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5 Cooking Affiliate Programs: Kitchen Gadgets Every Home Chef Needs!

Consider yourself a bit of a Gordan Ramsay in the kitchen? Have yourself a blog or social media following? And are you looking to start monetizing your website or social platform? Then please proceed. We have a fantastic lineup of five merchants with five fiery cooking affiliate programs.

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7 Home Goods Affiliate Programs | LeadDyno

7 Home Goods Affiliate Programs

The Internet has an abundance of e-commerce stores pushing all kinds of products for the home. And most of these stores are always looking for ways to get punters through their virtual doors. Thus, many of there store owners have shifted their attention to affiliate marketing. That is great news for all of you aspiring affiliate marketers that plan to venture in the home niche. And even greater news because today’s affiliate guide is all about home goods affiliate programs.

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LeadDyno's Home Improvement Affiliate Programs

8 Home Improvement Affiliate Programs

Here’s another home-related affiliate article for you. We know that you guys are rummaging the internet to strike those home affiliate deals that will get you earning some decent cash this summer. So we have decided to release back-to-back affiliate guides. In this guide, we will be talking about the latest home improvement affiliate programs.

If you missed the 16 Home And Garden Affiliate Programs guide that we released before this, then make sure you check it out after reading this one.

The Latest Home Improvement Affiliate Programs

So let’s take a look at what we have lined up for you today…

  • Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug (15% Commish)
  • Innovative Levitating Home Products ($50 Commish)
  • Home Improvement Products (8% Commish)
  • Home Furniture & Décor (8% Commish)
  • Modern Furniture & Décor (5% Commish)
  • Wine Inspired Home Products (10% Commish)
  • Personalized Home Décor (20% Commish)
  • Cool Home Signs (15% Commish)

Now don’t be scared away by the first product in our home improvement affiliate programs list. Faux pretty much means imitation. So let’s see what this affiliate program has to offer.

Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug (15% Commission)

Faux Fur Sheepskin Rugs

Need to stimulate your senses with a little piece of luxury in your home? A faux fur sheepskin rug from Chesserfeld will instantly transform your space into a warm and comforting space.

This cruelty-free rug will charm your guests with its fabulous charm and luxurious softness. Use it to glam up your bathroom, living room and even baby room. The kids will love it!

For an affordable $29.99, there is no doubt that this rug will be an adored décor piece in your home.

First up for affiliate opportunists is a generous 15% commission on sales. So if you are interested, then apply here to become an affiliate of Chesserfeld.

Innovative Levitating Home Products ($50 Commission)

Levitating Plant Pot | Home Improvement Affiliate ProgramsLet’s talk about how mediocre our lives can get. Our environments are filled with the same old usual stuff – often junk. Do you absolutely LOVE every single piece in your space? Or do you just feel indifferent about most of the stuff? It’s more about quality than quantity.

So, stop accumulating junk!

How about adding inspiring items to your space that will captivate your energies? I’m talking WOW factor stuff here. A levitating light bulb powered by the air. A levitating and rotating zero-gravity growing system that cultivates plants in mid-air.

Truly innovative design by Flyte.

And for all the affiliate marketers – how about earning a hefty commission of $50 on every sale! Definitely deserving to be part of the home improvement affiliate programs guide, right? So be quick – apply here to become an affiliate of Flyte and become the first to start promoting these products.

Home Improvement Products (8% Commission)

Bathroom sinks with cabinets

Improving your home, whether in a minor or major way, is a great way to refresh your environment in the new year. Now, there is a large collection of various home products at Harvey & Haley but I found the most dramatic antique vanity cabinets.

Available in various stunning color finishes, these cabinets will bring a charming touch to your bathroom. This is a must-have luxury for the antique lover.

Even with an affiliate commission rate of 8%, we still consider this a goldmine opportunity because of the wide range of amazing products that you can promote. So don’t hesitate and become an affiliate of Harvey & Haley while they are still accepting applications.

