Best Jewelry Affiliate Programs of 2019

Best Jewelry Affiliate Programs Guide

Get your sunglasses out! ‘Cause we’re about to shine a load of bling in your face! We are well into 2019 and we still have not shared with you this year’s best jewelry affiliate programs! So deepest apologies from our end. But I tell you what. It will definitely be worth the wait!

So gather around now and I will tell you a little story about the great jewelry affiliate programs of 2019.

8 of this year’s best Jewelry Affiliate Programs

Here’s a checklist of the great jewelry products and programs we will be covering today.

  1. Zentangle Jewelry by ZenJoanie
  2. Hip Hop Jewelry by Urban Jewellers
  3. Fashionable Jewelry by Victorious
  4. Men’s Jewelry by We Travel Trendy
  5. Tree of Life Jewelry by Dotorea
  6. Beaded Bracelets by Sashka Co.
  7. Sparkly Jewelry by Mizzle Jewels
  8. Jewelry in the Name of Love by EverMarker

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Now let’s carry on with the main business of the day – the best jewelry affiliate programs to surface in 2019.

1) Zentangle Jewelry – 15% Commission


Zentangle Bracelet by ZenJoanieCalm. Peace. Balance. Zentangle jewelry.

Zentangle is a relaxing method of drawing creative abstract patterns.

It’s no surprise that zentangle artworks release calming energy.

What a better way to experience the beauty of this art than to absorb this soothing energy with unique zentangle jewelry from ZenJoanie.

The black and white collection is popularly adored but if you desire more, the color zentangle range will inspire a bright dimension of energy in you.

All creating tranquil vibes.

If you like what you see, then become affiliated with ZenJoanie and start earning 15% on every sale.


2) Hip-Hop Jewelry – 10% Commission


Hip Hop Jewellery - Lion King PendantThere’s nothing that says hip-hop quite like a huge bold piece of bling on a thick badass chain, right?

In the name of living the hip-hop life, Urban Jewellers will get you blinged up.

Get high-quality hip-hop jewelry made from genuine 18k plated gold, CZ diamonds, and quartz.

Pendants, watches, rings and more.

So put your statement bling on with hot pendants: cannabis, boxing gloves, lion king or an unforgettable turntable.

If you live hip-hop, then you’ll wear it.

Want to promote these badass pieces of jewelry on your own website? Then get affiliated with Urban Jewellers and you’ll soon be sharing the bling.


3) Fine Fashionable Jewelry – 20% Commission


Fashionable Jewelry by VictoriousSome fashionistas are into clothing, some are into shoes, some are into handbags and then there’s those that are into jewelry.

Happiness is finding a stunning piece of jewelry that captures a certain mood and energy during a particular season.

It just feels right.

Like those evil-eyed heart crystal studs create the perfect dazzle at that fancy Halloween party.

Or how about a huge pair of statement golden flower drop earrings for your next black tie event.

Get these and more stunning fine fashionable jewelry from Victorious.

If you’d love to earn a commission of 20% simply by promoting these fabulous pieces on your own site, then sign up here to get started.


4) Premium Men’s Jewelry – 40% Commission


Mens Jewellery by We Travel TrendyMen that wear jewelry tend to radiate with energy.

It can be as bold as a huge Medusa ring. It can be as gentle as a Mary coin pendant. Or it could be as intriguing as an African map pendant.

Guys if you’re into wearing a bit of bling, find a premium jewelry piece that connects to your character from We Travel Trendy.

Rings, bracelets, pendants and more.

Affiliates earn a smashing 40% commission when partnered with this fantastic jewelry program. So jump on the bandwagon by applying here and becoming affiliated with We Travel Trendy.



5) Tree of Life Jewelry – 20% Commission


Dotorea Tree of Life JewelryThe tree of life symbolizes positive energy, good health, and life.

A piece of jewelry with the tree of life symbol is such a treasured gift.

Perfect for that someone that you hold close your heart and wish the very best for.

You’ll find a special piece from Dotorea Tree of Life.

From charming chakra crystals to Reiki healing tree of life jewelry pieces.

Necklaces, bracelets, earrings and more.

Affiliates – bring some positive energy to your own lives by joining the Dotorea affiliate program. So you can then spread the good vibes and also earn 20% commission from each sale.


6) Handmade Beaded Bracelets – 15% Commission


Handmade Beads Bracelet | Best Jewelry Affiliate ProgramsThere is more to jewelry than just a fashion accessory. It creates a mood.

Bold. Serious. Fun. Playful. Feminine. Energetic. Soft.

In just a small piece of jewelry, a mood is created.

So discover your mood with these beautiful handmade beaded bracelets from Sashka Co.

From glamorous golden beaded bracelets to fun colorful bracelet sets.

Shop the rest of their stunning quality collections.

Are these the sort of products that would interest your followers? If yes, then you better hit that register button to begin your partnership with Sashka Co.


7) Precious Jewelry – 10% Commission


Gorgeous Earrings by Mizzle JewelsThe holidays are the season for all things sparkly. And nothing says sparkly more than gold, silver, diamonds, and gems.

Mizzle Jewels will help get you in the sparkly holiday spirit.

Get precious jewelry pieces from earrings, necklaces, rings, charms anklets and more.

From simplistic pieces to dainty intricate pieces. You’ll find something for both men and women.

Mizzle Jewels pieces are made with love.

The commission earned as an affiliate may seem low but the high popularity of the products makes up for that. So get yourself affiliated with Mizzle Jewels and start promoting the heck out of their jewelry.


8) Jewelry in the Name of Love – 15% Commission


Diamond Ring by Ever Marker JewelryWe can’t talk about the best jewelry affiliate programs without talking about love.

Jewelry naturally holds sentimental value so it’s a perfect way to show love to the person that you hold close to your heart.

EverMarker Jewelry will help you share your love with amazing jewelry for men and women.

Jewelry for couples, gifts for him or her and so many gorgeous pieces you may want to even spoil yourself with.

In the name of love.

The finale of today’s guide to the best jewelry affiliate programs will reward you with commissions of 15% on sales. So if this is of interest to you, then go here and register with the EverMarker affiliate program.

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