Guide to the Best Affiliate Programs to Make Money

Best Affiliate Programs To Make Money | Latest LeadDyno Guide

We’ve heard your questions, and so we’re here to answer them. Many of you want to know what is the best affiliate programs to make money. We understand that you may have started an affiliate website that revolves around a specific niche. So we took the liberty of creating this affiliates program guide that includes 5 top categories.

These categories include Arts & Crafts, Business, Family, Health, and Home. So the programs you will be briefed on today will talk about the latest affiliate products that you can promote on your website. We have taken the effort to find out more about what the products can offer the end consumer. And we have also investigated the commission rates to give you an idea of potential profits you can earn by affiliating with the brands.

Now let’s take a quick look at each of the products that we will be sharing with you in today’s guide to the best affiliate programs to make money.

1. Arts and Crafts

  • Decorative Magnetic Fineliners
  • Etched Mirrors & Light Pieces 
  • Paint Soap

2. Business

  • The Boss You Wish You Had
  • Build An Online Business
  • Network Business System

3. Family

  • Children’s Toys & Gifts
  • Products For A Healthy Home
  • Yoga & Meditation Children’s Book
  • Collaborative Wedding Video App
  • The Marriage Builder

4. Health

  • Organic Protein Powders
  • Herbal Supplements
  • Vegan Multivitamins
  • Personalized Health Coaching Program
  • Pure & Natural Ingredients

5. Home

  • Home Storage Products
  • Personalized Home Décor
  • Inflatable Loungers
  • Beach Inspired Bedding
  • Healing Stones

LeadDyno’s Guide to the Best Affiliate Programs to Make Money

The best affiliate programs to make money guide has been designed to give you a brief description of the products you will be promoting. There are links to the brand’s websites for you to learn more. And most importantly, there are links that will direct you to the affiliate registration page.

If you are a merchant and have your own products that you wish to market – you are also welcome to register your merchant details. By setting up an affiliate program with us, you will get the benefit of having your program made available to all our affiliate members. And on top of that, we will also feature your affiliate program in our upcoming blog posts.

Now let’s carry on with our much-anticipated guide to the best affiliate programs to make money.

Arts & Crafts Affiliate Marketing Programs

First up in our best affiliate programs to make money guide is for all you artsy folks. If you manage a Youtube vlog or write blog posts about everything arts & crafts, then this ones perfect for you.

  • Decorative Magnetic Fineliners
  • Etched Mirrors & Light Pieces 
  • Paint Soap

Decorative Magnetic Fineliners (10% Commission)

MAGNETIPS - Decorative Magnetic FinelinersCreatives love to be inspired by an environment with color and design. If your work is creatively demanding, then you’ll appreciate how your creative spark is not always forthcoming so you do all you can to keep creativity alive in your space. Because of this, you’ll love MAGNETIPS – magnetic Fineliners that can become a centerpiece of your desktop.

Not only are these Fineliners useful, you’ll love to have them in your workspace and maybe you’ll even enjoy a bit of fidget fun with them as your creativity needs inspire you… So get your pack from only $51.42.

If you think you can be equally creative with your marketing strategy, then become an affiliate of MAGNETIPS and get paid every time you bring them a sale.

Etched Mirrors & Light Pieces ($28 Commission)

Flower of Light DesignsMesmerizing visual art is what you’ll add to your space when you get your own etched mirror and light piece from Flower of Light Designs. These illuminating pieces will create a captivating aura in your space that may inspire the peacefulness, meditation or even creativity that you may need.

From $97, you can get your own etched light piece – perhaps the Stylized Seed of Life may inspire you – that will light up in any color you desire. Enhance your space with this unique visual art display.

Become an affiliate of Flower of Light Designs and instead of the usual commission percentage, they offer 28 dollars for each sale! Definitely an offer to be listed as one of the best affiliate programs to make money, right?!

Paint Soap (10% Commission)

Brilliant Paint Brush Cleaner

Being a creative means that your space often gets messy, explosion-type of messy. So if you love to paint, you probably feel overwhelmed with all the clean up you need to do. Painting gets things really messy and cleaning paint brushes is not exactly a pastime. That is why, my friend, you need PaintSoap in your life.

PaintSoap by Obsidian Standard will be the best thing to ever happen to your paint brushes. When you’re done with your brushes, dip them in the PaintSoap solution and give it a few swirls. After a few minutes, rinse in water and you’re done! All the paint residue is completely removed and your paintbrushes will live happily ever after.

Think of us as your affiliate marketing DJs. We bring drop the beat on the previous affiliate program, then we slow things down with a 10% commission offer. But bear in mind, here’s a product that has tremendous potential. So sign up now to become an affiliate of Obsidian Standard and make this a trending product to buy.

Get crafty by checking out even more arts and crafts affiliate programs.

Business Affiliate Programs

Next up for all of you business-minded people reading our selection of the best affiliate programs to make money, are a few business products.

  • The Boss You Wish You Had
  • Build An Online Business
  • Network Business System

The Boss You Wish You Had (10% Commission)

Mr Pep Talk - Talking BossesWhen was the last time your boss encouraged you and said, “you’re doing a great job”? If your boss is like the rest of the population of unbearable bosses, then you rarely get positive motivation.

Instead, you sit in day-long meetings strategizing on how to solve the company’s problems while you are being threatened with your job lest you fail to perform to over expectations. Sometimes, all you need is some good old pep talk to get you fired up with rocket ship energy to meet targets.

If you need a better boss, then Mr Pep Talk is the boss you wish you had. Just squeeze his belly and he’ll say a few things to give you the motivation that you need to make your job a little more enjoyable.

Don’t worry affiliate marketers, we will drop the beat on the next program. In the meantime, click here to become an affiliate of Mr Pep Talk and earn 10% for every sale.

Build an Online Business (40% Commission)

Build an Online Business

Wouldn’t you like to quit your undesirable job today and start your own online business while you spend time doing stuff you love like traveling, eating and anything that involves no stress? How often do you fantasize about this lifestyle as you read about such entrepreneurship stories every day just to keep your dream alive? You can now make your dream come to life with Total Game Change.

Sign up for 30-day coaching programs that will teach you how to build your own online business. Access coaching sessions, how to guides, wealth mindset training, and psychology of selling training.

Now this one’s definitely a chart topper! It is the best affiliate programs to make money guide’s highest commission earner. Affiliates earn a staggering commission of 40% on sales! Act quick and apply now to become an affiliate of Total Game Change.

Network Business System

CarterWest | Network Business System

Running a business and keeping your entire operations working smoothly is a challenge especially if you’re not a great project manager or if you’re still working on your teaming leadership skills. When it gets overwhelming, everything can collapse if you don’t have the right systems to hold you together.