Home Furniture & Décor (8% Commission)

Harvey & Haley | Home Furniture & Decor

Creating a home is creating a life – a life you will be delighted waking up in and going back to every day. Whether living as a couple or a family, that amazing feeling in your home should be felt by every member.

Interestingly, Harvey & Haley came together to create a warm collection of home furniture and décor products that will turn your house into a home.

Creating a home is more meaningful when everyone adds they’re own little touch – Harvey & Haley will help make that happen.

Similar to the previous affiliate program, the 8% commission earnings will quickly add up with the number of products you will be able to sell successfully. So apply now to become an affiliate of Harvey & Haley and start promoting the heck out of their home decor products.

Modern Furniture & Décor (5% Commission)

Modern Design Plant Pots | Home Improvement Affiliate ProgramsThere are two stages of creating your ideal home. The first is getting all the must-haves – you know, the stuff that you cannot practically live without. A decent bed is a start.

Then, there comes a point when you realize that you have filled your space with all the basics and you crave for a burst of personality. Time to add items you’ll love forever. It will be love at first sight for you at Old Bones Co.

Get stunning mid-century modern furniture and décor. These designer pieces will give your space the burst of energy that it needs.

This may be the lowest commission rate of today’s home improvement affiliate programs guide, but these are products that you can shift in high quantities. So register now as an affiliate of Old Bones Co and start earning those bucks!

Wine Inspired Home Products (10% Commission)

Wine Bottle Flower PotsWine lovers, EnoGeeks will make you so happy. They’ll help you live your passion for wine with the most amazing wine inspired home products. How about adding a captivating boat shaped wine cabinet to your home that will be the center of attention when guests come over?

Perhaps you need an enchanting wine bottle light fixture that will energize your space. Or sparkle your outdoor dinner parties with LED wine bottle lamps.

See how amazing these wine inspired products are? Go on and add some wine love to your home.

Do you want to be partnered with EnoGeeks and earn a 10% commission on every sale you make? Then click here now to register as an affiliate marketer.

Personalized Home Décor (20% Commission)

Canvas Art Decor For The Home

Home is where the heart is. The place of love and deepest affection. There is nothing quite like personalized home décor that will create the expression of your heart. So go ahead and warm your home with loving memories, sound wave art and heartfelt scripts on the walls.

At Canvas Vows, you can create your own very special personalized piece from $45. Each piece will add a touch of love to your bedroom, living room or nursery.

Apply here to become an affiliate of Canvas Vows and promote their home decor products so you can start earning 20% commission on each sale.

Cool Home Signs (15% Commission)

Cool Home Signs - Mama's Coop

With adulting comes doing things like buying home décor stuff that you actually find pleasure in doing. Exciting over new bedding, pillows, lighting and other random home stuff only happen when you’re an adult.

So go on and visit Mama’s Coop and experience the happiness of cool quality décor items. Check out their home signs – every home needs a quirky script of love to make the energy at home sparkle every day.

Like a “Lost Socks Seeking Soul Mates” sign will brighten up any laundry room. Don’t you think?

This final affiliate program will earn you a commission of 15% on sales if you are affiliated with Mama’s Coop.

That concludes our guide about the latest home improvement affiliate programs that you can register with today. We aim to always provide you with the best affiliating marketing info and guides, so make sure you check back for our upcoming blog posts.

If you need any assistance becoming an affiliate or if you a merchant interested in starting an affiliate program, then you are always welcome to drop us a message.

Home and Garden Affiliate Programs | LeadDyno Guide

16 Home And Garden Affiliate Programs

Summer is approaching and we all know what that means, right? It’s that time again when we all go crazy decorating our homes. So what does that mean for us, affiliate marketers? It means that there is an abundance of gold mine opportunities waiting to be chiseled away. That’s why we have switched gears, and have taken the initiative to explore the blossoming home and garden affiliate programs.

