Influencer Marketing Services for Brands 101

Influencer marketing could help you meet your sales targets faster
Sales targets stressing you out?

Before I tell you about influencer marketing services for brands, let’s talk about the very stressful sales and marketing problems you’re likely experiencing.  Online sales targets. Conversion rates. Customer acquisition costs. And right about at that point your brain may as well explode.

The e-commerce universe is no longer as simple as it was ten years ago when you could spend five bucks a day on ads, sales were rolling in and you were living your best life.

Now, the rest of humanity and everyone’s dog have joined the online business fad.  Online sales have become a tough mission. Your store is now competing against thousands of other stores in the same niche.  Anxiety levels are high as you panic about the performance of your 30 Facebook adsets. All this while your bank account melts away in the name of advertising.  21st Century stress right there.

When You’re a One Man Band

When you’re running it all on your own, it can be a pricey risk – especially when you’re learning and experimenting along the way.  Oh and especially when you have no freaking clue about what you’re doing. Look, unless you have thousands of dollars that you wouldn’t mind losing, you can’t just wing it and expect to become an e-commerce millionaire in an instant.


How Influencer Marketing Can Solve Your Marketing Problems

Success in e-commerce is a numbers game.  The more people you reach, the more conversions you’ll make.  But it all comes down to reaching the right people. Yeah, between you and your Facebook ads, you could try to reach the right audience but it’s a gamble that takes time and costs money to master.  But influencer marketing gets you further, faster.


  • Two (or more) is always better than one.  Think of influencer marketing as your solution to scaling up your audience reach.  Remember the network effect? If you focus your efforts on a group of ten quality influencers and each of them have a following of 100,000 people, you’ll nicely hit a sweet audience of one million people.  Even after minimal click-through-rates and conversion rates, you’ll be rocking decent sales. And these kind of numbers will beat your own one-man-band results any day.


  • Reach the right people.  Listen, influencers already have half the job cut out for you.  They already have a niche following. All you have to do is find influencers that are the perfect match for your brand.  No need to go on a scavenge hunt on your own looking for the right audience. All your one-man-band experimentation gets you targeting the wrong people.


  • Boost your SEO.  Links, links, links and more links.  That’s what you’ll get from influencers – inbound links and traffic.  All of which turns Google on and will get you ranking in high places. The higher the quality of inbound links to your website, the better your SEO will be.


  • Get hot new content.  Influencers are content kings and queens.  Use them strategically and you’ll get amazing material for your products and services.  Send them samples of your stuff and they’ll get ‘gramming away. Just think about the content potential.  You’ll get fresh photography without the cost or stress of organising a photoshoot. Clever, right?


Do you see now how influencer marketing will solve your most challenging marketing problems?

Yeah, but what next?  How do I get cracking on this influencer marketing stuff?  Relax, you don’t need to figure it out on your own.

Save yourself the stress and outsource it all to an influencer marketing agency – or something to that effect.  We’ll get into it further in this post.

An influencer marketing agency offers various influencer marketing services for brands that will relieve you of a lot of the work, but most importantly, drive the results that your business needs.  So lets talk more about this.


Outsourcing Your Digital Influencer Marketing

You have a couple of solutions that will help you get your influencer marketing done.  Let’s drive right into them.


Influencer Marketing Companies

An influencer marketing company may not be the first thing that comes to mind – well at least not the one we’re about to talk about.  LeadDyno is an example of such a company. LeadDyno is an affiliate marketing company that can help you with your influencer marketing.

Affiliate marketing?  What does that have to do with influencer marketing?  Well, affiliate marketing and influencer marketing are perfect companions.

See, having an affiliate marketing strategy can open your brand up to a world of influencers – especially with LeadDyno.  Once you become a subscribed merchant, your affiliate program will be listed on their E-Commerce Affiliates network that reaches thousands of targeted influencers.

Influencers love affiliate programs. It allows them to easily promote relevant products and services but also it allows them to conveniently earn commissions.

So the long and the short of it is that with an affiliate marketing company such as LeadDyno, you will hit two birds with one stone.  You’ll not only reach valuable influencers but you’ll also have a smart affiliate program running to help manage promotions and commission payouts to your influencers.

The advantage of using an influencer marketing company such as LeadDyno is that you only pay influencers a commission on sales. So this is friendly on the pocket and requires no huge investment.


Influencer Marketing Agency

The next option available to you is hiring an influencer marketing agency.  And yes, as you may have already guessed, it does come with a healthy price tag.  But you can bet that you’ll get value for what you pay for.

