Affiliate Marketing and Influencer Marketing

How Affiliate Marketing Can Enhance Influencers’ Reach

Influencer marketing involves the use of celebrity influencers that have a wide reach and sizeable audience. We are going to show you how affiliate marketing can enhance the influencers’ reach.

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Influencer Marketing Services for Brands 101

Influencer Marketing Services for Brands 101

Influencer marketing could help you meet your sales targets faster
Sales Targets Stressing You Out?

Before I tell you about influencer marketing services for brands, let’s talk about the very stressful sales and marketing problems you’re likely experiencing.

Online sales targets. Conversion rates. Customer acquisition costs.

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Shopify Influencer Marketing Training

Influencer Marketing Training: Summit Access Pass

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Thanks to our sponsorship of the summit, you can now access interviews with 18 experts on influencer and social media marketing. And it will cost you absolutely nothing!

That’s right!

Get your hands on Influencer Marketing Training for FREE!

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How to Approach Influencers in 3 Easy Steps

So you want to know how to approach influencers. That’s good! Because your influencer marketing affair doesn’t begin until you hook up with an influencer.
How to Approach Influencers - Leaddyno Guide

Dating and hooking up with influencers pretty much feels like the same thing.

Dating comes with its own drama and fears. The fear of rejection. Fear of hooking up with the wrong person. And fear of being messed with. Same with approaching an influencer.

A plan is only as good as those who see it through.

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How To Find Influencers

Why are your brain cells exploding? Because apparently influencer marketing is a thing and you don’t want to be left behind. Yeah, you may be suffering from FOMO. So you must be wanting to know how to find influencers to market your products, right?


We have the answers you are looking for!

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What is Influencer Marketing?

What is Influencer Marketing?

Welcome! The penny has dropped and you’ve realized that you need to get on with this thing called influencer marketing – whatever the heck this millennial marketing fad is.

So, you’re here hoping to make sense of what influencer marketing is without being overwhelmed with detailed nonsense.

But before we get your brain electricity firing, I have to break some hard news to you.

There are two types of groups in the influencer marketing landscape.

The first hopped onto these social media platforms and got content cracking while everyone thought it was madness. Hello, these early adopters are today’s social media influencers.

The second group are the rest of us that did nothing but watched social media explode in our faces. Our denial made us try to do it on our own. But we soon realized that it’s too late and we missed that ship.

If you’re reading this, you fall into the second group. Tough stuff.

Influencer marketing exists because of you – so don’t miss this ship, okay?

Do you have an affiliate program but struggle to recruit reliable affiliate marketers? Then register your merchant details to start connecting with leading bloggers and social influencers in your industry.

So, What is Influencer Marketing?

If you’re a late social media adapter, the biggest problem you have is that you have no audience – other than your parents, best friend, and your dog.

No audience = no one knows you, what you do and what you sell.

Influencer marketing is when you partner with a popular personality or brand on social media to tap into their audience and enjoy the benefits. This partnership usually involves payment or product giveaways.

Influencers are 21st Century badass royalty. So if you can’t beat them, join them – or in the case of influencer marketing, use them. Think of social media influencers as friends with benefits.

The Network Effect and Influencer Marketing

Now, let me give you a bit of insight that will blow your mind and make you realize just how valuable influencer marketing can be to you.

I’m sure you’ve heard that popular saying that you’re the average of the five people in your life. Psychology experts say that if you’re looking for a new opportunity, you’ll likely not find it within your immediate network. Simply because your current network is filled with people like you with similar circles.

Interestingly, they say that your opportunity lies within that distant contact. If you’re looking for a new job or new business, you’ll have better success reaching out to people out of your close circles.

So the lesson here is that if you’re looking for something that you don’t have, you’ll need to reach further out of your immediate network. Sometimes it’s just that one contact that you need to blow up your opportunities.

Introducing influencer marketing. Your solution to tapping into a potentially huge opportunity circle.

The impact of reaching out to an individual or brand out of your circle, but most importantly in circles where your target audience lies could place your business in the spotlight.

Now imagine the ripple effect of your business’ awareness in the right network circles?

Are you thinking about setting up an affiliate program for your business? Then try out the 30 days free trial of LeadDyno and we will guide you every step of the way!

5 Reasons to Try Influencer Marketing

1.  Reach Your Target Audience

Why labor yourself and reinvent the wheel when someone out there has done all the hard work and all you need to do is tap into it? The benefits of tapping into, let’s say, a social media fitness influencer is that they have invested (a lot of time and resources) in building a niche audience and it takes partnering with the right influencer to reach your target audience.

