Beauty Product Affiliate Programs: What’s Hot Right Now

I’m writing today to share three hot Beauty product affiliate programs with you that you may be interested in promoting as an affiliate.

These are all high quality products worthy of you sharing on your website and in your social media channels. Plus, they boast great affiliate programs and will pay you generous sales commissions for your efforts!

Butt Naked Hair for 5-15% Commission

It is no mystery that a woman’s hair is her crown and glory. So, it is no surprise to learn that the average woman will spend a month of her lifetime at the hair salon. Yup, a whole month – this is serious hair business. Any woman knows that her hair costs her not only her time, but a good fortune to maintain in its full glory.

For the ladies that want lasting and luxurious hair, Renown Premium Hair offers that premium quality that will save you many visits to the salon. Endorsed by celebrities such as Syleena Johnson and Traci Braxton, Renown Premium Hair offers its best range, Butt Naked Hair. This range lasts 18-24 months with proper care. Also available is their entry level range, The Bomb Hair, which lasts 3-6 months.

Hair bundles start from $150 and affiliates can earn 5-15% commission on sales.

Sexy Cosmetics for 20% Commission

Besides diamonds, makeup is a girl’s best friend. The kind that makes you feel good about yourself. Valentynas Secrets is that kind of friend, offering sexy premium cosmetic products that will make you feel great. From over 200 lipstick shades to a full range of face and eye makeup, Valentynas Secrets will glam any woman up.

Makeup ranges from $9.99 and affiliates can expect to earn a commission of 20%.

Fuller Lips without Surgery for 15% Commission

Are your thin lips in need of some sexiness for the ultimate glossy pout? No need for surgery thanks to SkinXL Lip Plumper, that will give you instant lip plumping within 60 seconds. This serum will naturally plump your lips giving you the fuller, softer and sexier lips that you’ve always desired.

$25 will get you one SkinXL Volumizing Lip Plumper that will transform your ordinary lips into succulent lips and will last up to 12 hours. Affiliates can earn 15% commission on sales and get free products after first sales.

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