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5 Cosmetics Affiliate Programs – Popular Among Beauty Influencers

The influencing scene has exploded! Everyone wants to be someone on social media these days. With the increased popularity on platforms like Facebook and Instagram – becoming an online influencer has never been easier. And if you’re into the field of beauty, then we have a booster pack for you. Five of the latest Cosmetics Affiliate Programs, run by some great merchants.

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Sell Bags | Make Money | Afiliate Marketing Opportunities

3 Trendy Bags Affiliate Programs

If you’re involved in the clothing and fashion scene, then you’ll definitely want to look into these latest bags affiliate programs. Of course, that’s if you have an interest in promoting them on social media or your blog.

The brands that are offering up the opportunity to partner with them have many great bag products just waiting to be marketed. So carry on reading. And familiarize yourself with the brands and their product details. Then click on the affiliate sign-up links to get the party started!

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Affiliate Marketing Promote to Promote in 2019

8 Affiliate Marketing Products To Promote in 2019

So you’ve been searching all over Google for the best affiliate marketing products to promote this year, right? Well, we have already released quite a number of articles covering this topic since the beginning of the year. But as you would expect, there are always new products and improved affiliate programs that continually emerge from nowhere.

However, instead of leaving you overwhelmed by the overload of affiliate offers – we create condensed guides – just like today’s 8 Affiliate Marketing Products To Promote in 2019.

Here, at LeadDyno, we are partnered with a ton of merchants and are always listening to feedback from our affiliates. So we have the advantage of being the first to know when a new affiliate program has been released and also how well received they are amongst affiliate marketers.

So carry on reading to find out about our latest recommendations for affiliate marketing products to promote in 2019.

Here Are The 8 Affiliate Marketing Products To Promote

Here is a brief look at the 8 affiliate programs that we will be covering today:

  1. Uniquely Handy Tools (8% Commish)
  2. Monthly Planner Subscription (10% Commish)
  3. Artistic & Photography Inspired Products (10% Commish)
  4. Innovative Baby Products (7% Commish)
  5. Exciting Vape Juices (20% Commish)
  6. Hobby Based Products and Apparel (15% Commish)
  7. Cool $9.99 Stuff (15% Commish)
  8. Products for Digital Nomads (20% Commish)

CLICK HERE to browse our full list of affiliate products that you can promote.

Now let’s take a look at the first contender on our list of affiliate marketing products to promote…

1️⃣ Uniquely Handy Tools for 8% Commission

Survival Tools - mini screwdriverMy heart gets so happy when I feel like I’ve hacked life.  There is nothing more satisfying than whipping out your on-the-go toolkit and feeling like a hero when all that was needed was a screwdriver to save the day.

Now, that’s exactly how you’ll feel when you have a nifty tool like the Ninja Key 6 in 1 Survival Tool from Ninja EDC.

This is the coolest tool you’ll own.

It has 3 screwdrivers, a knife, a bottle opener and a saw – what’s cooler is that it’s compact and looks like a key so you won’t feel weird carrying it around. You’ll get this and a whole lot more unique and handy tools from Ninja EDC.

These handy tools will definitely bring in the profits – provided you promote them well. So don’t be fooled by the low, 8% commission rate and apply quickly to become an affiliated with Ninja EDC.

2️⃣ Monthly Planner Subscription for 10% Commission

Monthly Subscription BoxesI’m in for anything that makes me organized and in control of my life. The awesome news is that Designs by Planner Perfect promises to help you plan a life that you’ll love.

Subscribe to the Planner Perfect Monthly Plan Book Subscription Box and receive all you need to plan your best life.

Stay super organized with a monthly plan book, die cuts, tip-ins, stickers plus get a fun surprise every month. If anything will motivate you to get organized, this will.

If you think you can influence your followers to subscribe, then you should register as an affiliate of Designs by Planner Perfect.

3️⃣ Artistic & Photography Inspired Products for 10% Commission

Art & Photography Inspired Products

Add art or photography to any ordinary product and it pops. From mugs, bags, leggings, t-shirts, clocks, totes to cell phone cases – at Best Buy Price, these products in stunning artwork designs are must-haves for any creative.

Get these amazing products for a splash of creative inspiration and a touch of funk. For unique affordable gifts in products that will be used and loved, Best Buy Price is the place to shop.

If you think you can do well promoting these products, then you should become an affiliate of Best Buy Price.

4️⃣ Innovative Baby Products for 7% Commission

Baby K'tan Caby Carriers & WrapsIf you’ve ever had a baby then you know that you can never have too many baby products that will help make parenting a little less problematic. Parents, Baby K’tan Baby Carriers & Wraps have your back. You’ll get high-end innovative products that will solve some of the little pains you may experience with a baby.

Like their award-winning baby carriers that provide hip-healthy positions to carry your baby and their breathable newborn swaddle that prevents your baby from overheating are all products innovated higher above the ordinary products in the market.

These guys may be offering a low commission rate of 7%, but you should definitely think about becoming an affiliate because the baby product industry is massive!

5️⃣ Exciting Vape Juices for 20% Commission

Vintage | Natural Vape JuicesHumans have a special gift. We have the ability to sophisticate random things. We never stop taking things a step further. No, puffing on ordinary smoke is not good enough for us. We get bored with ordinary. Only humans are capable of creating vaping flavors like Horny Mango, Cloudy Heaven Space, and other exotic flavors.

How exciting, right? If you think so, get some of these and more unordinary adventurous vape juices and e-liquids from Vape Club International.

If you are a vaping influencer, then you should consider applying to become an affiliate of Vape Club International.

6️⃣ Hobby Based Products and Apparel for 15% Commission

Rainbow Stone Pendant DesignIf you have a weakness for nice looking things, then this is a warning. Proceed with excitement. Seek The New, come to think of it, certainly offers new style type of products and apparel.

Like the natural rainbow, stone pendant is mesmerizing, their 3D hoodies are pleasantly striking and the crochet boho bikini is mysteriously sexy.

You will no doubt find a purchase-at-first-sight type of stuff. Don’t feel guilty because it is worth it. FYI, Seek The New offers free worldwide shipping. You’re welcome.

If you want to earn a commission of 15% on sales, then you first need to register to become an affiliate of Seek The New.

7️⃣ Cool $9.99 Stuff for 15% Commission

The $9.99 Store - Affiliate Marketing Products to PromoteImpulse purchases. I’m guilty. Click, click, click and before you know it you’ve spent your grocery allowance away. The consequences are egg sandwiches for dinner for the rest of the month. So, I always like to know what I’m getting myself into in advance.

