Busting The Myths Around Affiliate Marketing

The industry of affiliate marketing still has some smoke and mirrors surrounding it. It’s a channel where collaborations between influencers and businesses can be formed to benefit everyone.

Many myths surround this budding marketing technique; some good and some not so good. Here are some myths you may come across:

Myth #1: More traffic means more money

Fact: just having traffic directed to your site isn’t going to suffice. You need conversion. What good does it do to you if you have a lot of visitors to your site, but it isn’t being translated into sales? You need relevant products and services that connects with what your customers want!

Myth #2: Affiliate Marketing is dead

Fact: In the digital world, changes come about and are implemented much faster. Affiliate marketing too has changed; what was once trending and a good strategy, no longer fits in.

Newer trends focus on quality and relevant content, spamming is no longer seen favorably. Google’s algorithms have also gotten more stringent and can locate spamming. Pages that don’t comply with rules are shifted to the bottom pages of the search results. Banner ads are no longer used since they aren’t compatible with mobile phones these days.

Myth #3: Social media posts will get a lot more attention automatically

Fact: Social media marketing is a great way to get your product known to a larger audience but don’t forget that only the air you breathe is free. Often such advertisements have to be paid for.

In order to gain some activity on your post, you will need some engaging content. Something that asks for an opinion or feedback perhaps?

Myth #4: Very few niches are profitable

Fact: Businesses try to carve out a niche for the very reason that it can exploit profits. The general belief is that only a few niches can be created in a market that are profitable.

However, any niche can be made profitable if you are marketing to the right audience in a way that makes them want the product. The skills with which you market are much more important that the product you are marketing.

To narrow down a niche to work with, begin with your interests and hobbies. When you’re passionate about something, your content will be great for sure, making it easier for you to market.

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