How to Brand Your Affiliate Website

Some companies may slow down in August, but we here at LeadDyno are like you – we keep on motoring ahead! I have a busy summer update for you today, including exciting news regarding:

How to Grow From $0 to $10,000 per Month

Our friend Tracey Wallace recently left her day job at BigCommerce to launch her own direct-to-consumer bed pillow business, Doris Sleep. Tracey is a great writer and her “how to” piece is an epic read for entrepreneurs and marketing managers. She gives a detailed play-by-play about how she built her new company from scratch. From bootstrapping to technology to public relations to SEO, it’s all here in this must-read for anyone selling anything online.

Custom Domains with SSL Support

In LeadDyno feature news, you can customize your affiliate website and dashboard to make it look like an extension of your website. And now, thanks to our custom domain feature, you can even put it on your actual website.

Don’t want to direct folks to any longer? No problem – make it something like! Read the instructions and get started:

Where My Leads At? Check This New Report

New report alert! Click the Settings tab at the top of your screen (in the new interface). Then navigate to Tracking Reports (left side of screen) to see a play-by-play of LeadDyno’s recent and all-time assignments. Watch your new leads be assigned to your affiliates in real-time!

Tech and transparency go hand-in-hand in 2019. Here’s the ultimate transparency report for your affiliates.

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