This is why I love The $9.99 Store. You can be certain that you won’t spend more than $9.99 per item. I’ve just found a cool TV gaming console for cheap – the kids will love it. You’ll find so many cool gadgets that won’t leave you broke.

Apply here to become an affiliate of The $9.99 Store, so you can start earning commissions of 15% on every sale.

8️⃣ Products for Digital Nomads for 20% Commission

Outdoor Digital Nomad Equipment

Become a digital nomad in 2019. Hashtag life goals. Scrap expensive rent and bills. Live, work and play every single day. Swing on a hammock while you write a blog post. Set your portable table in a scenic spot in the middle of the jungle to help inspire your latest design project.

All the essentials need to live as a digital nomad can be found at Technomadic. Hammocks, portable outdoor tables, Bluetooth speakers and other handy gear.

Finally, affiliates of Technomadic can earn a commission of 20% on sales.

That wraps up our mini 2019 list of affiliate marketing products to promote. If you are looking for more category focused affiliate programs, then here are a few good reads:

Are you an influencer in the fashion industry? Think you can promote clothing lines? Then our article that covers clothing affiliate programs is perfect for you.

Best Clothing Affiliate Programs To Boost Your Side Income

Perhaps you have a thing for jewelry products and believe that you can be extremely successful in promoting jewelry affiliate programs. Then our jewelry marketing guide will definitely lead you in the right direction.

Jewelry Marketing: Jewelry Products To Promote As An Affiliate Marketer

The health and fitness industry has and continues to be massive. If you want a slice of the health and wellness pie, then read the following post.

Latest Health And Wellness Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Marketing Niche Ideas | LeadDyno Guide

Niche Ideas: How To Choose A Niche For Affiliate Marketing

So you want to be an affiliate marketer and earn a decent income, but you are all out of profitable niche ideas. That is alright because we have created this article guide to help you select the ideal realm to venture through.

In this guide, you will find 12 different affiliate programs within a variety of product categories. We selected these programs based on their uniqueness and popularity. Therefore, you can be assured that you will find success in promoting the products of these brands – provided you do it the right way.

We suggest that you browse through the list below and familiarize yourself with the products. Then choose the affiliate program that you would be most comfortable promoting. Preferably, the selected program should have products that you are passionate about.

Here are the niche ideas that we have prepared for you. Click on any of the links to jump straight to the relevant program:

  1. Mystery Monthly Box for 90s Kids (5% Commish)
  2. Urban Living Products (15% Commish)
  3. Cool Feminist Products (7.5% Commish)
  4. Family Sleepwear and Sleep Gear (20% Commish)
  5. Cool Gadgets (10% Commish)
  6. Family Games & Cool Toys (9% Commish)
  7. UK Daily Deals (15% Commish)
  8. Quilting & Sewing Supplies (10-15% Commish)
  9. Cool Drones & Accessories (15% Commish)
  10. Embarrassing Postcards (20% Commish)
  11. The Best First Aid Kits (15% Commish)
  12. Indoor Plant Growing System (15% Commish)

And don’t forget – you can also browse more product affiliate programs right here

Choosing a Niche for Affiliate Marketing

Kicking off the ideas for a niche is an affiliate program that offers a rather low commission rate. However, mystery boxes are currently very popular – thanks to the increased number of unboxing videos uploaded to YouTube.

Niche Ideas #1: Mystery Monthly Box for 90s Kids [Earn 5% Commission]

Mystery Box - Monthly Subscription

The good old days were the best! And if you’re a 90’s kid, then you will definitely agree that you had amazing memories.

If these memories bring you happy vibes, then you’ll love 90s Kid. This monthly mystery box is especially for 90s kids.

As I was having a browse through the website, I saw pics of the Spice Girls and Tamagotchis which made me super giddy. If you’re keen, you’ll need to first take a #throwback quiz to determine what they’ll throw in your box.

You’ll get stuff to the value of $50 – which is super awesome considering that you’re only paying $29.99 per month.

Affiliates earn a commission of 5% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of 90s Kid.

Niche Ideas #2: Urban Living Products [Earn 15% Commission]

Unique Urban Living Products

I LOVE finding cool products that turn everyday things into the best experiences. Like having your coffee in an entertaining DIY block puzzle mug – you’ll never have a dull Monday when this is the highlight of your mornings.

When stress strikes you at the office and you feel like banging your keyboard into pieces as you respond to that colleague that ticked you off, you can finally give that enter key the punch of your life with a big anti-stress enter key.

These and more cool urban living products are available at KartSentral.

Affiliates earn a commission of 15% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of KartSentral.

Niche Ideas #3: Cool Feminist Products [Earn 7.5% Commission]

Feminist Products | Keep it Together | Hustle

If you know a woman that hustles her way through her goals, she is worth celebrating.  And if you’re a hustling woman yourself, then you no doubt know what it takes to make it through.

In support of women, feminism, and goal-getters you can get cool products from The GetBullish Shop.

Sassy, bold, fun and inspirational. From funky statement yoga socks, hustle stationery to mismatched earrings and inspiring quote bracelets and so much more – only a woman would understand.

Affiliates earn a commission of 7.5% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of The GetBullish Shop.

Niche Ideas #4: Family Sleepwear and Sleep Gear [Earn 20% Commission]

Sleeping Gear | Sleepwear

Sleep is underestimated. We spend about one-third of our lives sleeping. But for most of us, sleep is a reminder that another day has zoomed by and another day awaits us. And the cycle continues.

It’s about time you switched things up and made bedtime more exciting for everyone in your home. Fun and comfy PJs, cute night lights and quirky eye masks from House Sweet Dreams will do the job just right.

If your dinosaur-obsessed toddler thought that his dino PJs were cool, wait till he sees you in yours! There is nothing that beats ending your day in fun family bedtime vibes.

Affiliates earn a commission of 20% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of House Sweet Dreams.

Niche Ideas #5: Cool Gadgets [Earn 10% Commission]

Cool Online Gadgets | Niche IdeasIn life, there are some situations that call for some private investigator action. We can only but take matters into our own hands – DIY style.

Whether you want to catch someone out at the office or do some spying at home – you’ve got your justified reasons of course – get yourself geared up at Super Best Deals Online with nifty hidden cameras.

Disguised as wall hooks or car keys, these hidden cameras will be your little spies on standby. Super Best Deals Online has loads of other fascinating gadgets you’ll want to check out.

Affiliates earn a commission of 10% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Super Best Deals Online.

Niche Ideas #6: Family Games & Cool Toys [Earn 9% Commission]

Harry Potter - Clue | Kiri & RossThere is nothing like dealing with children that claim they’re “bored”.  If only they knew that their boredom is a luxury compared to what’s ahead of them. Anyways, that’s a vent for another day.