We have hand-picked 16 of the best (well, our favorites) affiliate programs that offer products to liven up the home and garden. And like always, we have gathered all the vital info about the products and the commission rates for the programs – so you don’t have to!

We hope that you will adore the selection of home and garden affiliate programs that we present to you. Feel free to drop us a few lines, sharing your thoughts and success stories. We always listen to you guys!

Now we have quite a few programs for you affiliate marketers to learn about, so let’s jump straight to it!

Our Recommended Home and Garden Affiliate Programs

Take a look at the list of affiliate programs that we will be covering today.

  1. Eco-Friendly Bed & Bath Products (20% Commish)
  2. Digital Home Management App ($1 Commish)
  3. Clever Home Gadgets (10% Commish)
  4. Delightful Kitchenware (4-8.5% Commish)
  5. Luxury Candles ($5 Commish)
  6. Portable Fan (10% Commish)
  7. Pop-Up Gazebos (15% Commish)
  8. Pillow for People Who Wear Specs (30% Commish)
  9. Incense & Incense Burners (20% Commish)
  10. Solar Canopy (5% Commish)
  11. Retro Bulbs & More ($2 Commish)
  12. Fun Kitchen Products (20% Commish)
  13. The Mattress that Solves Sleeping Problems (20% Commish)
  14. Outdoor Solar Lamps (15% Commish)
  15. Handmade Room Scents & Candles (25% Commish)
  16. Awesome Bean Bags (10% Commish)

There is always plenty of talk going around about the importance of using environmentally friendly products. So we thought it would be very green of us to kick off the list of home and garden affiliate programs with products that won’t harm our planet.

1) Eco-Friendly Bed & Bath Products [20% Commission]

Eco-Friendly Bed & Bath Products

Do you carry a lot of guilt about your environmental footprint? It all just feels overwhelming, doesn’t it? It doesn’t have to be because awesome brands like LionFinch help make it easy for you to make a positive impact on our planet.

Doesn’t that already make you feel good? LionFinch offers a premium collection of bedroom and bathroom products made with zero-waste processes and technologies.

Get a waterproof mattress protector that protects your mattress against spills as well as bed bugs, mites, and fleas. Or enjoy the luxury of premium bamboo cotton bath towels that double in size after the first wash.

All these amazing products will improve your home while being kind to our environment.

Affiliates – this first affiliate program will earn you a commission of 20% on sales. So start affiliating with LionFinch and begin marketing their eco-friendly products.

Now let’s carry on with the rest of our home and garden affiliate programs that we have prepared for you.

2) Digital Home Management App [$1 Commission]

Digital Home Management App

Unfortunately, houses are not self-cleaning and self-fixing – yet. Fingers crossed that innovation comes soon. Until then, you have to deal with managing your home – sufficiently enough for it not to fall apart.

Save yourself from running around like a headless chicken and get HomeZada.

You’ll have full control over your home by managing your insurance, maintenance, remodeling projects and more from an easy to use digital home management app from as little as $7.95 per month.

If you think you can gain plenty of subscribers for HomeZada, then you should join their affiliate program and start promoting their brilliant app.

3) Clever Home Gadgets [10% Commission]

Unique Home GadgetsMake your life easier in 2018. Anything that saves time, energy and brain work is what you should welcome into your life in the new year. You know there are some things that you would never dream of but once you have them, you can’t live without them.

The Clever Life Company has these clever gadgets that will make your life easier.

No more anxious guessing when you’re cooking meat ‘cause a digital meat thermometer will make it all breeze. That’s how you should be living in the new year.

It would also be clever if you affiliated with The Clever Life Company so you can start earning 10% commission on sales.

4) Delightful Kitchenware [4-8.5% Commission]

Unique Kitchenware | MIXXCIDelight yourself in your own home in 2018.  How about an owl lime green tea infuser to help make your morning tea delightful or a swan self-balancing cooking ladle to add some charm to your dinner parties?

