How to Shorten Affiliate Links

How to Shorten Affiliate Links

Looking to get a handle on your unwieldy affiliate links and make them easier for your partners to share?

Here’s how you can take advantage of the new custom link shortener we built into LeadDyno:

  1. Click to your Affiliate Settings and select Edit.
  2. Check Shorten URLs.
  3. Click Save.

That’s it! Affiliates will now have shortened links available to use on their affiliate dashboards.

Plus, Social Media Shortcuts

Remember many affiliates will simply take advantage of the social media shortcuts that are available to them in the affiliate dashboard:

You’ll want to update the social media messages from time-to-time. That helps keep content fresh for affiliates who share frequently on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram:

You can write your social shares, or update them, by visiting your Affiliate Content section within LeadDyno (or clicking here).

Not sure what to write? If you’re not already an affiliate of ours, you can join our LeadDyno affiliate program to see what I’m up to. You’re also welcome to reply to this email if you’d like me to look at your current Facebook post or Tweet.

New Integrations! Ecwid, ReCharge and Chargebee

We have 3 new LeadDyno integrations to announce:

  • Ecwid (which also opens up LeadDyno to Wix users using this shopping cart)
  • ReCharge (Recurring Billing & Subscriptions for Shopify)
  • Chargebee (Recurring Billing & Subscriptions)
This brings our e-commerce integration total up to 17. Have a question on an existing integration? Have a request for a new one? Please let me know.

Finally in Case You Missed It…

Here are our most popular newsletters from the past couple of months:

Ready to launch your affiliate program with LeadDyno? Sign up for our 14-day free trial, and a complimentary affiliate marketing training session, here.

shorten affiliate links

Affiliate Website Examples, Powered by LeadDyno

How To Create a Beautiful Affiliate Website

What’s the easiest way to find more affiliates? Simple – boost the conversion rate of your affiliate website.

And thanks to our slick new mobile-friendly affiliate website option in LeadDyno, it’s never been easier to create an affiliate sign up page that looks like the one we’re now using ourselves:

affiliate website examples

Upgrade Your Affiliate Website Today

You can upgrade your affiliate website, which includes the sign up page and dashboard, to this gorgeous new look by going to Content – Configure Affiliate Dashboard within LeadDyno. From there, select the “Modern – Mobile Friendly” version from the top drop down:

affiliate website template

You can then walk through the customization tabs at the top of your screen to brand, write and customize your affiliate website.

And Custom Domains Now Available, Too

As you probably know, we host your affiliate website for you by default. Which means the URL is typically something like “”. (Ours is

Custom domains, or the ability to put the affiliate website on your own website, has been a popular request. It’s now possible – and here’s how you can setup custom domain support for your affiliate website.

affiliate website custom domain

More Affiliate Website Examples for September

Congratulations to our customers who have recently had their products and affiliate programs featured by! (And remember, if you haven’t yet joined, you have a complimentary membership to our e-commerce affiliate network waiting for you as a LeadDyno customer – to activate, simply click Tools – Connect To ECA from within your LeadDyno account.)

affiliate marketing on facebookscreen-shot-2016-09-07-at-10-26-15-am















Need to setup or reactivate a LeadDyno account? You can click here to get started with a 14-day free trial, and/or here to chat live with a support person.

Affiliate Tracking Platform Feature Update for June 2016

Hi LeadDyno User,

I’d like to share our June product update for our LeadDyno affiliate tracking platform – which features are here, and which are on the way soon. I’ll get into our newest features in a minute, but first let me give you a direct link to our product roadmap. Here you can see what’s rolled out recently and what else is coming soon. You can also submit your own feature requests directly and “vote up” the potential ideas you like the best.

Click right here to get a look at our product roadmap and help contribute to our product prioritization:

affiliate tracking platform
Now let’s talk about two new features I want to make sure you’re aware of.

Commission Tiers by $$$ Sold

We’ve supported commission tiers based on the number of sales an affiliate makes for a little while now, but many of you preferred to see this tallied by dollar amount. That’s now an option – and here’s how you can set this up.Under Commissions – Plan Payments, click Advanced Options and then select Count Type – Purchase Totals. You can choose to reset the totals monthly, or tally up the totals on a cumulative basis.

(Alternatively the Count option is a tally of the number of purchases referred, regardless of dollar amount).

Custom Affiliate Fields on Affiliate Sign Up

Also by popular request, you can now collect more information from affiliates as they sign up for your program. As much info as you’d like, in fact, thanks to our custom fields.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 12.53.45 PM.png

You can add custom fields to your own Affiliate Sign Up Page via the Affiliate Content section. Scroll down to the bottom of the configuration page, and you’ll see where to add custom fields.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 12.57.12 PM.png

These fields will be visible when you view an affiliate in the Affiliates section of LeadDyno.

Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 12.58.48 PM.png

Join Me for a LeadDyno 3.0 Demo Today or Tomorrow

If you haven’t joined me for a webcast recently, I’m hosting a sessions later today and tomorrow (sign up at:

I’ll break down the system from two vantage points:

1. Your affiliates’ perspective. We’ll walk through how your affiliates will get signed up for your affiliate program, how they’ll promote your site and product(s) on social media, track their own progress and ultimately get paid.

2. Your vantage point (via mine) as affiliate managers. I’ll take you through my live LeadDyno settings to point out features that I think will help you get the most leverage out of your program, and also automate the management to the greatest extent possible.

And we’ll take a look at our affiliate network, too. We’ll cover these topics in 15 minutes – then I’ll save time for your questions throughout and afterwards.

Hope to catch ya then – you can sign up right here:

Affiliate Marketing Training With LeadDyno 3.0 “Sneak Preview”

All week I’ve been hosting our daily affiliate marketing training webinars from our brand new “LeadDyno 3.0” interface! It’s the biggest new release since we launched our 2nd version back in early 2013.

LeadDyno Live Demo Sign Up

I’d love for you to check it out today. To access it, just log into your LeadDyno account and select the new interface option in the upper-right.

Let me know what you think. I’m looking forward to your feedback and further feature requests, so that we can prioritize our 2016 efforts accordingly.

Join Me For a LeadDyno 3.0 Product Tour

Our daily webcasts now feature our new interface. If you’re interested in a primer,please sign up for a session here.

I’ll show you exactly how I use the new LeadDyno to help our own affiliates market our product, and I’m happy to take your Q&A and demo whatever you want to see on the fly as well. Again, here’s the link to sign up for one of our affiliate marketing webcasts.

LeadDyno Live Demo Sign Up

Watch a Quick 3-Minute Demo Here

Has it been awhile since you thought about your affiliate program? If so, here’s a quick 3-minute video that reviews all of the features you’ll see in the new LeadDyno interface:

Share Our Release News & Earn 30% Recurring Commissions

Like you, I “invest” a lot of money advertising on Google Adwords and Facebook. They’re all pieces of our marketing puzzle, but I’d rather give money to our partnersthan these two nerd havens.

Nothing against them personally, but I’ll take a qualified lead from an affiliate partner over some rando who clicked on an internet ad any day of the week.

That’s why we pay a generous 30% recurring commission on all sales that you send our way. And if you’ve joined me for one of my webcasts, you know that I love to say that “newsy” items play great on social media.

So help us promote our new release by joining our affiliate program or logging into your affiliate dashboard right here:

LeadDyno Live Demo Sign Up

March 2015 Newsletter: How to Find Affiliates to Promote Your Products

We’ve got a lot of ground to cover in our March 2015 update, including…
  • New product features on the way
  • A special “hot seat” webinar on finding good affiliates
  • User interface (UI) survey (for the “next” LD release)
  • Our new “Product of the Day” promotion

Let’s start with the new product features you’ll see soon…

“Per Product” Commissions & Social Sharing “Widgets”

Our biggest feature request is the ability to define different commissions “per product” (or per SKU). I’m excited to say that this will be available in April.

Currently, as you probably know, our commission plans apply across all products. Starting in April, we’ll let you split out different commissions for different products.

We also have a cool “social sharing widget” that you’ll be able to embed directly on your checkout page…

You can roll this widget just like Amazon!

These one-click buttons will let your new customers share your specific product page on social media as they checkout. (As in, they can post your product right to their Facebook wall as they buy it).

It’ll also have an option for them to join your affiliate program right there, if they’re not already an affiliate of yours.

If you’re interested in helping us “beta test” this new feature, please reply directly to this email.

And PayPal “mass pay” is coming soon, too. This will let you pay out all of your affiliates at one time.

How to Find Great Affiliates – Free Webcast & Specific Advice

Many of you have asked for help on how to find affiliates to promote your products.

I actually have a special “affiliate recruitment” technique I’ve used with great success in growing our two online businesses. If you’re a current customer, I’m happy to share it with you at no cost.

I’d even be happy to walk you through the specifics of how I’d go about recruiting affiliates if I was your marketing manager.

Please join me for this “Hot Seat” webcast on “finding great affiliates” on March 25th. 

Participation in the “Hot Seat” is not mandatory… but it’s available for those who do want valuable marketing advice for free.

HiResWe’d Love Your Input on Our User Interface (UI)

We just hired a dedicated “UI guy” to help us further improve LeadDyno’s user interface.

We realize that some aspects are good and some… could use some work.And we’d love your input as we get started on these improvements.

Please click here to take our 5-question UI survey.

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