Back to the bored kids. So going out and spending loads of money is not always economical, nevermind sustainable. But you still need to deal with the bored kids. So to save everyone’s day, why not have fun game nights at home with the family?

Everyone is entertained for a good stretch of time – all in the comfort of your own home.

Phew. So get geared up with the coolest games from Kiri & Ross. Oh, and you’ll find cool action figures too. Boredom solved.

Affiliates earn a commission of 9% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Kiri & Ross.

Niche Ideas #7: UK Daily Deals [Earn 15% Commission]

UK Daily Deals - Spa Day | Pizza Meals | Hairdressing

Speaking of doing stuff on a budget – hands up if you live for discounts, coupons and sales. Yeah, it’s a hack that stretches your pocket to enjoy a little more of the good things in life.

So in that spirit, if you’re in the UK, NEoffers is your go-to site for daily deals that are waiting for you to enjoy.

From spa days, hair treatments, lunches, dinners, family activities and many other experiences – you’ll experience living the good life on deals you can’t resist.

Affiliates earn a commission of 15% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of NEoffers.

Niche Ideas #8: Quilting & Sewing Supplies [Earn 10-15% Commission]

Multiple Fabric Patterns for QuiltingI’ve always fantasized about hand making a blanket for my children. I think a lot of parents do. A handmade blanket is a family treasure that can be passed down through generations. But just like many, we never actually get round to it. Whether it’s because we lack the skills or procrastination gets the best of us.

Until now. Quilters Mart is a quilting and sewing paradise with all the supplies and equipment you need.

From patchwork fabric to quilting templates – your hand-sewn project can finally come to life. Just browsing through has made me super excited to start.

Affiliates earn a commission of 10-15% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Quilters Mart.

Niche Ideas #9: Cool Drones & Accessories [Earn 15% Commission]

Drones and Accessories by ShoperbIf you want to be cool, then go get a drone. Impress your family and friends with this cool gadget. Plus, capturing your holiday memories doesn’t get any more awesome than with a drone.

First-time drone owners can get a mini pocket device to play around with and if you consider yourself a pro and you’re looking to take your drone action to the next level, you can get a pro device with fancy features.

Whatever drone that you may be looking for, you’ll get it from Shotisfy. Drone accessories are also available.

Affiliates earn a commission of 15% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Shotisfy.

Niche Ideas #10: Embarrassing Postcards [Earn 20% Commission]

Revenge by Mail - My Little Pony Friendship Club

Need to turn your friends or enemies red with embarrassment? Whether it’s for fun or pay-back time, Revenge by Mail will help you get the job done.

Send funny and naughty postcards such as:

  • My Little Pony Friendship Club
  • Discount Adult Diapers
  • Lose Your Virginity in 30 Days

Postcards are $9.99. Choose your card, customize it with the recipient’s name and send it.

Affiliates earn a commission of 20% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Revenge by Mail.

Niche Ideas #11: The Best First Aid Kits [Earn 15% Commission]

MyMedic | First Aid KitYour makeshift first aid kit at home will fail you the day you realize you are ill-equipped to handle emergency first aid situations. So get the best first aid kits in the world from MyMedic.

Whether you need a kit for the home or road trip and outdoor adventures, you won’t be let down. Your first aid kit contains the best supplies that are easy to use.

All kits come with a lifetime guarantee. Trusted by organizations such as the Red Cross and the U.S Army.

Affiliates earn a commission of 15% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of MyMedic.

Niche Ideas #12: Indoor Plant Growing System [Earn 15% Commission]

Hydroponics Grow Box by DealzerIs your region’s climate letting your green fingers down? Well, in 2018, your green fingers can get to work all year round with your very own indoor plant growing system. Go and get your hydroponics grow box from Dealzer to grow any plant indoors.

So say goodbye to winter blues. And get all the supplies and systems to create your indoor garden. Exciting times for all the gardening enthusiasts! You’ll be as impressed as these pretty ladies in the product images, don’t you think?

Affiliates earn a commission of 15% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Dealzer.

So now you have a decent amount of niche ideas to take away with you. Therefore, we suggest you sit down and create a content marketing plan based on the affiliate programs you want to register with. If you already have a blog following or you are a social media influencer, then we recommend that you pick a program that you know will resonate well with your community.

Get Paid To Promote Products | LeadDyno Guide

Get Paid To Promote Products: 15 Programs For Affiliate Marketing

Do you manage a blog or maybe you have a popular social media account? And are you also thinking of ways that you could get paid to promote products?

If this sounds like you, then this article is exactly what you’ve been looking for!

When creating this post, we decided to throw in a bit of a mix. We made sure that the programs to help you get paid to promote products were interesting and unique. Therefore, they would attract much attention when you try to sell them to your own followers.

Now let’s dive right into today’s affiliate marketing guide.

15 Affiliate Programs where you Get Paid to Promote Products

Take a look below at the affiliate programs that we will be covering where you can get paid to promote products. If you want to jump straight to a specific section – then click on the program link.

  1. Man Cave Goodies (12.5% Commish)
  2. Customized Gifts (15% Commish)
  3. Smoking Gear & Accessories (10% Commish)
  4. Gifts for Owl Lovers (15% Commish)
  5. Magic Butter ($35 Commish)
  6. Cool Trending Products (15% Commish)
  7. Fab iPhone Cases (10% Commish)
  8. Positive Minded Products (5% Commish)
  9. Mystery Box (10% Commish)
  10. Survival Products (10% Commish)
  11. Inspiring Monthly Subscription Box ($10 Commish)
  12. Promotional Products (7% Commish)
  13. Quality Gifts for Men (10% Commish)
  14. Portable Photography Pan/Tilt Rotator (15% Commish)
  15. Unique Personal & Home Products (15% Commish)

If you don’t have time to go through the whole listing, then you can always bookmark the page and come back later. But until then, let’s take a look at the first affiliate program on the list…

1. Man Cave Goodies for 12.5% Commission

Man Cave Products | Wall Signs

A man cave is not complete without man cave goodies. So, in the name of maculating men in all their man cave glory, Toyz For The Boyz has cool gifts for men and all things man cave bling.

From neon signs to personalized bar signs, you will certainly make the man in your life happy this holiday.

So the first program that helps you get paid to promote products is offering a 12.5% on every sale that you generate. But before you can start promoting these products, you need to register as an affiliate of Toys For The Boyz.

2. Customized Gifts for 15% Commission

Customized Slippers with Personal Name

This holiday, our creative ability is put to test- as far as buying gifts for our loved ones. Let’s admit it, we’re not all gifted with the creativity to get the most meaningful presents. In fact, this is actually a stressful task for many of us.