CarterWest can help your business as they boast to be the #1 network business system. 

There is no set commission rate with this business system because affiliates actually earn a residual income training with a 4-tier downline. So get affiliated get CarterWest now to start working your way up to excellent affiliate commissions.

Want to get down to business with even more business affiliate programs? Then check out the rest of the programs that you can promote on your website.

Family Affiliate Programs

We found that there are many of you affiliate marketers that are taking a fine interest in the family category. So we decided to include related products in today’s best affiliate programs to make money series.

  • Children’s Toys & Gifts
  • Products For A Healthy Home
  • Yoga & Meditation Children’s Book
  • Collaborative Wedding Video App
  • The Marriage Builder

Children’s Toys & Gifts (10% Commission)

Cardinal and Canary | Childrens Toys and Gifts

Whether you are a minimalist or you are environmentally conscious, you show deep consideration for anything you add to your life. You consider function and impact of anything that you purchase. It must add value and not subtract. As a parent, this may be a challenge as far as children’s toys are concerned.

Thankfully at Cardinal & Canary, you will find the highest quality curated toys and gifts for babies and children that are conscientious. These toys and gifts will be adored but most importantly, you’ll be supporting people and the environment.

Starting to see a pattern with our DJ set? This affiliate program promises commissions of 10% on sales if you are an affiliate of Cardinal & Canary.

Products for a Healthy Home (8.5% Commission)

Healthy Home Products to Promote

Polluting plastics and harmful toxins are present every day at home. We’re not only exposed to these, but we actually contribute to these through the everyday household purchases we make. The moment you become a parent, you begin to consider the potentially harmful effects you could expose your child to through various substances.

If you’re enthusiastic about creating a healthy and safe home for you and your family, you’ll be pleased to find products from Happy-Safe Living that will support your desired lifestyle. From skincare, haircare to household products – Happy-Safe Living will help you create a healthy home.

We know, we know – commissions below 10% always seem unappealing, but these are popular products that you can sell in large volumes. So go ahead, register as an affiliate of Happy-Safe Living and show us your marketing skills!

We hope you’re still reading our list of the best affiliate programs to make money because these next 3 programs you don’t want to miss!

Yoga & Meditation Children’s Book (30% Commission)

Piranha Yama | Yoga and Meditation Kids BookTantrums, anxiety. and anger. These are some of the struggles parents experience with their children. It’s tough and unfortunately, children don’t arrive with a black and white manual that you can refer to when you come across a problem.

To help ease some of these common struggles you experience with your child, PiranhaYama is a fascinating children’s book that teaches your child yoga and meditation techniques through a creative adventure story that carries a valuable message. So allow your child to adopt calmness and learn to overcome fears.

Aren’t you glad you didn’t miss this one! Apply quickly to become an affiliate of PiranhaYama and you can earn start earning top income.

Collaborative Wedding Video App (30% Commission)

Weddr - The Wedding Video App

Thanks to the smartphone, everyone has access to fairly impressive photography tools. The smartphone has become the 21st Century camera – used to create and consume media in the palm of your hands. Now Weddr has understood the smartphone’s contagious media production ability.

If you have an upcoming special event, like a wedding, you’ve got to hear this. With the Weddr app, your guests can contribute to capturing special video moments during your event and collectively you will have a consolidated clip of all the moments captured.

From £99, you can have unlimited users to contribute 20 clips each.

Another awesome program to get your bankroll on the incline, where affiliates of Weddr get a whopping 30% commission for each sale generated.

The Marriage Builder (30% Commission)

Strenghts/ Improvements Chart

Almost 50% of marriages end in divorce. Therefore, to help create or maintain a happy marriage, The Marriage Builder is a flexible tool that will guide and help you through some common struggles.

Try it for free for a week, then membership is only $9 per month. You have nothing to lose but a whole lot of happiness to gain in your marriage.

Last up in the Family affiliate category but leaving you on a high is another program that offers a commission of 30% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of The Marriage Builder.

Don’t forget, you can always browse more of our family affiliate programs. Also, if you want to know more about the best affiliate programs to make money – send us some mail!

Health Affiliate Programs

The health industry is booming, especially with tons of folks turning to online stores to get their dose of supplements and youth potions! That’s why it is extremely profitable to consider promoting health affiliate programs on your website. And that is also why we have added the following health programs to our best affiliate programs to make money guide.

  • Organic Protein Powders
  • Herbal Supplements
  • Vegan Multivitamins
  • Personalized Health Coaching Program
  • Pure & Natural Ingredients

Organic Protein Powders (20% Commission)

Organic Protein PowdersTurning over a healthy new leaf is a challenge (heck, turning over any new leaf is a challenge but that’s a story for another day). Unfortunately, it doesn’t involve the convenience of popping open a packet of potato crisps while sipping on that bubbly soda. Eating healthy is a challenge – that’s why most of us fail at it.

But there is hope for some of us that struggle.

How does a few scoops of that protein into your milk of choice for a delicious and satisfying meal or snack sound? Care for some Chirpy Chirpy Choca Mocha or Nutty Nutty Peanut Butter? Choose from a range of natural and organic plant protein powders and superfoods from $16.74 to help meet your nutritional needs for a healthier you.

Health influencers, make sure your audience is getting their daily protein intake by applying here to become an affiliate of that protein.

Herbal Supplements (20% Commission)

Herbal Supplements | Health Affiliate Program

Worried about all the artificial stuff in commercial supplements?  Ironically, while you’re supplementing your body with such vitamins and minerals, you could be contaminating your body with other harmful ingredients such preservatives and other man-made stuff that’s hard to pronounce.

If you’re keen on taking the natural route, Intercontinental Alternative Medicine has a range of herbal supplements that effectively help treat common health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure – just to name a few.

Affiliates can supplement their earnings with commissions of 20% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Intercontinental Alternative Medicine.

Vegan Multivitamins (20% Commission)

Vegan Multivitamins - HealthNut EssentialsAre you worried that you could be missing out on all the essential vitamins that your body needs to function in good health? Do you crave to feel fantastic in your body and not have to deal with common ailments such as colds and flu? Get your body balanced again with multivitamins from HealthNut Essentials.

From $24.71 for a one month’s supply, these non-GMO natural vegan food based multivitamins will give you the healthy balance that your body needs.

We know that there are a lot of vegan influencers out there, so step right up and become an affiliate of HealthNut Essentials so you can promote good health to your followers.