2.  Get Social Proof

One of the common barriers to conversions is social proof. When you’re out in town and looking for a restaurant, would you walk into one with no people? You’d likely go to a restaurant that is buzzing with people because that is a psychological signal that “it must be good if people are there”.

Same for your business. More buzz will give your business the social proof to interest your target audience. If a social media influencer mentions your brand, people will take recognition because “it must be good if they’re talking about it”. Right?

3.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Benefits

Influencer marketing involves popular online profiles promoting your business and sending them to your website. These inbound links to your website make it more valuable to Google. And from an SEO point of view, all these links will bump up your search engine ranking.

The key though is to get valuable and relevant inbound links – so the more valuable and more relevant the social media influencer, the better your SEO results.

Great news if you’re subscribed to LeadDyno ‘cause your merchant listing includes a sweet inbound link directly to your website.

4.  Low-Cost Marketing

Can you imagine the cost of celebrity endorsements? Well, thankfully, influencers are not exclusive to celebrities. And thankfully you don’t need millions of dollars either.


All you need is to find the perfect influencer match for your business and from less than 100 bucks, your business marketing could explode. Low-cost marketing doesn’t get any better than that.

5.  Grow Your Social Media Following

If you have the dedication and patience for years then, by all means, go ahead and build your social media following organically. If you don’t then save yourself the hassle and speed up your following with influencer marketing.

Imagine what would happen if an influencer asked their one million following to visit your social media page? The results will definitely beat that random 3 followers per week that you’d get otherwise.

Cool, I’m Ready to Go All In with Influencer Marketing

See now why influencer marketing is such a fad? It’s amazing how just a single post in the right hands will super-charge your business into a network of possibilities that would not exist otherwise.

If you’re ready to go ahead with this baby then it’s time to match your business with influencers in your niche. A great way to start is by creating an affiliate program. An affiliate program will get you all set up with great marketing material but also an automatic commission system.

LeadDyno makes this so easy – you can be set up in a matter of minutes. Another cool thing about LeadDyno is that you’ll be listed on our affiliate network – reaching potential influencers in your niche.

Give influencer marketing a try – for a low-cost marketing solution, you really don’t have much to lose. But just imagine the benefits that will come along with the perfect influencer marketing partnership?

Ready for more action?  Then check out Part 2 of this series:  How to Find Influencers.

Are you an affiliate marketer looking for great affiliate programs related to your niche to join? Then sign up to the ECA affiliate network, where you will have access to a massive directory of merchant programs.

LeadDyno Guide for Fitness Influencers to Make Money

Fitness Influencers: How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Are you one of those fitness influencers? Maybe you are just heavily into fitness and are thinking about becoming an authoritative figure in your field. Either way, you must have at some point considered all the influencer marketing opportunities that you can capitalize on. What we have done for you here, is to create a guide on How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing.

Whether you are a social media influencer on Instagram, a YouTube celebrity or simply a popular fitness blogger – you are in a perfect position to be a successful affiliate marketer. So let’s take a look at the fitness marketing programs that, as fitness influencers, you can join to start making money.

Affiliate Marketing Programs for Fitness Influencers

  1. Keto-Friendly Supplements (25% Commish)
  2. Discounted Supplements (8% Commish)
  3. Sassy Fitness Apparel (10% Commish)
  4. Nutrition Made from Crickets (10-20% Commish)
  5. Tough Fitness Sandbags (15% Commish)
  6. Hot Fitness Wear for Men & Women (15% Commish)
  7. New Technology Mouthguards (10% Commish)
  8. Active Lifestyle Tech Accessories (18% Commish)
  9. Weight-Loss Fat Burning Tea (15% Commish)
  10. Bodybuilding & Fitness Products (25% Commish)
  11. Functional Training & Nutrition (30% Commish)
  12. Trendy Running Armbands ($3 Commish)
  13. Fitness Recovery Products (10% Commish)
  14. Sports Nutrition (10% Commish)
  15. Booz & Yoga Fitness Apparel (20% Commish)
  16. On-Demand Training Programs (30% Commish)
  17. Online Fitness Program for Women ($25 Commish)
  18. Training Bar Tees ($10 Commish)
  19. Cutting Edge Fitness Products (20% Commish)
  20. Complete Sports Nutrition (20% Commish)
  21. Highest Quality Kettlebells (10% Commish)
  22. Bounce Boots (15-25% Commish)
  23. Online Training (30% Commish)
  24. Hawaiian Superfoods (25% Commish)

Now let’s go into detail each of the above affiliate products so you can begin to use your fitness influencers status to earn an income.