You’ll find these fascinating and cheery home items from MIXXCI.

From kitchen and living room products to bathroom, office, and appliances – you’ll find pretty cool products that will make your space pleasing and be inviting.

Sounds like one of those delightful home and garden affiliate programs, right? Apply here to become an affiliate of MIXXCI. and you can start making a commission of 4-8.5% on sales.

5) Luxury Candles [$5 Commission]

Home and Garden Affiliate Programs | LoveSpoon Candles

If there is anything you should do in the new year it should be something different. If you’ve never tried it, fill your home with luxury candles that will indulge your senses in sensational fragrances.

Lovespoon Candles is the perfect place to get started. You can also join their Candle Club for $29.95 per month – you’ll get two candles every month in seasonal fragrances.

Included are some goodies such as a sterling silver charm, gratitude cards and more. Make your space relaxing in 2018.

Want to make $5 per standard candle sale? Then you should join Lovespoon Candles affiliate program and start promoting their luxury candles.

6) Portable Fan [10% Commission]

ClipGrip Portable FansHappiness lies in the simplest things. Like the pleasure of having a cool breeze blow on you on a hot summer day. Simple things like this make life good. You can enjoy these moments with a portable fan from ClipGrip. Available as a clip on fan, mini desktop fan or a personal fan. Refresh and cool yourself on hot summer days – whether you’re out and about or in the office. Stay fresh as you ease into the new year.

Think you can hustle some sales of these portable fans? Then become an affiliate of ClipGrip and earn 10% commission for every fan you manage to push.

7) Pop-Up Gazebos [15% Commission]

Red Pop-up GazeboI must say that it feels amazing to host a party at your own home – assuming it is not a flop. Guests came, you fed them and they looked entertained throughout. As a host, you feel relieved because it all feels like a mammoth task when you started.

The good news is that there are some things like having a pop-up gazebo from EasyGazebos that will take a whole lot of stress away. None of this complicated setup nonsense – just pop it up and Bob’s your uncle.

Affiliate marketers – start earning a commission of 15% on sales when you are affiliated with EasyGazebos.

Remember… if you are liking our selection of home and garden affiliate programs, then you can browse even more merchants offering equally great programs that you can be affiliated with.

8) Pillow for People Who Wear Specs [30% Commission]

The LaySee PillowEver since you started wearing specs, you began experiencing weird problems. Like reading while laying on your pillow is a hazard to your face. Never mind the fear of breaking your specs in the process. People, be glad you live in the 21st Century because almost all problems can be solved.

Get yourself The LaySee Pillow and be set free again to read or watch TV while laying down. It’s kinda weird looking but it does get the job done.

This is today’s highest commission percentage offering of the day. So if you want to earn 30% for every sale, then you should quickly become affiliated with The LaySee Pillow.

9) Incense and Incense Burners [20% Commission]

Incense & Incense Burners

Whether you need to power up your daily meditation or you desire to experience the pleasures of aromatherapy in your home, a cone of incense is what you need. Therapeutic scents such as sandalwood, ocean, cape jasmine and more are available from The Scenter.

If you’d like to take your incense burning to the next level, add an energetic incense burner to your ritual. You’ll find captivating incense burners from The Scenter.

Affiliate marketers have the opportunity to earn a commission of 20% on sales. If you are interested, then you can apply here to become an affiliate of The Scenter.

10) Solar Canopy [5% Commission]

Renewz Sustainable Solutions

If you’re looking for a meaningful home improvement and investment this year, then consider getting a solar canopy from Renewz Sustainable Solutions at iSun. You’ll save money on energy bills as well as reducing your carbon footprint on the Earth.

This high tech solar canopy makes for a great car shelter, patio or gazebo. Be sure to sign up and get their 25% discount launch offer.

Even those the commission rate is a low 5%, the cost of these solar canopies means the pay-off will still be pretty substantial. So start affiliating with iSun and make money promoting their product.