If you’d like an easy escape from this responsibility, then you need to click on over to Sorta Stuff and check out their custom gifts. Seriously, putting the name of your loved one on simple items such as slippers, mugs and anything really will immediately make it meaningful.

You can also check out their gift baskets and other gift categories too.

Affiliate marketers earn commissions of 15% for every sale. So apply now to join Sorta Stuff’s affiliate program.

3. Smoking Gear & Accessories for 10% Commission

Smoking Products | Vaporizers | Grinders

Smoking enthusiasts can merrily immerse themselves in clouds of satisfying vapor flavor this holiday. Whether you enjoy this pastime alone, or you have friends that will jive to this vibe with you – Smokazon has premium quality smoking gear and accessories for you.

From pen and desktop vaporizers to grinders, you’ll find products to get the best out of your smoking experience. I trust that the smokers will be pretty huffed – oh I mean chuffed.

Want to get paid to promote these smoking products? Then you need to apply here to become an affiliate of Smokazon.

4. Gifts for Owl Lovers for 15% Commission

Owl Themed Gifts | Owl PendantAn owl lover will love you this holiday. Because all you need to do is give them some owl love and they’ll be happy. Yes, you should see how their face lights up when they see anything owl related.

The owl gifts that you’ll find on Owl Love You are as mesmerizing as the bird itself. The perfect gifts for owl lovers.

From jewelry, bags and other merchandise – you’ll find charming owl themed products. Affordable stuff – from under ten bucks.

This love for owls will get you earning 15% commission on sales. So apply here to become an affiliate of Owl Love You.

5. Magical Butter for $35 Commission

MB2e 110v - Includes LoveGlove and PurifyFilterThis holiday, herbal enthusiasts will excite over Magical Butter. Known for the MagicalButter Machine that can grind, heat, stir and steep your herbal extract for your ultimate herbal recipes.

From herbal butter, oils, tinctures, soups, sauces, skin care products, pet medicines and lots more.

If you want to make a magical $35 commission on every sale that you introduce to the business? Then you should become an affiliate of Magic Butter immediately!

If you want to know more about how you can get paid to promote products and boost your blog income – then go read the latest LeadDyno infographic about affiliate marketing strategies.

6. Cool Trending Products for 15% Commission

Trending Products | Lazy Phone Holder | Rings

From time to time, some of us humans like to look cool – and we like things that make us look cool. Oh, and don’t you just feel so much of awesomeness when you’ve given someone a cool gift? It’s a status thing.

So if you want that coolness factor, then you should get trending products from Zohify.

Get hot stuff like a whimsical Harry Potter antique carved wooden music box, an enchanting dragon luminous ring, a wacky LCD gun alarm clock and more.

Trending products are always a sure thing when it comes to deciding which programs will earn you money. So start making 15% on sales by becoming an affiliate of Zohify.

7. Fab iPhone Cases for 10% Commission

Vibrant and Colorful iPhone Cases

I must admit, I’m not an enthusiastic iPhone case lover that feels a need to get a new phone cover every other month. I pretty much go with whatever will keep my phone protected and live with that forever.

But, that’s until I came across Supply Square. I was completely sold by their cool simplistic range in popping vibrant and pastel colors.

And for those that are cover enthusiasts, you can go all the way with their other collections: fabric, marble, glitter, leather-look, matt – heck, and even fur.

Start earning money by promoting products Supply Square’s products. As a member of their affiliate program, you can make 10% in commission for all sales that come from your promotional efforts.

8. Positive Minded Products for 5% Commission

Positive Minded Products | Promote and EarnHappiness often comes in the little things.  A little bit of positivity in your day will go a long way. DYB | Do Your Best will give you that positivity.

How amazing is an inspiring trinket box with “sparkle & shine”, “you’re a gem” and “be bright, be happy, be you” scripted on?

Treasured prayer box necklaces, script keychains, and inspirational makeup bags are some of the other amazing positive-minded products you’ll find at DYB | Do Your Best.

This affiliate program may be offering the lowest commission rate of the day (a mere 5%), but the uniqueness of the niche means greater interest. So by affiliating with DYB | Do Your Best it is possible to push higher quantities for increased profits.

9. Mystery Box for 10% Commission

Mystery Box | Bamboo Charcoal Tooth PowderIf you like surprises, then the VIP Mystery Box from Whats in the Box? is something for you. It’s only $7. I have no cooking clue as to what you can expect – after all, it is a mystery box. But if surprises don’t rub you the right way, then you can play it safe and shop their range of trending products.

Get stuff like a teeth bleaching kit, charcoal whitening powder, a whitening dental lamp and more.

Check it out and surprise yourself, or not.

The contents of the boxes may be a mystery, but as for affiliate marketers – they will earn commissions of 10% on every sale. To get started, apply here to become an affiliate of Whats in the Box?

10. Survival Products for 10% Commission

Survival Gear by Alpha PreppersImagine the horror of being stranded with no drinking water and no food when exploring in no man’s land. Leave nothing to chance – be equipped to survive with survival gear from Alpha Preppers.

No drinking water? No problem! Because you can get a survival straw water filter that filters out 99.9% of waterborne bacteria from any water source.

No food? No sweat! Catch the meal of the day with their handy survival pen-sized fishing rod that unfolds into a 3-feet long rod.

Oh and an 11-in-1 credit card sized multi-tool will bail you out when you need a knife, can opener, screwdriver, spanner, ruler or even saw.

These survival products will help you, as an affiliate, survive on a steady side income by earning 10% on every sale. Get started now by becoming an affiliate of Alpha Preppers.

Don’t forget – if you’re enjoying this guide – we have so many more affiliate programs that you can register with to get paid to promote products.

11. Inspiring Monthly Subscription Box for $10 Commission

Inspiring Monthly Subscription Box

When the going gets tough, add some inspiration to your life every month with Butterfly Box Boutique. Encouraging women in their Christian faith, Butterfly Box Boutique sends out a box every month full of treasured goodies created around a specific theme or scripture.

Items in the box include books, stationery and thoughtful gifts to uplift you – something you could perhaps share with your loved ones too. Butterfly Box Boutique donates 10% of proceeds to their chosen charity, BEAM Kenya.

Instead of – you get paid to promote products – it’s more like, you get paid to promote sign-ups. All registered affiliates of Butterfly Box Boutique earn 10 bucks for each person they get to subscribe.

12. Promotional Products for 7% Commission

Inspire Trust - Promotional Products

If there’s any way to buy your customers’ love and trust, it’s through giving away promotional products. Imagine the pleasant surprise your customers will experience when you pop in a free gift into their order.

