then do some research. Find out more about your audience. Your competitors. And possible partnerships.

Finally, decide on the best platform to create content. If you are a great writer, then consider starting a blog. If you’re quite the talent in front of a camera, then become a vlogger.

But most importantly, make sure you have a sturdy game plan before moving forward.

So with that said, everyone at LeadDyno would like to wish you all the best with your affiliate marketing ventures. And don’t forget – we are always here to guide and offer advice.

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