Getting Started with BigCommerce Affiliate Tracking

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Once you have your store set up and ready to go, the next step is to implement a program that will provide you with Bigcommerce affiliate tracking. This step, however, is where many people begin to experience problems. We’ve heard from countless people who simply are not sure where to go from this point. They understand that they need some type of program that will make it easier to track their affiliates, but they just are not sure what to do.

While BigCommerce offers a host of useful features, one thing it does not offer out of the box is an affiliate tracking system. So, that means you are going to need to explore some solutions on your own.

A Bigcommerce Affiliate Tracking Program that Works

There are a few main areas that you need to concentrate on when it comes to Bigcommerce affiliate tracking. First, you need to make the signup process for your affiliates as streamlined and simple as possible. Affiliates will go elsewhere if you make them wait too long.

When someone signs up to become an affiliate for your BigCommerce store, they are ready to go right then. Excitement fills the affiliate with the idea of sending traffic your way and earning some money in the process. If they must wait even an hour or so, they have probably moved on to something else and forgotten about you. To combat this problem, you need a solution that will allow you to automate the affiliate signup process and help your affiliates get started as quickly as possible.

This brings us to an important second point. Once your affiliates are signed up, you need to provide them with the ability to begin sharing the link to your Bigcommerce store right away. The problem that we have seen is that too many affiliate management programs make affiliates jump through too many hoops.

The end result? You lose them. If you have noticed that you seem to have a lot of interest or even people signing up to become affiliates but they never take action, this is likely the problem.

LeadDyno is quickly growing in popularity as a Bigcommerce affiliate tracking program

The affiliate signup and tracking process are designed to be as easy as possible. Not just for the affiliate but also for the store owner. You can choose to automate the affiliate signup process and give your new affiliates the ability to begin sharing links to your store right away. No hoops to jump through, no extra links, no hassles. They have the ability to start driving traffic to your site and making money right away.

This brings up another important point. In order for your Bigcommerce affiliate program to be successful, you also need to be able to track your affiliates. LeadDyno simplifies the entire process so that you always know what your affiliates are doing. And they can always see their progress in real time. No more guessing.

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