LeadDyno Cancellation & Refund Policy

Your LeadDyno account can be canceled here

You can also cancel your account by emailing help@leaddyno.com, which will create a support ticket, with the subject “Cancel Account”. Cancellations will be processed within seven (7) days of the creation of the ticket.


We do not offer refunds unless your cancellation was not processed within seven (7) days of the initial cancellation ticket creation. If you feel you are due a refund please email help@leaddyno.com with the subject “Refund Request” and include alink to the ticket number of the original “Cancel Account” ticket to begin the refund request process. Refunds are processed within fourteen (14) days of final approval.

Note: Refunds may take additional time to post to your account depending on themechanism by which you are refunded (e.g. Stripe, Shopify Payments, etc.)