How To Check The Success Of Your Ad- Conversion Tracking

When marketing your product online, how do you know if your sales are increasing? Is affiliate marketing really working for you? You can now track the success of your online marketing strategies with conversion tracking software.

This is a useful tool that will allow you to determine what happens after a customer clicks on your advertisement or visits your website—whether he purchased the product, called your company or downloaded your app.

This way you can calculate the benefit to your business, developing strategies accordingly.

Why Use It?

  • Through this tool you can see keywords that are attracting customers towards your product. You can then phrase your advertisements in a way that they get more attention.
  • When advertising, you invest a particular amount from your profits for the expansion of the business. Once you are aware of the contribution to sales made by this form of marketing, you can calculate your return on investment (ROI).
  • Strategic planning requires this kind of data in order to formulate future plans.
  • You can also monitor which social media platform is bringing in most of the customers. This way you will know exactly where to concentrate your resources.

How Does It Work?

The following kind of actions can be monitored using conversion tracking:

  • Website actions: This includes all purchases made by customers and all the sign ups on your company website.
  • Phone calls: This record includes all the calls made from your ad or on a number found on your website.
  • App installs: If your business has its own app, this will provide you with the number of people who installed your app and all the purchases as well as other activity.
  • Import: This will track activity that starts online but the customer finishes by signing an agreement at your office.

For all these different sources, there is different tracking process. One is where you need to add a tracking tag; the other is where you don’t require a tag to record data.

To calculate the number of people clicking on the advertisement, a cookie is temporarily placed on their device to track their actions.

However, in the process of tracking phone calls, a forwarding number tracks the calls coming in. It records details including the call duration and area code, etc.

LeadDyno’s conversion tracking software can help to determine exactly how much business is being generated from each Facebook ad of your product. Simply go to Marketing-Tracking Campaigns. You will get a link to your site. Once you enter this link with the URL, we can track the progress of your advertisement.

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