Easy Bigcommerce Affiliate Tracking

You can setup an affiliate program that works seamlessly with your Bigcommerce store in just a few minutes.

Here’s how it works…

  1. Using LeadDyno, you ask your partners and customers to become affiliates.
  2. LeadDyno generates a unique referral link for them.
  3. They send traffic to your store using this link (via social media, email, and/or their website).
  4. Their statistics are updated for them in real-time via their Affiliate Dashboard.
  5. You pay them commissions on the sales they send to you via the “one-click” PayPal integration in LeadDyno.

Your result is a highly motivated “virtual sales team” that sends you traffic and sales on a commission-only basis.

Connect LeadDyno to Your Bigcommerce Account

Click here to setup your LeadDyno account. Then, go to Settings – Manage Integrations – E-Commerce Services.

Copy the values from your Bigcommerce store into the Bigcommerce settings. The Store URL is the API Path value from the last section. The API User is the user you created in the last section, and finally the API Key is the API Token from the Bigcommerce user page.

Please click here to read our full Bigcommerce Integration Guide.

Setup is Done! Now, Start Your Affiliate Program

Now that you’ve got LeadDyno connected up with your Bigcommerce store, you’ll be able to see the original referral source for each visit you see, and sale you make.