The Best SaaS Affiliate Program Got Even Better

Our own popular affiliate program just got a boost with a new partner-friendly feature. I’ll share the specifics with you in a minute. In this update, we’ll discuss the ways we can partner together – such as:

  • Our own affiliate program, which pays generous 20% (recurring!) commissions,
  • A new agency-friendly setup (for our partners with multiple clients),
  • How you can find 2,442 affiliate programs to promote as an influencer, and
  • How you can recruit affiliates and influencers from our own affiliate and influencer network.

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Affiliate Marketing Advice | LeadDyno Guide

3 Valuable Slices of Affiliate Marketing Advice (for Free!)

How about some summer reading that’s light, educational AND makes you money? Our friends at Live Chat Inc put together The Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Guide. It includes affiliate marketing advice from experts (including yours truly). If this interests you, then you can download your free copy right here:

It is a “bull market” in affiliate marketing spend, states Forrester Consulting. Investment in this marketing medium is growing by 10.1% each year. Which is probably no surprise to a savvy marketer such as yourself!

And here’s a quick tease on the type of insights you’ll get in the book. As if you don’t hear from me enough on a regular basis!

Again, you can download the Ultimate Affiliate Marketing Guide right here.

Get Expert Affiliate Marketing Advice and a Free 20 Minute Call with Dustin Howes

Looking for an affiliate marketing expert to give you a hand with your affiliate program? Whether you’re looking to launch your program. Scale it up. Or really take things to the next level. Then Dustin Howes is your man. And now, he offers free 20-minute phone consultations for LeadDyno users.

affiliate marketing expert

Dustin has a decade’s worth of experience in the affiliate and influencer marketing industry. Most folks are experts at 10,000 hours of work. Dustin has doubled that with 20,000 hours spent growing and scaling thousands of partner programs!

His conclusion earlier this year? Most affiliate programs don’t perform well due to poor management. So Dustin launched his own advisory service as well as the only online certification course for aspiring affiliate managers.

But you don’t have to be a client to tap Dustin’s affiliate brain. You can schedule a complimentary 20 minutes on his calendar right here.

Webcast Training: Affiliate & Influencer Marketing 101

Finally, if you’re looking for an end-to-end beginners tutorial on how to launch an affiliate and influencer marketing program. Including the low down on:

  • How to recruit influencers.
  • What commission % to pay folks.
  • How to engage your affiliate marketing team.
  • How to set everything up from a technical standpoint.

Then make sure you set aside some time to watch the webcast I co-hosted with Cratejoy’s Chrystie Vachon. We had 150+ live attendees on the line – if you weren’t one of them, then here’s a link to our recording!

PS – If you’re not yet a LeadDyno user, then you can get started with a 30-days free trial. And it comes with friendly technical support!

How to Become a Certified Affiliate Manager

In this LeadDyno-powered affiliate and influencer marketing newsletter we’ll discuss how you can:

  • Become a certified affiliate manager,
  • Collect 5-star reviews for your affiliate program,
  • Hire an expert to run your program, and
  • Find a good website developer.

#1 – How to Become a Certified Affiliate Manager

Partner, friend and affiliate manager Dustin Howes has launched an online course that’ll teach you how to be a top affiliate manager:

Dustin is sharing his expertise to teach applicants how to successfully launch and scale multi-million dollar affiliate channels. He’s also pointing out the common mistakes that affiliate managers (especially newbies) make – and how to avoid them.

Interested in launching a profitable “performance marketing” channel? Who isn’t?!

Get certified and get access to Dustin and his affiliate smarts. Learn more about Performance Marketing Manager here.

#2 – Get 5-Star Reviews for Your Affiliate Program

Our E-Commerce Affiliate Network (ECA) is on its way to becoming “Yelp for affiliate programs.” We rolled out a review feature that lets your affiliate partners review your program.

I know that LeadDyno-powered affiliate programs tend to be better run, feature cooler products and pay more generous commissions than your industry average. So here’s a chance for us to highlight your excellent affiliate programs with 5-star reviews from your partners!

It’s pretty easy to leave a review. Your affiliates will simply log into their ECA accounts, select Rate Merchant, and leave your review right there. As you collect reviews, you’ll see your “star rating” populate thanks to your partners:

Any questions? Let me know. (And thank you to the three affiliate partners of ours who kindly reviewed our program before I even announced this!)

