The Best SaaS Affiliate Program Got Even Better

LeadDyno - The Best Saas Affiliate Program 2018

Our own popular affiliate program just got a boost with a new partner-friendly feature. I’ll share the specifics of why we are the best SaaS Affiliate Program with you in a minute.

In this update, we’ll discuss the ways we can partner together – such as:

  • Our own affiliate program, which pays generous 20% (recurring!) commissions,
  • A new agency-friendly setup (for our partners with multiple clients),
  • How you can find 2,442 affiliate programs to promote as an influencer, and
  • How you can recruit affiliates and influencers from our own affiliate and influencer network.

Earn $100s to $1000s per Month Promoting the Best SaaS Affiliate Program

Sign Up to the Best SaaS Affiliate ProgramAre you a partner of LeadDyno? If not yet, then we’d love to work with you.

Affiliate managers often ask me what a competitive commission to offer would be. It depends on the industry and product of course (every business is different), but my common thread of advice is:

I always pay my affiliates what I’m comfortable paying Google, Facebook and the other internet overlords for a conversion online. In fact, I try to steer on the generous side with my own reseller and influencer partners, because I’d rather give the money to them!

This is why we (LeadDyno) offer a 20% recurring commission to our partners. Send someone our way, and we’ll pay you as long as they stay (which is usually for the lifetime of their business). Also, there’s no charge to sign up, and I (Brett) will provide you with everything you need to send traffic our way.

It’s as easy as clicking the Facebook share button on our Affiliate Dashboard!

If you want to learn more and sign up for our affiliate program today, then go here.

New Agency Features for our Preferred Partners

Firstly, thank you to all of our high octane partners who sign up clients for LeadDyno accounts! We now have an easy-to-use agency feature that will help you manage all of your clients’ accounts (and quickly toggle between them as needed).

Here are the steps you need to follow to get set up as a LeadDyno agency:

  1. Contact Us and wait for us to approve you as an official LeadDyno agency.
  2. Then, your client (or you, from their account) will be able to assign you as their agency.
  3. Finally, you’ll get a slick, simple view that will let you toggle between accounts.

Find 2,442 Affiliate Programs Across 21 Product Categories

Our E-Commerce Affiliate Network now boasts 2,442 affiliate programs. If you wish to join our elite network, then all we ask is that you have:

  • A unique product
  • A generous commission structure
  • An excellent looking website and a product that sells itself

These requirements provide our affiliates and influencers with a selection of high paying, high selling, highly original products across 21 different categories.

Want to search our affiliate program directory? Then use this search box to start looking – and click the Apply button on any program that looks like a good fit for you.

e-commerce affiliate influencer network

Introductions to Affiliates and Influencer From Our Network

Are you a LeadDyno merchant looking for an introduction to the qualified affiliates and influencers in our affiliate network? Then join today – it’s a free (and valuable) benefit of your LeadDyno membership!

The easiest way to get started is to log into LeadDyno and click the Network tab in your lower-left corner. That will pop up a wizard where you can fill in information about your product and your affiliate program.

Once your profile is complete, let us know so we can get you featured in a newsletter like this one:

join the best SaaS affiliate program

Log Into Your LeadDyno Account (or Get Started) Here

Now let’s hook up with the best SaaS affiliate program out there!

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