For a wide range of promotional products and solutions, you must check out Product Palace. From clothing, office, tools, electronics and more.

How awesome would your brand name be on a cute MP3 player from only $2.73?

The low prices of products have meant that these guys have had to keep commission rates down too. But everybody loves a good discount, so sign up now to become an affiliate and get your 7% share on each sale.

13. Quality Gifts for Men for 10% Commission

Quality Gifts for Men | Get Paid to Promote ProductsAre you struggling to find the men in your life the perfect gift? A gift that they will actually appreciate. But sadly, socks just won’t cut it.

Take a breather. Because at A Gentleman’s Trove, you’ll get quality gifts for the modern man – unique gifts that will be adored and appreciated. Like the jet-setter kit that has all the essentials for travel.

More gift boxes are available for gear, grooming, man cave and sports. All seem pretty sophisticated looking.

Think you have the perfect medium to promote these gifts for men? Then we suggest that you apply now to become an affiliate of A Gentleman’s Trove.

14. Portable Photography Pan/Tilt Rotator for 15% Commission

Portable Camera Pan/Tilt RotatorTo capture the perfect picture, a photographer kinda has to be an obsessive perfectionist.

Perfect lighting, perfect timing, and the perfect angle.

Any experienced photographer knows just how much equipment goes into “behind the scenes”.

To help simplify things for the photographer on-the-go, Move Shoot Move offers a SiFo Passive Motorized Pan/Tilt Rotator. This nifty compact and portable device will help you capture perfect angle pictures. A must-have in any photography kit.

And for all you photography influencers here’s your chance to make money by promoting something that you love. Once you become an affiliate of Move Shoot Move, you will earn 15% commission everytime you introduce a sale to the business.

Now let’s take a look at the last affiliate program where you can get paid to promote products.

15. Unique Personal & Home Products for 15% Commission

Unique Personal and Home ProductsAdd a little happiness to your life with unique products from Centrix Shop. Whether you need to solve common household annoyances or just create smiles from time-to-time, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you discover some of the most unusual yet super-cool products from Centrix Shop.

From an electric mosquito killer that you’d never imagine a super cute black cat night light that will create unexpected warmth in any room.

Oh, and every coffee lover needs a mini coffee maker when on-the-go. I feel happy already, don’t you?

As an affiliate, you get to feel happier by applying here to become an affiliate of Centrix Shop. Then promote their products on your website and receive 15% on each sale!

So what did you think? Did you find any affiliate programs that you can join to get paid to promote products? Then let us know about your affiliate marketing successes and be sure to read our previous guide, Highest Commission Affiliate Products to Promote.

And as a final note, be sure to check out more marketing opportunities from these other companies that have affiliate programs.

Highest Commission Affiliate Products to Promote

Highest Commission Affiliate Products To Promote

Are you tired of browsing the endless lists of affiliate marketing programs, trying to pick out only the ones with the best commission rates? If so, then you’ll be thrilled to know that we, LeadDyno, have compiled a top 5 list of the Highest Commission Affiliate Products available for you to promote today!

Here’s are the affiliate programs that we will be talking about:

  • Auto Supplies & Equipment
  • Trending Gadgets
  • Pure Tasmanian Honey
  • Indie Comic & Graphic Novels
  • Heavy Metal Music

Top 5 Highest Commission Affiliate Products

Our list of the highest commission affiliate products is based on our own recommendations. We have listened to feedback from our own network of affiliates and have even explored the programs ourselves. So we hope you enjoy our exclusive selection. And don’t forget – you have to be registered as an affiliate marketer before you can promote any of these products.

1️⃣ Auto Supplies & Equipment (up to $260 Commission)

Car Maintenance Products | AMD SuppliesI don’t like to judge but they say that the state of your car is a reflection of your personality.

Messy car = messy life

Whether it’s true or not, I think we can all agree that we feel embarrassed when our car is in a state. But maintenance isn’t exactly fun – well until XMD Supplies has you stocked up on all the auto stuff you need.

So give your car TLC and get all your auto supplies and equipment. Get detailing tools, automotive parts, engine and body cleaners and more. So save yourself from being a social outcast and give your car some love.

First up on our highest commission affiliate products list is a company that is offering to pay up to $260 on sales! So affiliate marketers, quickly apply to become an affiliated with XMD Supplies and start earning big!

2️⃣ Trending Gadgets (30% Commission)

USB Fan with LED clockYeah, we could all use a USB fan but one that magically lights up the time in LED would be super-cool, right?  How about an instant shower upgrade with a digital control shower thermometer? Oh and we all need a scratch magic eraser so we can get on with our lives and pretend that scratch never happened.

OMG, did you know that anti-insect curtains existed? The Gadget Snob is where you need to go for these and so many more trending gadgets.  And yes, all this may or may not mean that you’re a gadget snob. But a super-cool one of course.

These gadgets sell really well because they make great gifts for everyone! So why not become one of the first to affiliate with The Gadget Snob and start watching your bank balance rise!

3️⃣ Pure Tasmanian Honey (30% Commission)

Tasmanian Honey | Elmstock Camomile TeaA sweet gift doesn’t get any sweeter than Tasmanian Honey from Young Earth Sanctuary. Sourced from the most pristine sanctuaries in the world in the island State of Tasmania, Australia.

From honey jar and dipper sets to honey and cookies or special eucalyptus honey mixtures, you can share some special sweetness with your loved ones.  Who doesn’t need a sweet treat this season?

Another range of top products perfect for affiliate marketers to promote. Earn a generous 30% commission every time you land a sale, but first, make sure you become an affiliate of Young Earth Sanctuary.

4️⃣ Indie Comic & Graphic Novels (15-40% Commission)

Vincent Pompetti's Ancient Astronauts - Black Panel PressDoes escaping into a mystic world of Ancient Astronauts or the Gallic Wars feel more exciting than what feels like an unexciting life? Well then, if reading is an anticipated pastime, explore Indie comic and graphic novels from Black Panel Press.

Check out the novel videos for a teaser into the world that awaits as you escape into the enchanting stories. Both digital and hard copy versions are available.

Affiliate marketers of Black Panel Press earn a varying commission rate based on the products and performance. So make sure that you hustle and promote the high earners if you want to receive their highest commission rate of 40%. All you need to do to get started is to register as an affiliate.

5️⃣ Heavy Metal Music (25-50% Commission)

Sam Russell - Impetuous Desire AlbumI think every now and again we should all go out of our comfort zone and try something new.  Something we wouldn’t ordinarily do. You will have a higher chance of inspiring creativity in your life. Here’s something new you could do. Get yourself a rocking heavy metal record from Sam Russell. If you’re a heavy metal fan, getting this record will be inspiring enough.