An influencer marketing agency has many pros.  You will access expert staff that are qualified and experienced in influencer marketing.  They’ll create your entire strategy for you and they’ll execute it.

Not only that, but an influencer marketing agency has a network of quality influencers across diverse niches.  They know who best to plug your brand in with – from category to demographic. They get laser focussed on influencer targeting. Plus they naturally have great relationships with their influencers – so plugging into their world will get you all of these benefits.

Another advantage of using an influencer marketing agency is that they are performance driven – they have set targets that they are measured against and held accountable for.  See now why you pay them a fortune?


Influencer Marketing Service & Tools

So if after all of the above is said, you’re a die-hard DIYer and you still insist on rocking this ship alone then you may as well consider subscribing to certain influencer marketing services and tools that will make your life a little easier.

  • Influencer Marketplaces.  While you could do a manual search on social media platforms for influencers if you have all the time and energy in the world or you could search on an influencer marketplace.  Influencer marketplaces have an extensive database of influencers across various categories. Not only that, but you’ll be able to access meaningful stats on each profile. This includes niche, followers, monthly visitors, activity rate, engagement rate and more.  Having this data will help you find quality influencers that are best suited for promoting your product or service.


  • Influencer Management Tools.  If you’re dealing with just one or two influencers, you can pretty much keep things under control.  But when you start dealing with 5,10 or more things can get a little crazy. Managing different campaigns, content, workflow, performance and payouts is too much to handle manually.  An influencer management tool will take care of it all for you so you don’t drive yourself crazy trying to keep up with it all on your own.


Important Factors to Consider

Outsourcing your influencer marketing sounds promising and relatively simple depending on the solutions you opt for, but to avoid running into problems here are a few important factors to consider.


  • Performance Measurement.  Analytics is an important part of any influencer marketing strategy.  However you choose to execute your plan, ensure that you have the ability to clearly track and measure the performance of your entire influencer marketing campaign – at all stages of the sales funnel.  Why is this important? So you know what’s working and what’s not working. There’s not logic in spending money on a solution that’s giving you no results. And on the other end of the spectrum, if a particular channel is driving good results, you’d want to invest more into that to scale things up.


  • Success Rate.  It’s tempting to let excitement get the best of you and jump onto the seemingly next best influencer marketing solution.  But proceed with caution. An important factor to consider and investigate is the success rate of the influencer marketing agency.  Who are their previous clients and what have they achieved. It’s important to know what you’re dealing with. You want to avoid a situation where you have an experimental startup agency that’s going to run your influencer marketing campaign by trial and error – at your expense.


  • Budget.  If your budget is tight, you probably should stay away from hiring an influencer marketing agency.  An affiliate marketing strategy is the most budget-friendly solution as you only pay out commissions on sales.  If it’s your first time getting your hands into influencer marketing, avoid over committing financially until you’re satisfied with the results.



By now, I’m sure you realise how extensive the world of influencer marketing is and how influencer marketing services for your brand can help you achieve your goals.  From scaling your reach, targeting the right audience, boosting your SEO to getting hot content from your influencers.

As you can see, working with an affiliate marketing company like LeadDyno is a great way to reach influencers without a heavy cost burden.  And if you get a fully functional affiliate marketing program in the process, you’ll have a well-oiled machine that’s ready to drive conversions.

But if you’re ready to go all the way with a solid influencer marketing strategy, then an influencer marketing agency is best geared to handle the entire operation – at a price of course.  And for those that like to take matters into their own hands, there are a bunch of influencer marketing tools to make it easier for you.

Whatever your experience level, there’s an influencer marketing solution that will relieve you of the marketing pressure you may frequently experience.  After all, there’s nothing like plugging and playing your campaigns with ease, sitting back and letting influencers do most of the work for you.

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What is Influencer Marketing?

What is Influencer Marketing?

Welcome! The penny has dropped and you’ve realized that you need to get on with this thing called influencer marketing – whatever the heck this millennial marketing fad is.

So, you’re here hoping to make sense of what influencer marketing is without being overwhelmed with detailed nonsense.

But before we get your brain electricity firing, I have to break some hard news to you.

There are two types of groups in the influencer marketing landscape.

The first hopped onto these social media platforms and got content cracking while everyone thought it was madness. Hello, these early adopters are today’s social media influencers.

The second group are the rest of us that did nothing but watched social media explode in our faces. Our denial made us try to do it on our own. But we soon realized that it’s too late and we missed that ship.

If you’re reading this, you fall into the second group. Tough stuff.

Influencer marketing exists because of you – so don’t miss this ship, okay?