#3 – Need an Affiliate Manager? Hire Geno’s Team

Do you need an expert affiliate manager today to run your affiliate program for you? If so, let me introduce you to my friend and colleague Geno Prussakov. He’s one of the best in the business for scaling and managing successful affiliate programs. He also has an impressive rolodex of influencers, too.

Last year, I sat down and asked Geno a few questions. You can read the full interview here. If you’re interested in potentially hiring Geno’s firm AM Navigator, here’s where we got down to brass tacks in our conversation:

What’s the minimum budget a merchant or marketer should have in mind when looking to engage a firm like yours?

Much depends on the type of relationship the merchant is looking for. Fees on fully outsourced management solutions start from a couple of thousand dollars a month, while in co-management scenarios (where there is a strong internal support of the program and some of the management-related tasks are handled in-house), we are open to working with smaller budgets.

And how about time commitment. If I wanted to hand off my affiliate marketing efforts to you, how much time should I still plan on dedicating? In other words, how much responsibility can I outsource to you, and automate via products like LeadDyno?

In full outsourced management context, the advertiser’s time commitment may be as brief as 1-2 hours a week, and likely not even every week. In co-management cases, several hours a week.

For readers interested in possibly taking the next step towards outsourcing their affiliate program management, what step(s) can they take next?

Take a look at the services that we offer, and then request your quote, providing as much detail as possible. I personally respond to every quote request within 12 hours of its submission.

Update: Geno now has a LinkedIn Course on Affiliate Marketing – you can watch it right here!

#4 – Need a Good Web Developer? Talk to Craig

Good, reliable web developers are tough to come by. If you’re nodding your head, well, I’ve got some good news for you. My friend Craig recently launched his own firm, and he can help with website and e-commerce projects at a reasonable cost.

Sunshine Digital is the place for those of you looking for website help from a reliable team based right here in the US (Florida, to be specific). If you chat with Craig, please do tell him that I sent you. Contact him about your next project here.

Finally, Congrats to These Featured Affiliate Programs

We feature 5 affiliate programs every day in our email newsletters and Facebook posts for the affiliates and influencers. Congratulations to these well-deserving affiliate programs that saw their names in lights over the past week!

Would you like to have your affiliate program featured? Please let me know!

First step is to join ECA (if you haven’t already). Click the Network tab from within LeadDyno (lower-left corner) to setup your merchant profile. Then, I can work with you to polish your profile and get you dialed in for your feature.

-Brett Owens
Marketing Director & Co-Founder
LeadDyno – Easy Affiliate Marketing (& Influencer Network!)
(888) 340-6425

Join me for a live 12-min affiliate marketing demo this week.

Affiliate Dashboard app for mobile

Text Message Affiliate Marketing? It’s Here

Your affiliates and influencers can now share their links via text messages! And it’s especially easy with our Affiliate Dashboard mobile app. Here are the details…

Text Message Affiliate Marketing with One-Click

Our Text sharing shortcut is now available on affiliate dashboards when accessed from mobile devices (via our mobile app or the phone’s web browser). Affiliates can simply click the button to share their link with a text message (just as they would any other social sharing button.)

That’ll pull up the phone’s text messaging app. It’ll kickoff a new message, with the affiliate’s link already in the body of the new message. It’s text sharing made easy!

Affiliate Dashboard Apps for Android and iPhone

There are two ways your affiliates can access your dashboard from their mobile device:

I like the convenience of the mobile app myself. To access it, I just tap the Affiliates icon on my phone:

text message affiliate marketing

That gives me the shortcut to access the dashboard itself directly from my phone. So that I can share my affiliate link via text message, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

In addition to our new text message affiliate marketing feature, we have more new items to announce. Here’s a quick rundown.

And 5 New LeadDyno Features

1 – More details for affiliates about their purchases.

You can now enable “Show Commission Details” on this page to show more details about the purchases that are driving commissions:

2 – More characters for affiliate terms of service.

We initially had a character limit – not anymore. Take as much space as you’d like when outlining terms of service for your affiliates to opt into.

3 – Date range for affiliate analytics.

We continue to cater to your partners who send serious traffic by letting them break down their referral stats and sources.

4 – Let affiliates see names of their downlines.

A big request from the multi-level affiliate marketing folks – we now let affiliates in multi-level setups see the names of their downline affiliates.