For others, it could be a rocking dose of a new experience. This traditional heavy metal music from Sam Russell is great for hitting the gym and anything you’d like to thrill yourself with.

Last up on our affiliate products list for today, promises to reward affiliates with up to 50% in commissions! That’s pretty much sharing half the sale price with you! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and apply to become affiliated with these kindhearted guys.

That wraps up our latest edition of this months highest commission affiliate products that you can promote from your website or even through your social feeds.

If you want to explore more affiliate programs that you can start promoting – then you should check out our previous blog posts…

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Perfect for pet lovers looking for pet care products.

10 Best Dog Products That Dog Bloggers Can Promote

Yes, we went a little pet crazy on our last two affiliate program guides.

New Products on the Market in 2018

New Products On The Market In 2018 – Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

Are you here to check out the 2018 New Products On The Market? Then I’m sure you don’t really want to listen to me ramble on about anything other than the latest products available on the market. Right? 

Therefore, without further delay, let’s take a look at what new products are on the market for 2018:

  • Wooden puzzles & toys (5% commish)
  • Signing bowls (10% commish)
  • Laser pointers (11% commish)
  • Products for a Balanced Lifestyle (20% Commish)
  • Aromatherapy Vaporizers (15% Commish)
  • Travel Accessories ($2 Commish)
  • Pretty Cloth Pads (10% Commish)
  • Perfect Inflatable Chair (20% Commish)
  • Cool Smartphone Gear (20% Commish)
  • Child Safety Wristband (20% Commish)
  • Wholesale Hobby & Toy Supplies (10% Commish)
  • Unique Handcrafted Products (10% Commish)
  • Trending Sports & Outdoor Products (35% Commish)

New Products on the Market

Wooden Puzzles & Toys for 5% Commission

Robortime Online - Unique Wooden Toys

Parents, let’s agree here. Children’s toys are often overrated. The hype of a new toy is short lived and once the said toy is broken, that is the end of it and the money you spent on it. Of all the toys in your child’s life, how many have added more than merely short-lived entertainment?

Instead of just buying them a toy such as a robot, airplane, doll house or musical box – why not get them to actually make it for themselves? Imagine the learning and creative experience your child would have instead of the usual non-educating toys they get inundated with.

At Robortime Online, you will find really cool DIY toys for your child that will not only entertain them, but they will also learn and get to accomplish mini projects. These DIY toys would also be a great way to spend quality time together as a family.

You may ask, “why would I affiliate with new products on the market where the company only offers a 5% commission on sales?” Well, puzzles and toys are very popular products. You will definitely be able to generate a large number of sales to bring in a healthy revenue stream. So apply here to start as an affiliate with Robortime Online.

Singing Bowls for 10% Commission

iSingingBowls - Antique Tibetan Singing Bowls

Singing Bowls. Yup, you read that right. But first, I need to ask you something. When you’re in the midst of feeling tense, how easy is it for you to completely relax? I normally sleep my troubles away and just hope for the best when I wake up. However, recently I’ve explored meditation which seems promising.

In the spirit of meditation, I just came across singing bowls from iSingingBowls. These new and antique Tibetan singing bowls produce enchanting vibrational tones when struck – creating almost instant relaxation. Listen to the demos on the product pages for yourself and you’ll feel the energy it creates. It pierces through your skin – in a good way.

Affiliates earn a commission of 10% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of iSingingBowls.

Laser Pointers for 11% Commission

Thor II Laser Pointer - New Products on the Market

On a much lighter note, literally, I’m convinced that anyone involved in sales and marketing can never have too many laser pointers. Because they are so small, they are prone to growing legs and never returning back to the owner. Then, come time for the next presentation meeting, you’re in a panic trying to find a laser pointer. Which is why one needs a decent supply of laser pointers in the office.

At the Laser Pointer Store, you’ll find all the laser pointers you could ever dream of – from ordinary manager level type of pointers to models that are clearly made for high-level CEO-type of executives. You’ll find a laser pointer for everyone.

Hey, affiliates! Image if you had one of these. You could laser point your way through these new products on the market! But to sign up with the Laser Pointer Store and earn your 11% commission per sale, you’d have to do that without the assistance of the pointer.

Products for a Balance Lifestyle for 20% Commission

Products to inspire a balanced lifestyle

Be, love, create and live. These are all the things that will inspire you when you shop at StoreFour. You’ll find products that will inspire a balanced lifestyle. From outdoor gear, drones, treasured jewelry to refreshing diffusers – these products will add meaningful balance to your life.

Whatever your background or interests you’ll find products from StoreFour that will connect to these four dimensions of life: Soul, Heart, Mind and Body.

Affiliates earn a commission of 20% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of StoreFour.

Aromatherapy Vaporizers for 15% Commission

Vape It Pro Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

Speaking of balance, how about improving your overall well-being? Life certainly gets tense more often than it is relaxed, and we all need a little refresher from time to time. Your little refresher could come from some calming aromatherapy vapor.

If you’re an aromatherapy enthusiast who enjoys the therapeutic qualities of plant materials and aromatic plant oils, then you’ll find an impressive collection of vaporizers from Vape It Pro. From stationary to portable vaporizers and grinders. You’ll find the gear to help you in those moments you just need a breather.

Affiliates earn a base commission of 15% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Vape It Pro.

Travel Accessories for $2 Commission

Fun holiday accessories - Travel Extras

Holiday life. The beach. The resort poolside. The place where life is good. The place where you can be in denial about the “real world” and just be happy. The excitement that builds up to your much anticipated holiday is so bubbly – you can’t contain yourself.

If you want to add a bit of extra awesomeness to your holiday, then click on over to Travel Extras and indulge in fun holiday accessories. From beach items, pool items, camping to hotel room comforts.

Affiliates earn a commission of $2 on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Travel Extras.

Any of these new products on the market tickle your fancy? Just to let you know, besides this list you’re looking at now – we have hundreds more affiliate programs that you can browse through. Simply CLICK HERE if you want to be teleported there.

Pretty Cloth Pads for 10% Commission

Ever anticipated your menstruation cycle? You know, like the feeling of anticipation you get when you’re waiting for the next special occasion to wear your new outfit? Tree Hugger Cloth Pads has created the prettiest cloth pads that having your period will now be an anticipated monthly event.

You’ll also save so much money spent on disposable pads. One cloth pad will replace 100-200 disposable pads.

That’s not all. You’ll be doing the environment a favor by reducing on disposable pad waste. There’s more. Tree Hugger Cloth Pads has committed to planting a tree for every cloth pad you purchase.

