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CBD Affiliate Programs for Affiliate Marketers

Today we share with you affiliate products from a currently booming niche – CBD oil products. These are products created using hemp extracts. So if you are curious about jumping on board the CBD train, then this list of the latest CBD affiliate programs will help get you started.

We have for you exclusive insight into 3 affiliate programs that you can join today. They include:

  1. The Provacan Health Care Pack
  2. Enliven Essentials Hemp Extracts Products
  3. CBD Products for Pain Relief by 3BL for Living

Now let’s take a better look at them.

The Latest CBD Affiliate Programs

1. Health Care Pack for 20% Commission

Provacan | Health + Beauty CareIf you’re still struggling in disorientation in 2019 and you’re desperate for a hack to kick-start your energies, a little bit of cannabis oil in your life may be the answer.

Don’t stress because you can get your own CBD care package from Provacan.

This includes NightTime, CalmTime, CBD Balm, and CBD Water Soluble oil.

This will get your energies right and keep you going through the year. Thank goodness.

Want to earn 20% commission as an affiliate for Provacan? Then sign up here to get started.

2. Hemp Extracts Products for 15% Commission

Cannabidiol Oil ProductsHemp extract products are the latest health and wellness fad.

Are you looking to experience amazing health benefits but you’re not keen on getting high on cannabis?

Enliven Essentials has used hemp extracts to formulate various products such as chocolate, healing cream, relief balm, and even pet snacks.

All the products carry the benefits of hemp extracts: relief from seizures, pain, anxiety, depression and so much more.

Are you interested in promoting products from Enliven Essensials? If yes, then register as an affiliate and start making 15% commission from each sale.

3. CBD Products for Pain Relief for 5% Commission

CBD Products for Pain Relief | 3BL for LivingPain is such a common struggle that it has become normal. Know what else is normal? Popping over-the-counter medicine like the usual order of the day. Which is concerning considering that most of these pain treatments are synthetic.

Natural is always best, so give it a try. Get 100% natural CBD products with 0% THC from 3BL for Living.

Products include the benefits oil, hemp intensive healing pain balm, and the maximum pain relief spray. These amazing CBD products are legal in the USA.

Oh, and they’re non-GMO. Try it.

These products shift like hot cakes. So even with a low commission rate of 5%, you’ll still be making some decent change. If you think you can promote these pain relief products on your website, then register as an affiliate of 3BL for Living to get started.


So there you have it. The 3 most popular CBD affiliate programs to join in 2019.

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