Keto-Friendly Supplements (25% Commission)

KETO Superfuel - Cinnamon LatteGetting into shape can feel impossible – until you understand the science behind it. If energy combustion is greater than energy consumption, you’ll burn fat and lose weight. If your body has no carbohydrates to burn, it burns fat for energy. Feed your body protein and it builds muscle.

Muscle burns more energy than fat. As simple as that. How about speeding up those natural processes for faster results? Let’s do it with the Keto SuperFuel from KetoAF. This and more keto-friendly supplements are available from KetoAF. Free shipping too!

First up, for all you fitness influencers, is an affiliate opportunity that will earn you a commission of 25% for every sale you get your followers to make. Simply become an affiliate of KetoAF to get started.

Discounted Supplements (8% Commission)

Discounted Supplements | Campus ProteinFitness is addictive. The hard part is just getting started. But once you’re in the groove of things, obsession for fitness kinda takes over your life. Suddenly things like a protein shake and protein bars take over your life. And there’s no denying that this lifestyle pinches your pocket.

Stop. Click on over to Campus Protein and get all your fitness protein products, vitamins, and supplements at discounted prices. Get up to 50% off local store prices. Now that’s fitness for your body and your pocket.

Measuring in at 8%, this might be the lowest commission percentage of the bunch for you fitness influencers, so we thought we’d get it out of the way early on. However, everybody loves discounted goods, so this is a great earning opportunity for anyone affiliated with Campus Protein.

Sassy Fitness Apparel (10% Commission)

Bodybuilding Vests with Motivational Phrases

Are you a cheeky fitness diva or fella? You’ll love the sassy statement apparel from Athletic Armory. Are you naughty enough to wear an “I HOPE YOUR DAY IS AS NICE AS MY BUTT” tee? Or does “WEIGHTLIFTING BARBIE” sound like you?

These fitness tees come with a whole lot of sassiness and there is no denying that you’ll get a lot of lookers – which is all good if you don’t mind the attention. Who says fitness has to be so serious?

Fitness influencers will earn a commission of 10% on sales while being a part of Athletic Armory’s affiliate program.

Nutrition Made from Crickets (10-20% Commission)

Cricket and Plant Based Protein PowderNope. We have not lost the plot. Crik Nutrition (its ok if you’re still laughing, it took us a while too) offers a range of protein powders made from crickets. Yup. Did you know that crickets have double the protein content than beef? Crank up your protein consumption with Crik Nutrition and get that lean body.  

Flavors include vanilla, sweet vanilla, and chocolate. Crik Nutrition protein powders contain no artificial colors, flavors or ingredients. Just whole nutritious crickets! And no, it doesn’t taste bad. It looks, smells and tastes just as good as any other protein powder on the market. No kidding.

The commission rate set forth by Crik Nutrition is dependant on performance and items sold. Earn between 10-20% if you are registered in their fitness affiliate program.

Tough Fitness Sandbags (15% Commission)

Heavy-duty Sandbags | Brute Force TrainingAttention CrossFit and fitness enthusiasts. Brute Force Training offers hardcore innovative training sandbags and fitness equipment for brutal workouts, not for the casual trainer, as the name suggests.

US Military tested, Brute Force Training offers tough gear that is made in the USA and made to last tough workouts. So go on and torture that fat off your body and gives those muscles some tough love.

Calling all fitness enthusiasts – join the Brute Force Training affiliate marketing program to make 15% commission for every sale that you land.

Hot Fitness Wear for Men & Women (15% Commission)

Men and Women Fitness Wear

Fitness goals are being able to wear a sports bra to the gym and actually look and feel HOT AF. Ladies, know what I’m talking about? And as for the gents, making a tee look hot on your buffed chest is a fitness achievement worth showing off.

So if you’ve been sweating it out in the gym, show off your toned body with hot fitness wear from LoveTheVictory. As the name suggests, get geared up with fitness clothing in the name of your victory. Tees, sports bras, leggings and more.

For all you hot fitness freaks with a massive following – get your community to buy LoveTheVictory’s products and get rewarded with 15% commission on the sales. But don’t forget – you must first apply to become an affiliate.