Personalized Health Coaching Program (25% Commission)

Refuge Health | Best Affiliate Marketing Programs to Make Money

There are two types of people in this world. Self-starters and people who need a little help to get going. If you identify with the latter, you likely struggle when it comes to your own health and fitness. All you need is some personalized guidance and Refuge Health can help you.

For only $30 per month, you can subscribe to a coaching program to help you on your health journey. Includes weekly kits plus support that will empower you to live the healthiest you.

There is something very attractive about 25% commissions, so if you also see that attraction, then you should register as an affiliate of Refuge Health and start making money.

Pure & Natural Ingredients (20% Commission)

Pure and Natural Products by Purly GrownThinking of living on a farm and harvesting all the natural ingredients yourself? Well, no need to move to a farm because Purly Grown will bring the farm to you. Includes naturally sourced ingredients and supplements to promote a natural lifestyle.

From pure coconut oil, supplements to essential oils. If you’d like your home to emit your favorite natural fragrance, you’ll love to have the ultrasonic aroma diffuser – currently on special for $59.99.

Affiliates – think about it – 20% commission on 60 bucks is $12! Go crazy on promoting these natural products and you will be earning big bucks! So what are you waiting for? Apply now to become an affiliate of Purly Grown!

Remember, this is just a selection of the best affiliate programs to make money. If you want more, we have 110+ additional health affiliate programs just waiting for you to promote the heck out of them!

Home Affiliate Programs

The final category in today’s guide to the best affiliate programs to make money – is all about the home affiliate programs.

  • Home Storage Products
  • Personalized Home Décor
  • Inflatable Loungers
  • Beach Inspired Bedding
  • Healing Stones

Home Storage Products (8-15% Commission)

Home Storage Products | Home Affiliate Program

Storage makes all the clutter go away. However, there is only one problem – most of us hardly have enough storage in our homes. But from $24.99 you can get your own DIY storage solution from Kousi Home. They include everything from bookcases, closets, pet playpens and other storage solutions that will make your home an organized space.

These are eco-friendly products that are easy to assemble without any tools.

Due to the wide range of pricing on their products, these guys don’t exactly have a fixed commission rate. But if you are affiliated with Kousi Home you still make a decent 8-15% in commissions.

Personalized Home Décor (20% Commission)

Canvas Vows | Personalized Home Decor

Home is where the heart is, the place of love and deepest affection. There is nothing quite like personalized home décor that will create the expression of your heart. Hence, warm your home with loving memories, sound wave art and heartfelt scripts on the walls.

At Canvas Vows, you can create your own very special personalized piece from $45. Most importantly, each piece will add a touch of love to your bedroom, living room or nursery.

Here’s another affiliate program that would definitely be popular amongst your audience. So apply now to be an affiliate of Canvas Vows to start earning that juicy 20% commission on sales.

Inflatable Loungers (20% Commission)

Inflatable Loungers

Lazy summer weekends is what you’ll look forward to all week when you own an inflatable lounger from Inflatable Loungers. It’s like relaxing in a hammock made of air. So take it to the beach, park, your backyard or pretty much anywhere that you’d like to collapse into bliss.

From $34.95, you can get your own inflatable lounger in a range of vibrant colors. Since it’s one of the coolest things to have – you’ll love it and your friends will wish they had one too.

If you are an influencer on social media, then here’s one of those products that you could easily market to your community. All you have to do is become affiliated with Inflatable Loungers and you can start raking in those dollars.

Beach Inspired Bedding (15% Commission)

Beach Inspired Bedding

The beach, palm trees, the sand, sunshine, summer breeze, and happiness. That is the beach life. If this is your happy place, then you’ll want to bring a piece of it into your home. Bring the beach to your bedroom with beach inspired bedding from Surfer Bedding.

These bedding sets will create a relaxing and refreshing vibe that you can indulge in every single day. Hence, you’ll unwind to relaxing evenings and you’ll beam with happiness in the mornings. This is the vibe that will make any beach or surfing enthusiast content.

How about tucking in your followers with these awesome bedding products! Even if you are an Instagram influencer, you could affiliate with Surfer Bedding and promote their products on your feed.

Healing Stones (10% Commission)

Collection of Healing Stones

We all invest in trying to create a little oasis in our homes. Trying to make it the place worth retreating to every day. The place that just calms the daily chaos we often experience in our lives. Creating an energizing, inspiring and calm atmosphere at home is kinda what we try to create.

Something like sacred healing stones from Sacred Soul Stones should do the job. Get everything from healing stones to astrology stones, you can make a place for these inspiring pieces in your home for you to experience their captivating energy.

Affiliates – heal your bank accounts by affiliating with Sacred Soul Stones and promoting these spiritual healers on your website.

Want to browse even more home affiliate programs? Then check out 45+ more affiliate programs that you can register with today!

So there you have it. 21 of the best affiliate programs to make money. However, if that didn’t satisfy your hunger, then perhaps you’d like to check out our recommended technology affiliate programs blog that we released last week. Furthermore, if you are a fashion influencer, you may find interest in our blog about affiliate programs for fashion bloggers.

The Best Affiliate Programs to Make Money is an official guide of LeadDyno.


33 Best Affiliate Products to Promote - LeadDyno

33 Best Affiliate Products To Promote In 2018

So you want to know what are the best affiliate products to promote in 2018? Here at LeadDyno, we have selected our favorite newest products that you can begin marketing today! We have compiled and separated a list of 33 products into seven different categories.

The affiliate marketing categories that we will be covering today include:

★Finance ★Fitness ★Clothing ★Beauty ★Pets ★SaaS ★Education 

So if you’re on the lookout for the best affiliate products to promote on your own websites, then keep on reading – as we have quite a few treats lined up for you.

Since we are all for making money online, we thought that it would be suiting to kick things off with financial products.

The Best Financial Products to Promote

Let’s take a quick look at the best affiliate products to promote in the finance world:

  • Financial Markets Software (30% Commish)
  • Refinance Student Loans ($200 Commish)
  • Tenant Screening Service (10% Commish)
  • Loan Signing Agent Online Training (45% Commish)
  • Managed Forex Trading Account (10% Commish)

Now let’s cover in more detail, exactly what each of these financial products has to offer. This way you will have a better understanding of the products in which you will be looking to promote through your affiliate website.

Financial Markets Software (Earn 30% Commission)

Traders Journal - Software for Financial Market Investors

How to make more money? This question has overtaken our lives. If you’re like most, then you’re on a scavenger hunt for the thing that will cash in more dollars so you can do things like quit the lame job that you hate and escape to a more exciting place somewhere out there in the world. You’ve got to work on creating that reality.