11) Retro Bulbs & More [$2 Commission]

Retro Bulbs | Home affiliate productsI think everyone should have some level of enjoyment in their home. After all, you do have to come home to it every day. I think it’s the little things in our space that create little smiles inside and out.

And My Juicy Shop will help you create that happiness in your home.

From décor items such as cool retro light bulbs, functional home devices such as oil diffusers to nifty products such as cut resistant globes – all make living a pleasure. Oh, and they offer worldwide free shipping – whoop!

Affiliates earn a commission of $2 per sale. Apply now to become an affiliate of My Juicy Shop.

12) Fun Kitchen Products [20% Commission]

Cooler Kitchen Products

Some of us need motivation in the kitchen to exercise our unskillful cooking ability, while others need the inspiration to light up their culinary passion. Whichever end of the boat you sit, you’ll find fun and colorful products from Cooler Kitchen that will brighten up your kitchen.

From colorful professional sets of knives to cool silicon products – all pleasantly priced. Turning your kitchen into a fun and cool space is so easy.

If you want to earn a commission of 20% on every sale you introduce, then you should become an affiliate of Cooler Kitchen and start promoting their products.

13) Mattress That Solves Sleeping Problems [20% Commission]

Mattresses That Solve Your sleeping Problems

Overheating, back pain, sinking, tossing and turning are some of the many sleeping struggles we experience on a day-to-day basis. Considering that we spend one-third of our lifetime sleeping, that is a lot of time spent in torture if you do not enjoy peaceful nights’ sleep.

So, it’s about time those struggles are solved once and for all. And Element Mattress will have it all solved for you. With their 5-star rated mattresses, you will finally have the time of your life – in bed.

This is definitely one of those home and garden affiliate programs that will help you sleep well, as they offer affiliates a 20% commission on every sale. So make sure that you apply to become an affiliate of Element Mattress. and start earning a decent income.

14) Outdoor Solar Lamps [15% Commission]

Outdoor Solar Lamps

We all love to improve and upgrade our home environment. But it often comes at a cost that we find ourselves burdened with in the long run. That new gadget you decided to bring into your home now inflates your monthly electricity bill – something you didn’t quite think about, smartie pants.

Be smart and make smart upgrades to your home like investing in pretty cool top-rated outdoor LED solar lamps from Outdoor Solar Lamps.

Get beautiful security, flood, pillar, garden and spotlights that are environmentally friendly and so easy to install – oh and you won’t be burdened with extra costs.

The perfect affiliate opportunity for those of you already into the whole garden design space. So go ahead and earn a healthy commission of 15% on sales by affiliating with Outdoor Solar Lamps.

15) Handmade Room Scents & Candles [25% Commission]

Handmade Room Scents & CandlesNever underestimate the little things in your home that can immediately uplift your space. Like sweet smelling room scents and candles that will immediately brighten your mood and make your home pleasant and comforting.

Get these amazing handcrafted room scents and candles from Béo Handcrafted Candles.

Available in irresistible apple cinnamon, candy cane, frosted pumpkin and so many more scents. You and your family will love the serenity of your home.

How about an irresistible commission rate of 25% on sales? Simply become an affiliate of Béo Handcrafted Candles. and start promoting their scented products.

Finally, before we wrap up our guide to our favorite home and garden affiliate programs this week, we bring you our last affiliate product that everyone will love!

16) Awesome Beanbags [10% Commission]

Indoor & Outdoor Beanbags

I’m convinced that the term “lounging around” was created by the people that first experienced the pleasure of beanbags in their home. Lounging around just doesn’t get any better than collapsing yourself into a bag that’s ready to almost swallow you in the most comfortable way possible.

At Blob Beanbags you can add a beanbag to your home that you, your kids and your pets will love – for indoors and outdoors.

There are so many influencer niches we can think of where you could promote these super fun beanbags. So why not earn extra money by affiliating with Blob Beanbags and getting a 10% commission on each sale.