From as little as $11 for a single cloth pad, you’ll make huge savings as well as contribute to a less polluted planet.

Carrying on our guide of 2018’s new products on the market is an affiliate program that will see you earning 10% commission for every sale. So apply now to become an affiliate of Tree Hugger Cloth Pads.

Perfect Inflatable Chair for 20% Commission

Orange Kooala Inflatable Chair

Here’s my problem with portable chairs:  they are bulky and such an inconvenience when you’re moving around with them – no matter how compressed they are when folded. And here’s my problem with anything that’s inflatable: it’s a stress to inflate – who has the patience or energy to be blowing anything up.

But the Kooala inflatable chair deserves a standing ovation. Not only does it inflate in 3 seconds by whirling it, but it also compresses into a lightweight bag. Painless and very convenient. For $59, get yourself this perfect inflatable chair.

Here’s where our new products on the market list bring in a little inflation on the commission rates. When you become affiliated with Kooala, you’ll be earning commissions of 20% on sales.

Cool Smartphone Gear for 20% Commission

Smartphone Gadgets - My Gear DirectBefore you scroll past this and think that this is just another one of those cellphone accessory companies, hang on for a sec. You may find great value from what you may find from My Gear Direct. They have some pretty cool accessories. Prevent accidental slips with a vibrant and funky pop grip to give you a secure grip on your phone.

Ever had a need to stick your smartphone on your mirror or window? The brilliant anti-gravity case will stick your smartphone on basically any flat and smooth surface. And you can get yours from only $15!

Affiliates earn a commission of 20% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of My Gear Direct.

Child Safety Wristband for 20% Commission

My Buddy Tag - Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

Toddlers are busybodies. Most parents would actually say that’s an understatement. It just takes a split second for a parent to lose sight of their toddler. Parents can never be too careful and extra safety measures may reduce some of the risks that children are exposed to.

To prevent losing your child or accidental drowning, My Buddy Tag is a waterproof wristband with a GPS tracker that will help. This wristband works with your smartphone where you’ll receive safety alerts. So keep your child safe and get your My Buddy Tag for $39.99.

Affiliates earn a commission of 20% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of My Buddy Tag.

Wholesale Hobby & Toy Supplies for 10% Commission

Remote Control Airplanes - Hobby Distribution Centre

If you’re a shop owner and you’d like to boost your sales with hot selling products, then click on over to Hobby Distribution Centre and check out their products. Get cool wholesale toy and hobby supplies from camera devices, drones, remote control toys, security devices and so much more.

Something like a driveway patrol kit will cost you $32.86 for 10 kits – everything is pretty reasonably priced so you can make a fair amount of profit on sales.

Affiliates earn a commission of 10% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Hobby Distribution Centre.

We are nearing the end of our 2018 exclusive listings of new products on the market, where you can register as an affiliate marketer and start promoting them immediately! However, we still have a couple more products that may interest you.

Unique Handcrafted Products for 10% Commission

Fair trade handcrafted products

If you have a flair for original and unique products, then Fair Winds Market will excite you. Curated from all over the world, Fair Winds Market offers handcrafted and sustainable products that support fair trade. You’ll find unique décor pieces for your home that will be adored. Jewelry enthusiasts will delight in peculiar jewelry collections.

Charming children’s products are also available. There’s something unique for everyone. The Fair Winds Market is really worth taking a look through – you’ll be amazed at what you will find.

Are you an affiliate? Then apply here to start promoting Fair Winds Market’s products and you can earn 10% commissions on sales.

Trending Sports & Outdoor Products for 35% Commission

Sports & Outdoor Equipment and Accessories

If you’re a sports and outdoors enthusiast, you’ll love what Supermkart has to offer. Who else would get excited about a portable shower, a 1300-degree pencil torch, a sand-free beach mat and a waterproof magnesium fire starter?

Supermkart has curated cool and trending products that you’ll love to add to your active and adventurous lifestyle. These high-quality products are affordably priced – from as little as $0.00 – No, we didn’t make a mistake, that is indeed ZERO dollars! However, you will need to pay for shipping.

We thought that it would be fitting to end today’s guide to new products on the market with the top earner of the flock. Sign up as an affiliate with Supermkart and you will be looking at earning commissions of 35% on each sale that you make!

That may be all we have for you in this guide, but don’t forget – we have hundreds more new interesting products on the market that you can start promoting today! Browse the rest of our product affiliate programs here!

Are you a merchant looking how to get a new product on the market? Here at LeadDyno, we work closely with merchants who aspire to start an affiliate marketing program of their own. Why confuse yourself with all the challenges of introducing a new product on the market? Instead, allow us to guide you on how to get started and the follow-through processes of a successful affiliate program.

Now that wraps up our 2018 guide to the current new products on the market. We hope you enjoyed it. Drop us a line and share your thoughts!

LeadDyno's Product Affiliate Programs Guide

3 New Nifty Product Affiliate Programs (up to 30% commission)

Let’s get physical!  Today it is all about physical product affiliate programs. These are the latest must have products on the market. The buyers are out there, but they are waiting for you to start promoting these products.

Here is what’s on the agenda for todays’ brand new product affiliate programs:

  • Women’s self-defense combo pack (30% commish)
  • $1 bargains (5% commish)
  • Self-massage tools (10% commish)

(And don’t forget you can browse 300+ more product related affiliate programs right here, too).

Latest Product Affiliate Programs

Women’s Self-Defense Combo Pack for 30% Commission

Zen Tactical - Women's Self Defense Combo Pack

Every woman can relate to having fear of being a victim to crime. Ladies, what would you do if you were attacked? How would you get yourself out of danger? It’s unpleasant to think of never mind experience. But as you know the saying that you’re better safe than sorry.

However, now women can get safe and equipped with the Women’s Self-Defense Combo Pack. It is perfect for women of all ages and with no martial arts training. Therefore, act now and empower yourself to protect yourself.

But guess what else? Affiliates can earn a chunky commission of 30% on sales! So wouldn’t you say, that’s a no-brainer? Apply Now to become an affiliate of the Women’s Self-Defense Combo Pack.

$1 Bargains for 5% Commission - Products at Bargain Prices

Anything involving $1 bargains and up to 75% off makes my eyes bulge out in excitement. If you have such an excitement too, then will satisfy your bargain shopping needs.

You’ll find a wide range of products from toys, games, baby products, home, kitchen, beauty, personal care, jewelry, books, movies and so much more. All at deals you won’t be able to resist.