To help you get out of your financial slump, Traders Journal will help you compete in financial markets. Yeah, the stock markets excite you but you need awesome tools that will help you manage your strategy, get feedback on all markets, educate you and help you track performance. Hey, in simple terms you need help on how to make more money. Traders Journal will do all this and more for you.

30% commission on sales definitely sounds like a sweet offer. The first marketing program on our best affiliate products to promote guide already promises great rewards. So what are you waiting for? Apply now with Traders Journal to be the first to promote this brilliant financial software.

Refinance Student Loans (Earn $200 Commission)

Student Loans offered by Purefy

Debt. The thing the robs you of your financial freedom. You spend your young adult life investing in a good education so that one day you can get a good job that pays you good money – only to be able to spend the rest of your life paying off that education debt. Is that living? When will you actually start enjoying the fruits of your sweat?

You can start today with Purefy. With Purefy, you can save money on the high-interest rates you’re paying by refinancing your student loan at a lower interest rate. Simply combine all your student loans into one easy and affordable loan. You’ll be able to save money to do the things that you’ve always desired. Now that’s living.

If you’re looking to earn an easy 200 bucks, then sign up quickly to affiliate with Purefy and you get paid for every referral that takes out a loan.

Tenant Screening Service (Earn 10% Commission)

Tenant Screening Service - Finance Affiliate Programs

You certainly have your ducks in a row, don’t you? Well, anyone with square feet to their name does. Your smart financial plan to rent out your property is a few hundred if not thousands of dollars away from your bank account – you just need to find that right tenant that won’t screw your plan up.

The last thing you want is to have a tenant with a bad credit history. And you really don’t want a criminal or a sex offender living on your property. Verify Tenant will help you make those checks for a once off service fee from as little as $20. You’ll have peace of mind that you’ll have a decent human being of a tenant occupying your property.

Sign up as an affiliate of Verify Tenant and you can start earning commissions of 10% on every sale that you generate. 

Loan Signing Agent Online Training (Earn 45% Commission)

Become a Loan Signing AgentMake $75 – $200 per hour for an appointment. You could make hundreds of dollars just in one day. What would you do with that extra money? Go on holiday? Invest in your passions? There is no doubt that having that kind of extra money would solve a few problems in your life.

Becoming a Loan Signing Agent may help you achieve your financial goals. Get the training, certification, and notary public marketing knowledge from the Loan Signing System to get yourself started – from $99. Oh wait, but what’s a Loan Signing Agent? Sign up for their free webinar to find out and learn more about the opportunities that await you.

Calling all serious affiliate marketers! We have a finance affiliate program that boasts a chunky commission rate of 45%! So act fast and apply now with Loan Signing System before they change their minds!

Managed Forex Trading Account (Earn 10% Commission)

SeagullFX - The best affiliate products to promote - Finance programs

There are two types of forex traders. One that has years’ experience of analyzing trends and trade performance and the other that doesn’t know what the heck they are doing. If you find yourself crossing your fingers and toes every time you trade like you’re sitting at a slot machine at a casino, then it’s time you got some help. Forex trading is a lot more calculated than that. Seagullfx can help you with a managed forex trading account for as little as $40 per month. Instead of squandering your money away, let experienced traders manage your investment.

Last up on our list of financial affiliate products will bring in commissions of 10% on sales. Apply today to become an affiliate of Seagullfx.

Pretty impressive so far right!? Well we still have products related to fitness, clothing, beauty, pets, SaaS and education to come. So keep scrolling through our best affiliate products to promote or perhaps you’d like to CLICK HERE to view some of our other affiliate marketing programs.

Best Affiliate Products to Promote in the Fitness sector

A new year comes with new resolutions. Most people are vowing to step up their fitness game. Looking for ways and equipment to help them get fitter and more energized. That’s why we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to include a fitness category in today’s best affiliate products to promote guide.

Here’s the rundown on the fitness affiliate programs that we have included:

  • Boxing Training Gear (30% Commish)
  • Boxing & Martial Arts Gear (35% Commish)
  • Hot Gym Gear & Equipment (15% Commish)
  • Fitness Program ($40 Commish)
  • Women’s Shapewear (10% Commish)

Boxing Training Gear (Affiliates make 30% Commission)

Boxing Training Gear Affiliate OpportunitiesJab. Jab. Perseverance. If you fall, rise up.  Fight. Win. This is the story of winning. This is the story of earning your day. It doesn’t matter what knocks you down, you still get up and fight your way forward – till you win. So much inspiration can be gained from boxing. Think about it: determination is what will push you forward even if you get knocked out several times. That is the spirit of a boxer at heart. If that’s you, Larry’s Goods will support you through your passion and help you win with high-quality products inspired by boxing and kickboxing – just to name a few.

The first fitness affiliate program to step into the ring offers a 30% commission on sales. So if you want to K.O. all your competitors, then you had better apply immediately to start affiliating with Larry’s Goods.

Boxing & Martial Arts Gear (Affiliates make 35% Commission)

Boxing Equipment - Fat Lip Outfitters

Boxing is an interesting sport. Interesting because it involves boxing someone to the ground to being boxed to the ground. Hopefully less of the latter. Now you’d think that the gear that comes along with this sport is meant for protection. But, did you know that boxing gloves were introduced to increase dramatic knockouts? Yup. So if you’re a boxer, you want to make sure you have a great pair of boxing gloves else you’re screwed. Get your high-quality boxing gear from Fat Lip Outfitters . If you’re into martial arts, you’ll find great gear there too.

A 5% increase from the previous fitness program, Fat Lip Outfitters guarantee to pay affiliates commissions of 35% on sales that they bring to the business. Join the team so you can start earning some serious income.

Hot Gym Gear & Equipment (Affiliates make 15% Commission)

Comfortable Gym Gear

There are two types of gym members. Those that rock up in an oversized t-shirt and old track pants and then there are those that dress for the fitness runway and actually make the gym look great! So if you belong to the trendy tribe, get your gym gear from Zenn Outfitters.

From fashionable mesh yoga pants to sexy hips push up leggings. Yes, no doubt you will look hot. Hey, you’re the kind of people that inspire the rest of us – that CAN look as fabulous as you one day. Get yourself geared up and maybe get yourself new heavy equipment to take your fitness to the next level.

Register as an affiliate of Zenn Outfitters and you will be earning up to 15% commission every time you make a sale.