New Technology Mouthguards (10% Commission)

NextGen Aero Guard | Max Guard | Junior Guard

If you’ve ever had the pleasure, or rather discomfort, of wearing a mouthguard then you’ll know that it’s a pain in the butt. If it weren’t for the risk of having all your teeth knocked out, you would seriously reconsider wearing this safety accessory. The good news is that when technology meets sports, something great happens.

SISU Mouthguards, specifically. These new technology mouthguards are super-slim, strong, comfortable and hygienic. No need to remove your mouthguard when you need to talk or drink. SISU Mouthguards are half the thickness of normal mouthguards and are a pleasure to wear. All sports, high-impact sports and youth sports mouthguards available.

Fitness influencers can direct their followers to the SISU website and earn 10% on any sale resulted in your leads. But first, we invite you to apply here to become an affiliate of SISU Mouthguards.

Active Lifestyle Tech Accessories (18% Commission)

Technology Accessories - Wireless HeadphonesMusic gives me life when I’m working out. Reps are no longer a drag when grinding it to my fav electronic dance and deep house playlist. Music just makes every activity so much more enjoyable – you should try it. But the dilemma of this is that my headphones are usually flying around all over the show – with my phone.

So you can imagine the excitement when I found Smart Moderns. Get super-cool wireless headphones and other neat tech accessories like fitness bands and intelligent watches for people who live an active lifestyle. Being active is so much more exciting with amazing technology. Whoop!

While maintaining an active lifestyle, why not maintain an active bank account. Influencers can apply now to become an affiliate of Smart Moderns and earn 18% in commissions per sale.

Weight-Loss Fat Burning Tea (15% Commission)

10-Day Fat BurnerI’m going to keep it real with you. If there is a faster and easier way of losing weight, you bet I’m on to it. It’s no brainer if the option is available. I found TRIMTUF and they make it look so simple. Hear this: a 10-day easy to follow diet and exercise guide, 1-on-1 support PLUS fat burning tea from only $15!

How simple and sweet is that? I’m particularly excited about trying this because it’s a 100% natural fat burning tea. It’s worth a try – the only thing you have to lose is fat, right?

Get into influencer marketing by applying to become an affiliate of TRIMTUF so you can begin promoting their products and earning commissions everytime you generate a sale.

Bodybuilding & Fitness Products (25% Commission)

Bodybuilding Fitness Apparel

There is nothing that says bodybuilding more than popping veins and bulging muscles – except all of that in hot bodybuilding apparel from Gym Beast Mode. Hot, tough and bold – as the name suggests. This is not for amateurs or newbies but for people who mean business when it’s time to get grinding.

Sounds like you? Get hardcore gym apparel, fitness devices, and gym accessories from Gym Beast Mode because you ARE a gym beast. As for the rest of us, we’ll get there one day.

Here’s a yummy commission of 25% on sales for all you hungry, aspiring influencer marketers. The simplest way to get started is to follow this link and register your details.

Functional Training & Nutrition (30% Commission)

Functional Training Nutrition Fitness AppForget the gym and all that fancy fitness fluff. When you’ve invested in all that and you are nowhere close to progress then it’s time to go back to basics. Mammoth Hunters will help you reclaim your body. Get functional training and nutrition that will reignite your body’s natural ability to work at optimum.

Sign up for a fitness program and train like a champ. Best of all, you can get it all done with your smartphone. No complicated stuff. No excuses. Do it.

It wouldn’t seem right if they didn’t also offer a mammoth commission rate to their fitness influencers looking to join their affiliate program.

Trendy Armbands ($3 Commission)

Trendy Smartphone Armbands for RunnersEverything looks better once it has a touch of fashion. I like functional accessories, but when they’re unattractive like the usual hideous running cellphone armbands, then I’ll pass on using them. I don’t think I’m the only one that feels this way.

So to satisfy people like us, Speedzter has a collection of trendy cellphone armbands in various attractive prints. From floral, geometric to Aztec designs – we can finally enjoy the pleasure of a great looking functional armband.

Influencers in the fitness industry, looking to get involved in affiliate marketing, can earn 3 bucks for every sale that they bring to Speedzter. Get started by registering as an affiliate marketer.


Don’t forget to read our article written by Natalie Weber, What is Influencer Marketing?

Fitness Recovery Products (10% Commission)

Massage and Pain Relief ProductsWe all, at some point, have a love-hate relationship with fitness. We love the results but hate the pain. If you’ve ever endured a Crossfit session, then you know exactly what I’m talking about. The pain can be so unbearable that you may quit. But quitting is not an option.

