How Redmond Life is Achieving 56% of Its Sales from Affiliate Referrals with LeadDyno


In affiliate
referrals in 2020


Paid in affiliate
commissions in 2020



About Redmond Life

Based in Heber City, Utah, Redmond Life provides personal care and natural foods products to consumers. Best known for its signature products Real Salt and Earthpaste, Redmond Life always keeps its list of ingredients short, simple, clean and real.


Lacking data insights to grow affiliate marketing

Redmond Life launched its affiliate marketing program with a competing affiliate software. But the marketing team at Redmond Life soon found the platform couldn’t scale the way they wanted.

“We couldn’t fully realize the power of affiliate marketing without LeadDyno. We’d be lost without it.”

Charlee Nemelka,
Affiliate Manager, Redmond Life

“It only scratched the surface of what we wanted to do,” says Charlee Nemelka, Affiliate Manager at Redmond Life. “We were reduced to being reactive instead of proactive with our affiliate program.”

Specifically, Charlee and the marketing team needed affiliate data to develop a strategy and set the future direction of the program.

“With the other affiliate software, we didn’t have the data we needed to drive our decision making,” says Charlee. “We could only take big shots in the dark and hope they’d work out the way we wanted.”

Charlee and her team also wanted to generate more interest among smaller influencers, but they needed a platform that could manage a large number of affiliates.

“We saw the power of partnering with many micro-influencers as opposed to just a few big ones,” says Charlee. “But we would need an affiliate marketing platform that could scale to hundreds of influencers, not just a handful.”

Driving more interest among micro-influencers would also depend on Redmond Life’s ability to provide the right incentives through flexible commission plans.

Redmond Life also wanted to choose its affiliates carefully, and partner only with those who truly valued its products and aligned with its mission and values.

“We love making sales, of course,” says Charlee. “But more than anything, we love engaging with people and spreading the word about what we’re all about. It’s not just about selling salt.”

With the right partners and good data insights, Charlee and her team could also foresee working with affiliates to identify and share best marketing practices—and guide future Redmond Life product development.

Faced with these challenges and requirements, Redmond Life researched the top affiliate marketing platforms on the market, and ultimately chose LeadDyno.






LeadDyno’s affiliate marketing platform

With LeadDyno, Redmond Life is rapidly scaling an affiliate marketing program that’s precisely tailored to its needs, managing hundreds of affiliates and paying thousands in commissions each month.

Reliably track all
affiliate activity

Charlee and her team use LeadDyno to track all affiliate-related activity, including visitors, leads, purchases, and social share information—and it’s all available in the LeadDyno dashboard.

Choose the right
affiliate partners

Redmond Life’s affiliate program is such a success, it now has the freedom to partner only with affiliates who are truly invested in the Redmond Life brand.

Prospective affiliates must apply and meet minimum requirements to be accepted as an affiliate partner, such as having at least 1,500 followers and three organic posts with a 15% engagement rate. They must also have a conversion within 90 days of being accepted into the program.

LeadDyno makes the application process easy, giving Charlee and her team the choice of either automatically or manually approving applications.

Analyze performance
by segment

LeadDyno also provides Charlee and her team with the ability to test products with different market segments, such as foodies, barbecue enthusiasts, and keto followers.

Charlee and her team also have the capability to structure flexible commission
plans for different segments and implement performance-based commission tiers
with LeadDyno.

Identify and share best
marketing practices

With LeadDyno, Redmond Life can set up customized affiliate links and codes to track affiliate sales.

For example, Charlee and her team are using sub-links to identify posts that garner the most traffic among top affiliates. They can then share those insights with other affiliates.

Use affiliate feedback to
drive product development

Redmond Life also uses LeadDyno to drive product development by identifying top performing affiliates and deepening those relationships with product samples and feedback.

As a result, Redmond Life’s product development has transformed into a collaborative process with its affiliate partners.

Integrate with Shopify
and HubSpot

Redmond Life has also integrated Shopify and HubSpot with LeadDyno—and did it all in just one click.

Redmond Life is tracking clicks, leads, sales from its Shopify storefront right in its LeadDyno dashboard.

It’s also sending data for new leads and affiliate signups straight into its HubSpot marketing module to keep all information accurate and up-to-date.

“We have confidence in what we’re doing because we can see what’s resonating. It helps us in every aspect of our business.”


56% of sales from affiliate referrals

With the help of LeadDyno, Redmond Life is generating 56% of its sales from affiliate referrals, earning $1.9M+ in affiliate referrals in 2020.

It also paid out $200K+ in affiliate commissions in 2020 and has grown its referral list to over 600 affiliate partners.

Charlee couldn’t be happier to have LeadDyno as Redmond Life’s affiliate program platform.

“LeadDyno makes me really excited for what’s yet to come,” says Charlee. “It gives us latitude to innovate and make our affiliate program even better.”

“LeadDyno makes me really excited for what’s yet to come. It gives us latitude to innovate and make our affiliate program even better.”

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