Fitness Program (Affiliates make $40 Commission)

Get Results with the Factor 3 Fitness program

About to throw in the towel? Tired of trying while the pounds seem to be going nowhere fast? Obstacles holding you back? Because “I can’t” or “I don’t have”? No more excuses. No more. How much do you want to be the fittest and healthiest you?  If you don’t want it enough, you’ll just read this and close the window. But, if you’re desperate to make a CHANGE, then head on over to Factor 3 Fitness and subscribe for their rocking 90-day combination fitness program for $149.98. Whether you’re working out at the gym or at home, this program will help you fulfill your fitness goals.

Become affiliated with Factor 3 Fitness and you will always be guaranteed with 40 bucks in your pocket every time you land them a sale.

Women’s Shapewear (Affiliates make 10% Commission)

Womens Fitness Shapewear - Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

Who says you can’t enjoy the benefits of an amazing body while you’re still on your fitness journey? Ladies, if you’d like to trim that waist and lift that butt then Luxx Health will help you do that. From butt lifters to waist trainers, you’ll find body transforming shapewear that will make you look and feel great – wherever you may be in your fitness journey. Results are fantastic. It’s amazing what a bit of latex and spandex can do.

Lastly, in our fitness category, we have Lexx Health who have assured us that they payout 10% commissions for every sale their affiliates generate. Become affiliated with Luxx Health and you too can join their team of affiliate earners.

Clothing & Accessories Best Affiliate Products to Promote

The fashion industry is booming! This has always been the case and we don’t see it NOT being the case any time soon. That’s why we have included 5 of the best clothing affiliate programs in our guide to the best affiliate products to promote, that is currently trending in 2018.

  • Women’s Vintage Clothing (20% Commish)
  • Men’s Hot Shire (10% Commish)
  • Tattoo Inspired Clothing (8% Commish)
  • Fantasy Shoes (8% Commish)
  • Urban Diaper Bag (20% Commish)

Women’s Vintage Clothing (20% Commission for each Sale)

Gorgeous Womens Vintage Clothing

To all the hopeless romantic ladies, were you enchanted by the vintage era in The Notebook movie? The charm of Allie in her pretty playful dresses as she engorged herself in the innocence of her fairytale love. If this romantic vintage era inspires you, then you’ll love women’s clothing from Ultamodan. From gorgeous red sweetheart dresses to polka dot dress and vintage prints – you can live your vintage fairytale.

Kicking off the clothing products is an affiliate marketing program that will earn you commissions of 20% on sales. Get started by applying to become an affiliate of Ultamodan.

Men’s Hot Shirt (10% Commission for each Sale)

Exclusive mens shirts by Pine MercerHotness. A hot shirt on a hot guy. This certainly qualifies for Reddit’s “Shut Up and Take My Money”. This bold shirt from Pine & Mercer is balanced with function and design – making simple look hot. Definitely must be worn by a charmer who can handle the attention because all eyes are on him. So for $89, you can own this fresh statement shirt that will be a hit at your next party or event. Your presence will be difficult not to notice. So hey, even the sales guy could pull this one off.

Register as an affiliate with Pine & Mercer. to start promoting their line of men’s clothing and earn commissions of 10% per sale.

Tattoo Inspired Clothing (8% Commission for each Sale)

Inked Shop - Clothing Affiliate ProgramsFor the love of tattoos. The Inked Shop brings all the tattoo enthusiasts (both men and women), a wide selection of statement clothing. Tees, tanks, dresses, swimwear, hoodies, leggings – all inspired with provocative prints and patterns. Anyone on a mission to make a statement will be liberated by the Inked Shop’s clothing collection – whether you want to keep it subtle or go all the way with some hardcore prints. Check it out for yourself and see how bold you’re prepared to go.

This amazing affiliate program in the clothing niche, along with the next will earn you a modest 8% commission on sales. You can apply here to become an affiliate of Quadra Media.

Fantasy Shoes (8% Commission for each Sale)

TiltedSole - Unique Fantasy ShoesAge ain’t nothing but a number. Who cares if you’re a working adult that wears Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella-inspired shoes. These are the fantasies you can live thanks to TiltedSole. While I’m unsure of where you would wear these extravagant shoes besides at fancy dress-up parties, you could still pull them off if you have the guts to.

But let’s just say that if you rocked them at your next dinner date, you’d be seen to carry a whole lot of fantasy personality – which may be ok with your prince charming. To be safe, these wild shoes are definitely rockable when you’re out with the girls.

In case you were wondering, the uniqueness of these products is what allowed TiltedSole to make it into the best affiliate products to promote listings. So why not take a chance on their unique qualities driving in the customers and start promoting these fantasy shoes before anyone else does!

Urban Diaper Bag (20% Commission for each Sale)

Designer Diaper Bags for Moms

Moms, you don’t need to look like you’re immigrating every time you leave home with your baby. Yes, you must prepare for any situation under the sun but not at the expense of losing style. The RYLA urban diaper bag will keep it simple and sophisticated while offering sufficient function. Minimalistic enthusiasts will love this diaper bag as it will encourage you to carry no more baby stuff than you really need. Available in simplistic urban black and beige.

The last but not least clothing affiliate program leaves you with the opportunity to earn a commission of 20% on each sale that you bring to the table. But first off, you need to fill in a quick form to get things rolling.

Get Beautiful with the Best Affiliate Products to Promote

Another huge industry that you would be a fool not to be a part of… is the beauty industry. Everything from makeup to skincare products to hair products – these generate huge revenue streams for many companies. Therefore, the next list of the best affiliate products to promote is going to be all about stuff that makes you pretty!

  • Premium Cosmetics & Skincare (10-30% Commish)
  • 100% Organic All-Natural Skincare (20-40% Commish)
  • UV Beachwear (15% Commish)
  • Hair Straighteners (35% Commish)
  • Instant Lip Plumper (15% Commish)

Premium Cosmetics & Skincare (Make 10-30% in Commissions)

Wright Artistry - Cosmetics and Skincare

Elegant beauty with high-end formulations in luxurious textures – is what Wright Artistry is all about. Sounds like you’ll feel like Cleopatra after using Wright Artistry’s premium cosmetics and skincare range. With tools and kits available for both women and men, treat your face to some luxury makeup and skincare – because it deserves some love. For those that care about micro product details, Wright Artistry is made in Canada and is paraben-free.

If you’re looking to become affiliates with Wright Artistry and earn a commission of 10-30% on every sale, then you should apply here and never look back!

100% Organic All-Natural Skincare (Make 20-40% in Commissions)

Natural Beauty TreatmentThe skin is the largest organ of our body. In the name of beauty, we often carelessly apply products with harmful ingredients onto our precious organ. Feeding your body toxins – that’s what you’re doing. Stop. Instead, give your skin what it really needs. Natural Beauty by Nanette offers 100% organic all-natural skincare products for your face and body that will help treat common skin conditions while promoting good health, inside and out.