Affiliates earn a commission of 5% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of

Self-Massage Tools for 10% Commission

Self-Massage Tools - Product Affiliate Programs

What if you could get a massage every day? Or at least whenever you needed it? The luxuries of life. Sometimes all you need is a back massage and miraculously, all your life problems are gone. Thanks to the Body Back Company, you can get the best self-massage tools.

From only $33.95, you can get trigger point therapy devices which work to focus on hyperirritable points. It provides a framework to work and relieves tension in these points. So go ahead and get this, along with other useful massage tools to give you a healthier back and a happier you.

Furthermore, specific to the affiliate marketer, each sale will give you a lovely 10% commission. So why wait? Apply here to become an affiliate of the Body Back Company.

Are you a merchant looking to start up your very own affiliate program for your business? Then we invite you to read our latest tips on how to manage an effective affiliate marketing program.


4 New Trending Product Affiliate Programs (up to 50% Commission)

Here are 4 brand new trending product affiliate programs that just launched. Read on to learn how you can be the first to promote these:

  • Trending products
  • The ultimate travel adapter
  • Liquid glass smartphone screen protection
  • Unique fire pits

(And don’t forget you can browse 250+ more product affiliate programs right here, too).

Trending Product Affiliate Programs with 35% Commission

trending product affiliate programs

Unicorns, mermaids and cat eyes.  That’s what 2018 trends seem to be all about.  What a time to be alive!  I hope you love unicorns because it’s time to embrace these mystic legendary creatures. As it seems like they’re not going away anytime soon.

Hey, Starbucks has also embraced unicorns with their Unicorn Frappuccino. If you’d like to join the fad with this and many other trends, you can get your cool products from The SMSW Store.  Upgrade your makeup kit with fantasy unicorn colored brushes, while snuggling up in a mermaid tail blanket or accessorize with charming cat eye sunglasses.  The SMSW Store will keep you up-to-date with these and also other trending products.

Affiliates earn a commission of 35% on sales.  Apply here to become an affiliate of The SMSW Store.

The Ultimate Travel Adapter for 15% Commission


It’s 2018, but we are all still slaves to technology.  Where you have a car charger, a USB charger, several wall charges and maybe even one or two power banks all for the life of your smartphone.  The day you forget your charger is the day you will have a mini heart attack because the universe forbids that you are ever “offline”.  Hashtag 21st-century problems.  Your life is made to accommodate the technology you consume.  Therefore, try and take the stress out of your technology slavery. Get yourself a #boom ultimate travel adapter. A travel charger with a built-in power bank that will also charge up to 3 devices.  Phew.  This has solved all of life’s problems!

Trending product affiliate programs where you earn a commission of 15% on sales.  Apply here to become an affiliate of #boom.

Liquid Glass Smartphone Screen Protection for 20% Commission


I don’t get it.  I don’t get why today’s smartphones are the most expensive fragile everyday devices you could ever buy.  It’s not like your latest iPhone 7 will be used for special occasions like that crystal bowl you take out once a year over the holidays.  Imagine using that crystal bowl every day for your toddler’s breakfast cereal.  That’s pretty much the situation we are dealing with people, as a result of our fancy smartphone obsessions.

Here’s what’s so annoying. In our attempts to protect it from the inevitable, we commit the ultimate smartphone sin: and that is to downgrade the appearance of its beauty and design.  Do you think millions of dollars were spent on its sophisticated 21st-century design, only to have you cover it up and make it look cheaply hideous?  Nope.  For the love of your smartphone, turn to Shark Proof. They will get it protected with liquid glass that bonds with your smartphone screen, but the best thing is that you won’t even know it’s there!  Therefore, you can now protect it and it will still look great!

Affiliates earn a commission of 20% on sales.  Apply here to become an affiliate of Shark Proof.

Unique Fire Pits for 5% Commission


Transform your ordinary lifeless outdoor space into a warm and fulfilling atmosphere. Then you can escape to it or even better, delightfully host guests and show them your enchanting hospitality.  Thanks to The Fire Pit Store, now you can achieve this in your outdoor space. There is an impressive range of unique fire pits, accessories, and gas conversion systems that are available affordable prices.

Affiliates earn a commission of 5% – with the average sale of over $700, you’ll pocket some good bucks.  Take a tour and find out how you can become an affiliate of The Fire Pit Store.

Easiest Affiliate Network To Join

I’m writing today to share three new product-related products with you that you may be interested in promoting as an affiliate. I pulled them from our Products category listings on – the easiest affiliate network to join – which you can view right here.

These are all high quality products worthy of you sharing on your website and in your social media channels. Plus, they boast great affiliate programs and will pay you generous sales commissions for your efforts!

(PS – If you have a product to promote in our affiliate marketplace, you can sign up as a merchant and be considered for a future feature here.)

Elegant Home Décor + Funky Fun Gifts at Wilson Street for 15% Commission

home decor affiliate programWhether you want to host a classy function in your home and impress your guests with fine décor pieces, or gift a loved one with a trinket, Wilson Street offers elegant home décor products as well as a range of fun, funky and fine set gifts for men, women and kids.

Some gold points to Wilson Street for their free shipping PLUS free gift wrap and optional personalized service if needed.

Affiliates earn 15% commission on sales. Apply to becoming a Wilson Street affiliate here.

Revolutionary Deodorant for 20% Commission

Those grooming and personal hygiene lessons we all had in school taught us to avoid the ultimate body odor sin: never spray over deodorant affiliate programa dirty or smelly body as you’ll just be mixing a concoction of deadly odors that won’t do you any good. But thanks to technology, Nan02 Skin Care has developed a revolutionary deodorant in odor protection that instantly eliminates body odors on clean or unclean skin and lasts for 24 hours.

Yup, you can use this deodorant on your dirty self and truly refresh – for real. Not that we want to discourage a healthy hygiene routine, but this product is great for situations where you are traveling or on the go and have limited access to full hygiene facilities.

Nan02 Skin Care products are free of aluminum and toxic chemicals and can be used on the underarms, feet and private areas. Available deodorants range from unscented to scented and retail for $18.95.

Affiliates earn 20% commission on sales. Apply to become a Nan02 Skin Care affiliate here.

Dooms Day Preppers: Protect Your Belongings Against Fire & Explosions for 20% Commission

easiest affiliate network to joinHow safe are your important and valuable items? Are they protected against extreme heat? You’re better safe than sorry and with Brimstone Fire Protection you are definitely safe. We never anticipate fires let alone explosions, but with Brimstone Fire Protection products you will never have to worry about your valuables in those unlikely events. Keep your valuable items such as money, jewelry, documents and even small gadgets protected with explosion and fire containment bags.

The price range of these bags is $82-$695. Affiliates earn a commission of 20% on sales. Apply to become a Brimstone Fire Protection affiliate here.

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