Wrapping Up The Home And Garden Affiliate Programs Guide

We know that you must have found a few good home and garden affiliate programs that you could easily promote on your website. So why don’t you venture further and register with a few of them? We always recommend that you sign up with more than one affiliate program because this will give you a wider selection of goods to market on your chosen platform. Not only that – if one program should encounter a dry spell – you always have the others to fall back on. [Today’s LeadDyno insider tip 😉]

Now that’s why you should always read to the very end of our articles – just like the movies – always watch until after the end credits!

If you want to browse even more home and garden affiliate program, then please make sure you visit our main catalog of merchants. There, you will even find plenty of other niches that may be of interest to you.

You are also welcome to read previous blog articles where we recommend many of the latest affiliate programs that will help you to earn some decent cash.

Here’s a couple of recommended affiliate marketing articles you should read:

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LeadDyno's Home Decor Affiliate Programs 2018

3 New Inspiring Home Decor Affiliate Programs (up to 10% commish)

We haven’t released a guide specifically covering Home Decor Affiliate Programs for quite a while now. However, a fair few of you have shown interest. And so todays’ guide is specially for you guys!

Here are the 3 most recent affiliate program additions related to home products that you can sign up to and start promoting.

  • Innovative levitating home products ($50 commish)
  • Nordic/Scandinavian lifestyle products (10% commish)
  • Motorized electric blinds (10% commish)

(And don’t forget you can browse 50+ more home affiliate programs right here, too).

Inspiring Home Decor Affiliate Programs

Innovative Levitating Home Products for $50 Commission

Levitating Home Decor Products - Affiliate with Flyte

This is astonishing. But first let’s talk about how bland our lives can get. Our environments are filled with the same old usual stuff – often junk. Sit in your living room and look around. Can you say that you absolutely LOVE every single piece in your space? Or do you just feel indifferent about most of the stuff?

Living in a space that fulfills you is not about quantity, but rather quality – yes I know you’ve heard this millions of times, but hey, it’s true! The truth is that you should love every single item that is in your environment – if you don’t then it shouldn’t qualify to be in it.

How about adding inspiring items to your space that will captivate your energies? I’m talking WOW factor stuff here. A levitating light bulb powered by the air. A levitating and rotating zero-gravity growing system that cultivates plants in mid air. Truly innovative design and mesmerizing inventions for your home by Flyte.

Affiliates earn a commission of $50 on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Flyte.

Nordic/Scandinavian Lifestyle Products for 10% Commission

Nordic Boutique - Products for the home

Do you often feel like you need to getaway for a breather?  Yup, so many often have this need too. But you don’t really need a getaway. What you really need is to make your home your getaway. Your home should be your feel good space. Often, for many, it’s not. Likely because your home does not project the energy that you seek.

If you’re clueless as to where to start, signup for a Nordic/Scandinavian lifestyle subscription box from Heima from only $29 per month. You can choose from a range of styles including Minimalism, Boho, Modern and Surprise Me. Available in small, medium or large.

Affiliates earn a commission of 10% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Heima.

Motorized Electric Blinds for 10% Commission

Electric Blinds by EZWand - Home Decor Affiliate Programs

I love how technology makes our lives easier. Does the idea of automating your home excite you? Being able to control certain elements in your home at the press of a button. You might think that automating your home is complicated and involves expensive investment.

On the contrary, it can actually be quite simple and affordable.

So how about you start automating your blind system in your home with EzWand from only $84.95. Simply replace your current wand with the EzWand, then you can open and close your blinds with a remote control. How cool does that sound? So, go ahead and inspire some technology in your home.

Sounds like a hot buy, right? So why not start promoting it to earn yourself a commission of 10% per sale. Apply here to become an affiliate of EzWand.


If you liked this post about the latest Home Decor Affiliate Programs, then perhaps you could share it. And speaking of sharing content, check out our latest take on 2018 Social Media Marketing Trends.