Start promoting Nanette’s skincare products and you can earn a commission of 20-40% on sales. All you need to do is to register as an affiliate marketer.

UV Beachwear (Make 15% in Commissions)

UV beachwear by Radicool

Long days at the beach spent with the family. Ahhh. Everyone is happy. Mom is basking like a lizard while Dad pretends to be a better water athlete than he really is and the kids do all the fun beach sand-shells-waves stuff. While you are all sun-screening yourselves like a herd of elephants, you probably want to add a more efficient layer of UV protection. I’m talking UV beachwear that won’t wash off.

Affiliates of this beauty affiliate program will earn a commission of 15% on sales. To be the first to market these beachwear products, apply here to become affiliated with Radicool.

Hair Straighteners (Make 35% in Commissions)

KORPlus - Quinoa Shine Therapy

Selfie queens:  your hair makes 90% of your selfie and apparently people notice your hair before they look at your face. Girlfriend, if you care about being on point the good news is that KORPLUS cares for you too. They’ll have your hair on point. With quality tools and serums, you can straighten your locks, pump up your curls or turn up your hair’s luster. Radiate the glory of your hair like the queen that you are.

Affiliates get a pretty large share of sales revenue through commissions of 35%. So if you are keen to promote these hair straighteners and earn some bucks, then apply now to become an affiliate of KORPLUS.

Instant Lip Plumper (Make 15% in Commissions)

SkinXL Lip Plumper - Beauty Affiliate ProgramsAre your thin lips in need of some sexiness for the ultimate glossy pout? No need for surgery thanks to SkinXL Lip Plumper. It will give you instant lip plumping within 60 seconds. This serum will naturally plump your lips giving you the fuller, softer and sexier lips that you’ve always desired.

$49.99 will get you one SkinXL Volumizing Lip Plumper that will transform your ordinary lips into succulent lips and will last up to 12 hours.

Affiliates can earn 15% commission on sales and get free products after first sales. Apply to become an affiliate of SkinXL Lip Plumper here.

How are you liking our selection of the best affiliate products to promote? If you would like to view the rest of our collection, you can always CLICK HERE to be directed straight there. Alternatively, carry on reading, as we have a few more affiliate product categories to talk about.

The Very Best Pets Affiliate Products to Market

Pretty much every pet owner loves to treat their pets just like family. So they will invest a great deal of dosh when it comes to pampering and taking care of their pets. Pet brands are always releasing a wide range of pet products and so today, we want to share with you the newest products out there.

The brands of these products are also running their own pet affiliate programs. So if you want to know what are the best affiliate products to promote within the pets niche – then this one is for you!

  • Cool Pet Supplies (15-90% Commish)
  • Cycle with Your Dog (20% Commish)
  • Friendly Dog Collars (10% Commish)
  • Natural Animal Supplements (10-25% Commish)
  • Custom Pet Totes (10-15% Commish)

Cool Pet Supplies (Affiliates get 15-90% Commission)

Super Cool Pet Accessories

Are you the coolest pet owner? I’m talking funky head-turning type of pet parent. You know, the one that humors in having their cat in a lion’s mane or the one that likes to keep their dog hip in shades. Like, people will either laugh or they’ll frown. Who cares. If you’d classify yourself and your furry friend as cool, then click on over to Purr Purr for groovy pet gear. From toys, outfits, bedding, and accessories – stuff is priced affordably from under ten bucks. Oh, it looks like there’s a 50% off sale so hurry and gets sniffing for stuff.

Here’s one of those best affiliate products to promote deals that seems a bit unreal! But you really can earn up to 90% commission dependant on certain terms and products. Try applying to become an affiliate of Purr Purr and find out more details about the commission rates.

Cycle with Your Dog (Affiliates get 20% Commission)

Springer America presents the latest dog exerciserOh, happy days. Ears flapping away while a slobbering tongue playfully blows out of its mouth. Running like the happiest thing alive. Unfortunately, this is something your dog will not experience when you take it for the “usual” boring uneventful walk. But, but, but. If you love cycling, then you and your dog can have a bit of fun together thanks to Springer America. With the Springer dog exerciser, your dog can safely run with you while you cycle on your bike. The two of you will both get the exercise that you need a little bit of fun.

Become affiliated with Springer America and you could earn a commission of 20% on sales.

Friendly Dog Collars (Affiliates get 10% Commission)

Pet Affiliate Program - Dog Friendly Collars

So, you’re walking your dog out at the park. Then a stranger, a seemingly dog-loving stranger for that matter, approaches your dog to pet it. And your dog goes hysterical before you can even communicate to the said stranger otherwise – creating a scene. To avoid all the dog drama, Friendly Dog Collars have created something really smart. Color-coded harnesses with temperament awareness prints. Friendly, nervous, no dogs, caution, training and “do not pet” are some of the useful collars and harnesses you’ll find.

Is this the lowest commission rate of the best affiliate products to promote selection? Regardless of that, the reason this one made the list is because of the high demand for this dog product. Therefore, if you want to earn 10% on commission for sales over and over again, then your best bet is to register as an affiliate with Friendly Dog Collars.

Natural Animal Supplements (Affiliates get 10-25% Commission)

Pet Wellness Blends - Pet Affiliate Programs

When your pet gets ill, it’s stressful but it can also be very costly. Promoting everyday health is a priority. If you’re concerned about whether your pet’s diet is sufficient, it’s probably best to get supplements to be safe.  Pet Wellness Blends offers a range of natural supplements for your cat, dog, and horse to promote good health. From everyday supplements to specific ailment supplements, your pet will be happier and healthier.

Depending on the nature of each sale, you could be looking at receiving between 10-25% on every sale through affiliate marketing. But first, you will be required to apply as an affiliate marketer with Pet Wellness Blends.

Custom Pet Totes (Affiliates get 10-15% Commission)

Tote Tails - Custom Pet TotesI personally think that this is the best gift you could give to a pet owner. Tote Tails will make you a custom tote with a portrait of your furry friend and their name printed on it. How adorable is that? Animal lovers can boast about their love to the world with these cool totes. Depending on how customized you want your tote, you can order one from $29.95. The perfect bag for your groceries or even great for your picnic goodies.

This final pets affiliate program will attract commissions of 10-15% on each sale. Apply here to become affiliated with Tote Tails.