So, to help us perform at our best, Thunderhead Fitness has recovery products to help relieve pain, stress, and tightness. A simple foam roller or massage balls may be all you need to keep pushing through.

Fitness influencers are welcome to sign up and become an affiliate of Thunderhead Fitness, so you can earn some income while inspiring your community.

Sports Nutrition (10% Commission)

Amino Acids | Pre-Workouts | Protein Bars

Having a great body is all about good exercise and good nutrition. Good nutrition without exercise won’t tone your body and good exercise without good nutrition won’t give your body the fuel it needs. Alpha Force Nutrition is Europe’s one-stop-shop for all your sports and bodybuilding supplements so you can feed your body with what it needs to get into shape.

With over 1,000 products including brands such as BSN, Cellucor, MusclePharm, MuscleTech, Optimum Nutrition, Quest Nutrition and USN – you’ll find it at Alpha Force Nutrition.

Another 10% commission rate for fitness influencers who register to join the affiliate marketing team.

Booz & Yoga Fitness Apparel (20% Commission)

Booze and Yoga T-shirts | Pink TeeBecause beer and yoga go together. Oh, and wine too. Yeah, I suppose the only way one can appreciate this is if you’re a junkie of all of the above. It doesn’t make sense, but in your world, it does. And that’s all that matters to you and Boozy Yoga Tees.

So finally, you can let the world know about your junkie status and rock your very own BEER + YOGA or WINE + YOGA tee from Boozy Yoga Tees from 25 bucks. I must add that these prints are great conversation starters which is great if you’d love to welcome that attention. Shop tees, tanks, and cool accessories.

Don’t let the beer haze your judgment, that you end up missing out on the great affiliate marketing opportunity! Register here to become an affiliate of Boozy Yoga Tees and you will make 20% commission on every sale that you initiate.

On-Demand Training Programs (30% Commission)

Soflete | On-Demand Training App

I love any fitness program that integrates into my life nicely with minimal hassle, don’t you? Things like going to the gym are exciting but the hassle of syncing schedules and actually making the resources available to make it there is too much especially for a busy person.

Simplify your training and join an on-demand program from SOFLETE for $25 per month. There are a number of fitness programs available like strength, stamina, competitive fitness, nutrition, mobility, shooting, and selection prep for combat athletes. Access these anytime and anywhere from the convenience of your computer or mobile device.

Now here’s another fitness affiliate program that you do not want to miss! Fitness influencers earn a commission of 30% on sales if they are affiliated with SOFLETE.

Online Fitness Program for Women ($25 Commission)

Women's Online Fitness Academy

Ladies, the fitness struggle is real.  Most if not all of a woman’s adult life is spent trying to win the fitness battle with her body. It’s overwhelming. Especially when the world tells you that you need to try this and that and the other. Uncomplicated your life and seek coaching from a woman who has been in your shoes.

The Summit Fit Academy, led by Rachel, is a holistic online nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle coaching program for women. Find your balance and enjoy the journey with amazing experiences like monthly group hikes across the US with your membership.

Fitness influencers with a large number of followers will see themselves printing money if they can influence the majority of their people to signup to the Summit Fit Academy. They are looking to take a $25 share of every subscription fee, provided they are an affiliate of Summit Fit.

Training Bar Tees ($10 Commission)

Training Bar T-shirts | Fitness InfluencersWorking out is part of your identity. It’s who you are. You have a hunger to push your body beyond ordinary limits and you have a love for training bars. Your lifestyle emanates your passion. You’re not ashamed. You’re that gal or guy that will work out on the streets.

Sound like you? Much respect.

Street Workout Familia loves your passion too. They celebrate likeminded people like you with top quality t-shirts, tees, and hoodies for men and women – for the love of training bars. Join the street workout family and get your tee from $25.

The commissions just keep rolling in, with this next program offering 10 dollars for every item sold. Make sure you are affiliated with Street Workout Familia so you don’t miss out.

Cutting Edge Fitness Products (20% Commission)

Latest Fitness Products

If you’re a trend enthusiast that cares about weight loss, then you will appreciate keeping up-to-date with the latest fitness products. You’ll love Beast Labz then. Get cutting-edge fitness products for weight loss like the stomach fat burner.