Do you have an affiliate program but struggle to recruit reliable affiliate marketers? Then register your merchant details to start connecting with leading bloggers and social influencers in your industry.

So, What is Influencer Marketing?

If you’re a late social media adapter, the biggest problem you have is that you have no audience – other than your parents, best friend, and your dog.

No audience = no one knows you, what you do and what you sell.

Influencer marketing is when you partner with a popular personality or brand on social media to tap into their audience and enjoy the benefits. This partnership usually involves payment or product giveaways.

Influencers are 21st Century badass royalty. So if you can’t beat them, join them – or in the case of influencer marketing, use them. Think of social media influencers as friends with benefits.

The Network Effect and Influencer Marketing

Now, let me give you a bit of insight that will blow your mind and make you realize just how valuable influencer marketing can be to you.

I’m sure you’ve heard that popular saying that you’re the average of the five people in your life. Psychology experts say that if you’re looking for a new opportunity, you’ll likely not find it within your immediate network. Simply because your current network is filled with people like you with similar circles.

Interestingly, they say that your opportunity lies within that distant contact. If you’re looking for a new job or new business, you’ll have better success reaching out to people out of your close circles.

So the lesson here is that if you’re looking for something that you don’t have, you’ll need to reach further out of your immediate network. Sometimes it’s just that one contact that you need to blow up your opportunities.

Introducing influencer marketing. Your solution to tapping into a potentially huge opportunity circle.

The impact of reaching out to an individual or brand out of your circle, but most importantly in circles where your target audience lies could place your business in the spotlight.

Now imagine the ripple effect of your business’ awareness in the right network circles?

Are you thinking about setting up an affiliate program for your business? Then try out the 30 days free trial of LeadDyno and we will guide you every step of the way!

5 Reasons to Try Influencer Marketing

1.  Reach Your Target Audience

Why labor yourself and reinvent the wheel when someone out there has done all the hard work and all you need to do is tap into it? The benefits of tapping into, let’s say, a social media fitness influencer is that they have invested (a lot of time and resources) in building a niche audience and it takes partnering with the right influencer to reach your target audience.

2.  Get Social Proof

One of the common barriers to conversions is social proof. When you’re out in town and looking for a restaurant, would you walk into one with no people? You’d likely go to a restaurant that is buzzing with people because that is a psychological signal that “it must be good if people are there”.

Same for your business. More buzz will give your business the social proof to interest your target audience. If a social media influencer mentions your brand, people will take recognition because “it must be good if they’re talking about it”. Right?

3.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Benefits

Influencer marketing involves popular online profiles promoting your business and sending them to your website. These inbound links to your website make it more valuable to Google. And from an SEO point of view, all these links will bump up your search engine ranking.

The key though is to get valuable and relevant inbound links – so the more valuable and more relevant the social media influencer, the better your SEO results.

Great news if you’re subscribed to LeadDyno ‘cause your merchant listing includes a sweet inbound link directly to your website.

4.  Low-Cost Marketing

Can you imagine the cost of celebrity endorsements? Well, thankfully, influencers are not exclusive to celebrities. And thankfully you don’t need millions of dollars either.


All you need is to find the perfect influencer match for your business and from less than 100 bucks, your business marketing could explode. Low-cost marketing doesn’t get any better than that.

5.  Grow Your Social Media Following

If you have the dedication and patience for years then, by all means, go ahead and build your social media following organically. If you don’t then save yourself the hassle and speed up your following with influencer marketing.

Imagine what would happen if an influencer asked their one million following to visit your social media page? The results will definitely beat that random 3 followers per week that you’d get otherwise.

Cool, I’m Ready to Go All In with Influencer Marketing

See now why influencer marketing is such a fad? It’s amazing how just a single post in the right hands will super-charge your business into a network of possibilities that would not exist otherwise.

If you’re ready to go ahead with this baby then it’s time to match your business with influencers in your niche. A great way to start is by creating an affiliate program. An affiliate program will get you all set up with great marketing material but also an automatic commission system.

LeadDyno makes this so easy – you can be set up in a matter of minutes. Another cool thing about LeadDyno is that you’ll be listed on our affiliate network – reaching potential influencers in your niche.

Give influencer marketing a try – for a low-cost marketing solution, you really don’t have much to lose. But just imagine the benefits that will come along with the perfect influencer marketing partnership?

Ready for more action?  Then check out Part 2 of this series:  How to Find Influencers.

Are you an affiliate marketer looking for great affiliate programs related to your niche to join? Then sign up to the ECA affiliate network, where you will have access to a massive directory of merchant programs.

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