The Best SaaS Products to Take on as an Affiliate Marketer

Next up in our best affiliate products to promote guide is going to be all about SaaS (Software as a Service) marketing programs. The commission rates for the 5 SaaS affiliate programs that we chose are quite impressive. We hope you think so too! Take a look:

  • Online Graphic Design Tool (30% Commish)
  • Digital Publishing Platform (30% Commish)
  • Intelligent Messaging System (25% Commish)
  • Website Live Chat (20% Commish)
  • Find Your Ideal Prospects ($100 Commish)

Online Graphic Design Tool (Get 30% Commission as an Affiliate)

Online Design Graphics Tool

In today’s world, there is one thing that all businesses must adapt to content generation. You can’t run away from it. It’s just the way the world works now. We are a generation of content consumers first before anything else. To stay relevant, every single business needs to get their brand out there – professionally.

Before you break out into a sweat about how much pain and extra resources this may cost you, relax. Design Wizard is about to make your life a little easier. This online graphic design tool helps you to easily create professional artwork through convenient templates for online and offline marketing designs. Paid plans start at $9.99 and you get unlimited access to over 1 million images, 100s of free fonts and so much more!

The best thing about affiliating with a SaaS affiliate program is the recurring commission! Design Wizard is offering a recurring commission of 30% on sales when you sign up as an affiliate and introduce new clients to their services.

Digital Publishing Platform (Get 30% Commission as an Affiliate)

Digital Product Delivery

Thank goodness for the internet. How else would earning a living through selling ebooks, software and music be possible? Not only are these amazing opportunities possible, but it’s easier thanks to platforms like DPD – Digital Product Delivery. Whatever digital product you have to offer, DPD will handle the sales and delivery process seamlessly. A simple upload of your digital product will generate add-to-cart buttons that you can easily use on your website or social media. Use this amazing digital publishing platform from $10 per month.

Here’s another SaaS affiliate marketing opportunity where the company is offering a recurring commission of 30%. Simply register with DPD as an affiliate and start promoting straight away!

Intelligent Messaging System (Get 25% Commission as an Affiliate)


Intelligent Messaging System

Would you throw prospective online leads down the drain? No. Every click on your website costs you, so you have to make it count. Meet your customers’ engagement expectations through Path, an intelligent messaging tool. When you’re online, it allows your representatives to chat with users and when you’re offline, the artificial intelligence system takes over to get basic information from the user for further engagement.

How cools is that? If you’re serious about your online business and ready to turn it up a notch, sign up for Path from $79 per month.

The recurring commission is not as high as the previous two services on the best affiliate products to promote list. But 25% on each sale will still bring in a decent amount of change. So get the ball rolling and apply now to start affiliating with Path.

Website Live Chat (Get 20% Commission as an affiliate)

Website LiveChat - Used by top businesses

What if there was a magic button that could increase sales for your e-commerce website? What if this magic button came with magic dust that could magically provide seamless support to your customers? I bet you’re ready to go button pressing and magic dust crazy because LiveChat is a real-time live chat software for your website that will increase your sales and meet your customer support needs – it’s all the magic you need.

Customers love live chat and it’s the fastest way to provide support and at the same time, increase your sale conversions. Here’s a little secret: that’s why LeadDyno uses LiveChat. Shhh. Plans start from as little as $16 per month.

Want to earn monthly recurring commissions of 20% per sale? Then this best affiliate products to promote opportunity is the one for you! You will receive ongoing payment for the lifetime of the customers’ contract. All you need to do is to simply register as an affiliate of LiveChat and then start promoting their Live Chat software.

Find Your Ideal Prospects (Get $100 Commission as an Affiliate)

Get More Leads with LeadFuze

The game of selling is tough and networking with the right people is not such a simple task. You need to know someone that knows someone that knows the person you need to connect with. If you don’t know someone that knows someone then you’re screwed.

The only thing you need to know here is LeadFuze because, through this B2B lead generation software, you will find your ideal prospects. Search for contact information of your potential prospects and automatically make contact through the system. Subscribe from $150 and get up to 500 new leads every month.

Talk about an easy 100 bucks! But how do you go about earning big bucks? First, become an affiliate of LeadFuze. Then get paid for every customer you introduce that signs up with a paid account. Simple, right?

Now let’s move on to the next affiliate category in our guide of the best affiliate products to promote.

Educate the Nation with the Best Educational Affiliate products

The final category we have for you today in our best affiliate products to promote article is within the education niche. Everybody is in search of knowledge and looking to better themselves through education. So go ahead and get involved as an affiliate marketer to help promote these educational products.

The 3 top 2018 education affiliate programs that we have for you today include:

  • Learn to launch your product through crowdfunding (40% commish)
  • Dolls for sibling preparation & childbirth education (15% commish)
  • Training for working professionals (15-30% commish)

Learn to Launch Your Product through Crowdfunding (40% Affiliate Commissions)

Crowdfunding Courses by Launchboom AcademyCrowdfunding is an exciting opportunity to validate and kick-start a new business. It creates funding opportunities that are more accessible compared to hard-to-reach traditional investment options. So, if you have a burning idea that needs money to start – money you don’t have – then crowdfunding may open the right doors for you. However, creating an ordinary crowdfunding campaign isn’t enough to succeed.

A well-strategized plan is what will get you favorable results. To help you launch your product through crowdfunding, LaunchBoom has a course that covers every critical detail for success. You’ll learn things like how to crush your goal in 48 hours! Whoa, that success sounds sweet. They are one of only ten certified Kickstarter Experts and they are also an Indiegogo Partner – so you’re in great hands.

Here we have another program from the best affiliate products to promote listings that will help you earn big! And we are talking about 40% per sale, big! So stop dilly-dallying and become affiliated with LaunchBoom today!

Dolls for Sibling Preparation & Childbirth Education (15% Affiliate Commissions)

MamAmor Dolls - Education Affiliate ProgramParenting is like being on a rollercoaster. A rollercoaster in pitch darkness to be more specific – where you don’t have the foresight of the steep downward slopes ahead until you’re actually going down in terror! Changes like having another child may be exciting but for the existing sibling, there may be some resistance especially without sufficient preparation.

To prepare big brother or sister-to-be, MamAmor Dolls offer handmade birthing and breastfeeding dolls for sibling preparation and childbirth education. You’ll be able to normalize the upcoming experience through play with these fascinating and educating dolls.

Affiliate marketers of this education affiliate program will earn a commission of 15% on all their sales. Want to register as an affiliate of MamAmor Dolls? Then all you need to do is APPLY HERE, right now!

Training for Working Professionals (15-30% Affiliate Commissions)

Training for Working Professionals - Grey Campus

When you’re sweating a 9-to-5 work situation you risk getting stuck in a rut. When you’re fresh into a new job, it’s exciting. You settle comfortably, life gets the best of you, time passes and before you know it, you wake up feeling unfulfilled because you’ve stopped making progress in your career. If you need to get out of your rut, learning a new skill is a great way to do it.