Currently, on sale for $14.99, this body slimming sweat cream made with coconut oil will fast track results when you apply it to every workout. Get this and other new fitness products from Beast Labz.

This is your specialist field, fitness influencers – so take advantage of Beast Labz affiliate program and start earning a side income.

Complete Sports Nutrition (20% Commission)

Pre-Workout | Keto Animos | Keto Weight Loss

Anyone that’s getting into shape often has to endure a tough journey. Our environment doesn’t make it easy for us. We don’t get enough physical activity out of our daily routine so we have to go out of our way to schedule it in. And let’s not even get started on how difficult it is to deliver ourselves from the temptation of eating unhealthy food.

Anything to make the journey just a little easier is welcomed. Protein powders, fat burners and cool things like the Ketogenic Creamer are sports nutrition products from BPI Sports that you can easily incorporate into your day without much fuss to support your fitness needs.

Sports influencers, this one is for you guys! Become an affiliate of BPI Sports. and you can market their nutritional products to your followers – earning yourselves 20% commission every time a transaction is made.

Highest Quality Kettlebells (10% Commission)

Kettlebells - Build Strength & Flexibility

You haven’t trained until you’ve used kettlebells. Whatever your usual workouts are, add kettlebells to the situation and you will feel muscles that you never knew existed. And the thing is that kettlebells look small and “cute” – but don’t let their appearance mislead you.

These little things will help build your strength and flexibility. Whether you are an entry-level user or a kettlebell enthusiast, you will find the world’s best kettlebells from Kettlebells USA. These are the highest quality on the market – hey, even the USA armed forces use them. Go on then and take your strength to the next level.

It may feel like a bit of a bummer dropping back to a 10% commission rate. But we can guarantee you, the top dollars and high popularity of kettlebells will ensure your marketing efforts are rewarded generously. So go ahead – join the rapidly growing league of fitness influencers who are becoming affiliated with Kettlebells USA and watching their dollar stacks get higher!

Bounce Boots (15-25% Commission)

Bounce into Fitness | Bounce Boots

We’ve all seen that adult. The adult that decides to let the child in them come alive on the children’s playground. While the rest of us laugh away at the sight, we secretly wish we could join in on the fun. We all need a little bit of childish fun in our boring adult lives. Fun like bouncing around in a pair of Bounce Boots. Not only is bouncing around so much of awesome fun, you can bounce yourself around into fitness.

Exercise doesn’t need to be a dreaded bore anymore. Whether for the sake of fun or fitness – or both – you need to get yourself a premium pair of Bounce Boots for $199 (currently on special). Screw the boring adult life, I’m getting myself a pair.

As an affiliate marketer, you will earn a commission of 15-25% on all your leads that convert. So fitness influencers, we highly recommend that you apply quickly to become an affiliate of Bounce Boots.

Online Training (30% Commission)

Fitness Training Workout Programs

If you plan to start your fitness journey but you’re clueless then The Online Trainers can help. You can easily be misled if you’ve joined the gym but you haven’t the slightest idea of what workouts you need to incorporate during your training session to achieve your desired goals.

The same goes if you’re training from home. As a member of The Online Trainers, you will get access to over 100 workouts for every age at any fitness level. You will also access gym and home workouts that will guide your training. Membership is only AU$1 per day (AU$29.95 per month), so go on and get yourself on the right track.

Affiliates earn a commission of 100% (YES 100%!!!) on the first month’s membership and then a recurring 30% thereafter as long as the membership remains active. So what the heck are you waiting for?? Be quick and apply now to become affiliated with The Online Trainers.

Hawaiian Superfoods (25% Commission)

Pure Hawaiian Spirulina - Superfood SupplementIf you’re seeking a pure form of superfoods to help meet your nutritional needs, here’s something you may want to try. Hawaiian Spirulina from Fitwirr is a pure vegan superfood. It is preservative free, soy free, dairy free and contains no GMOs. It’s 100% natural and kosher certified.

Currently, on special for $35.99, this Hawaiian Spirulina can conveniently be mixed with your beverages and meals. Other nutritional Hawaiian products include 100% Kona coffee, turmeric extra strength capsules, chocolate and so much more you can indulge in for fitness benefits.

Last but not least for all you fitness influencers, is a marketing opportunity that will see you earning a commission of 25% on sales. All that you need to do is to become an affiliate of Fitwirr.

Hey fitness influencers, if that wasn’t enough for you, we have 70+ more programs about fitness affiliate marketing that you can browse through at your leisure.