At GreyCampus, various self-paced training programs are available that may be your golden ticket to move up along the food chain. From project management, quality management, data analytics, networking, programming, digital marketing and so much more – all designed for the working professional. So you can pave your way out of your rut and into green pastures. Sound like a plan?

We finally made it to the last affiliate program in our best affiliate products to promote guide. This one will fetch you 15-30% in commissions for every lead that results in a sale. Apply now if you wish to become an affiliate of GreyCampus.

Wrapping Up the Best Affiliate Products to Promote in 2018

There we have it! We hope you thoroughly enjoyed reading our latest guide to the best affiliate products to promote. Because we most definitely had a great time creating the list!

If you are a merchant looking to have your products promoted – how about considering setting up your own affiliate marketing program? You can get in touch with us or if you prefer to read up more about how it works, then here’s a little article we wrote earlier – How to Start Successful Online Affiliate Programs.

For the rest of you who are looking to expand your affiliate ventures further – you can check out other New Products On The Market for 2018.

Finally, don’t forget to share these products with your affiliate marketing buddies. And why don’t you leave us a little comment? We would love to hear about your marketing efforts and whatever funny stories you may have!


Don’t forget, if this best affiliate products to promote guide has only made you thirsty for more, then CLICK HERE to browse HUNDREDS more affiliate programs!

Use First-Party Cookies for Affiliate Marketing

How to Apple-Proof Your Affiliate Program 

Is your affiliate marketing program Apple-proof?

Tim Cook & Co. are gunning for it. Apple’s Safari 11 browser is going to make life harder for advertisers and affiliate marketers alike by severely limiting third-party cookies. They’re going to expire automatically in just 24 hours.

Will your affiliate marketing efforts take an immediate hit?

Not if You Use First-Party Cookies

Third-party cookies are living on borrowed time. The difference is in the domain – these types of cookies point to a domain that is different from the site you visit. No bueno no longer, as far as Apple is concerned.

They are also more likely to be blocked (by ad blockers) or deleted (by the user). The trend has been bad for third-party cookies, and it is accelerating toward their demise.

First-party cookies, on the other hand, identify the site that places them on your computer or smartphone. Apple is still going to allow “first-party trackers” to work for 30 days.

first party cookies affiliate marketing

Who Uses First-Party Cookies?

LeadDyno, of course. Our guys saw this day coming when we began building our affiliate tracking platform in 2012, so we’ve always used first-party cookies.

We’ve also favored direct integrations for purchase tracking instead of simple pixel tracking, which is a good thing because the latter is about to be toast as well.

Not using LeadDyno currently? I would ask your current provider about this.

What About Ad Blockers?

Ad blockers are becoming more and more prevalent. They also render third-party cookies useless.

It’s the same store as with Safari – stick with the first-party variety to be safe here.

LeadDyno Named BigCommerce Affiliate Marketing Certified Partner

LeadDyno offers “Easy Affiliate Marketing” to help online stores grow their businesses with referral traffic from affiliates and influencers.

Sacramento, Calif. – June 7, 2017 – LeadDyno has been named a BigCommerce Certified Technology Partner, providing more than 50,000 BigCommerce customers access to LeadDyno’s “easy affiliate marketing” app. Starting today, BigCommerce can integrate LeadDyno through the BigCommerce App Marketplace.

“We love helping BigCommerce merchants launch new affiliate programs and scale their referral traffic,” said Brett Owens, LeadDyno’s Marketing Director and Co-Founder. “We’ve been working with BigCommerce and their merchants for more than three years now, and we’re excited to take our affiliate marketing efforts to the next level as a Certified Partner.”

“Our partnership with LeadDyno further illustrates our commitment to providing merchants access to the highest-caliber technologies and service providers available in the industry,” said Russell Klein, senior vice president of corporate development for BigCommerce. “LeadDyno shares our desire to help merchants sell more and grow faster to maximize success, and we look forward to working together to mutually support customers.” 

BigCommerce Certified Technology Partners are selected for offering best-in-class technologies, value and superior customer service. For more information, visit:

About LeadDyno

LeadDyno makes easy affiliate marketing software that helps online merchants quickly launch and scale an affiliate program. Offerings include an e-commerce affiliate network that helps stores connect with and recruit influencers, who are eager to send referral traffic in exchange for affiliate commissions. For a free 14-day trial, visit:

LeadDyno’s Affiliate Marketing App is Here

Dear LeadDyno Affiliate,

We’ve got a new affiliate marketing mobile app for your phone – so that you can generate more affiliate commissions anytime you’re killing time messing with your phone!

The app is free, and it will let you access your LeadDyno affiliate dashboard from your iPhone or Android so that you can:

  • Easily share your referral link,
  • Track your commission payments,
  • And boost your affiliate income by sharing more often on social media.

You can also browse and join other affiliate programs from the app too. It’s the easiest way to broaden the portfolio of unique products you represent as an affiliate.

Just install our app now by searching for Affiliate Dashboard by LeadDyno in your phone’s app store. Here are the direct links for Affiliate Dashboard for iPhone and Affiliate Dashboard for Android.

Questions? Please reply to this email.

PS – LeadDyno affiliate payments are going out later today via PayPal. If we owe you $100 or more, you’ll be receiving a payment.

PPS – Have time to leave a review in Apple’s App Store or Google Play? Let me know so that I can get you hooked up with a $20 commission bonus as a thank you.



Access your LeadDyno affiliate dashboard here.

New Affiliate Marketing Mobile App

Affiliate marketing mobile app: Your affiliates probably spend as much (or more) time on their phone than they do on their computer. So, we’ve got a new mobile app that will help them send referrals your way directly from their iPhone or Android!

Affiliate Marketing Mobile App

Here are some quick instructions you’re welcome to forward over to your affiliates.

NEW Mobile App: Affiliate Dashboard

Dear Affiliate,

We’ve got a new mobile app for your phone. It’s free, and it will let you access your affiliate dashboard from your phone so that you can:

  • Easily share your referral link,
  • Track your commission payments,
  • And boost your affiliate income by sharing more often on social media.

You can install our app now by searching for Affiliate Dashboard by LeadDyno in your phone’s app store. Here are the direct links for Affiliate Dashboard for iPhone and Affiliate Dashboard for Android.

Affiliate Marketing Mobile App
New Affiliate Marketing Mobile App
Questions? Please reply to this email, and/or sign up for our next live webcast here.