5 – AWeber integration for affiliate newsletters.

And our integration with AWeber is now live. This platform joins HubSpot as another partner option for sending affiliate newsletters (in addition to the built-in email tool we have within LeadDyno itself).

Have an affiliate marketing feature you’d like to see next? Give us a ring and let us know!

5 Best Affiliate Programs for December

When we find something hot, we like to share it with you.  So, here are 5 of the best affiliate programs for December 2017 courtesy of our e-commerce affiliate network.  Read on and start promoting the following:

  • Jewelry:  Affordable High Quality Jewelry (15% Commish)
  • Clothing:  Women’s Vintage Clothing (20% Commish)
  • Fitness:  Complete Sports Nutrition (20% Commish)
  • Tech:  Smart Camera Remote (15% Commish)
  • Beauty:  Traditional Norishing Skincare (10% Commish)

(And don’t forget you can browse 1,630+ more affiliate programs right here, too – if you’re not yet an affiliate in our network, it’s free to sign up).

Affordable High Quality Jewelry for 15% Commission

It’s no surprise that jewelry is always a winner over the festive season.  If you’re looking to gift a loved one with an intimate piece of jewelry without breaking the bank, shop at Peak Gems.  Fine jewelry pieces with mesmerizing gem stones set in a choice metal finishes, certainly make for treasured gifts.  How about a stunning garnet gem set in a sterling silver rose gold finish ring to surprise your loved one?  Most pieces are pleasantly priced under $100.

Affiliates earn a commission of 15% on sales.  Apply here to become an affiliate of Peak Gems.

Women’s Vintage Clothing for 20% Commission

womens clothing affiliate program 2018

Love and romance are always in the air over Christmas and there is nothing quite as charming as the vintage style. Playful dresses in bright warm colors and feminine prints – you’ll be sure to love.  If this romantic vintage style inspires you, then you’ll love women’s clothing from Ultamodan.  From gorgeous red sweetheart dresses, to polka dot dress and vintage prints – you can live your vintage fairytale this holiday.

Affiliates earn a commission of 20% on sales.  Apply here to become an affiliate of Ultamodan.

Complete Sports Nutrition for 20% Commission

sports nutrition affiliate newsletter 2018

The new year is fast approaching and with that creates the perfect opportunity to make some adjustments for a healthier living.  These adjustments don’t have to be difficult – anything to make our journey to better health just a little easier, is welcome.  Protein powders, fat burners and cool things like the Ketogenic Creamer are sports nutrition products from BPI Sports that you can easily incorporate into your day without much fuss to support your fitness needs.

Affiliates earn a commission of 20% on sales.  Apply here to become an affiliate of BPI Sports.

Smart Camera Remote for 15% Commission

smart camera affiliate program 2018

Christmas is not Christmas without cool tech.  Photography enthusiasts will thrill over the world’s most versatile smart camera remote, the Pluto Trigger.  This piece of tech is just 360 degrees of awesome because all its features leave us breathless.  This full-featured camera trigger boasts wireless control of shutter release, time lapse, HDR, startrail, video, timer, laser, sound, light, lightning, PIR, droplet, aux, fusion, sound, vibrate and a whole lot more of awesome features.  You’ll be impressed.

Affiliates earn a commission of 15% on sales.  Apply here to become an affiliate of Pluto Trigger.

Traditional Nourishing Skincare for 10% Commission

best affiliate programs december 2017

If you’ve been flirting with the idea of going natural with your skincare and don’t know how, Vintage Tradition will make it easy for you.  Now you can tick it off your new year’s resolution list.  Get traditional nourishing and healing skincare products such as their popular tallow balm which is a whole-body balm for the face, lips, hands, feet and body.  The tallow balm contains natural ingredients with healing properties to treat many skin conditions such as damaged and irritated skin, rashes, wrinkles and more.

Affiliates earn a commission of 10% on sales.  Apply here to become an affiliate of Vintage Tradition.

Join Our Affiliate Network & Access More Programs Here

(And don’t forget you can browse 1,630+ more affiliate programs right here, too – if you’re not yet an affiliate in our network, it’s free to sign up).



How to Set Affiliate Commissions

Want to know the “going rate” for affiliate commissions in your industry? Here’s how to set affiliate commissions that are competitive and attractive.

We surveyed 210 of the top affiliate programs in e-commerce, across a range of 21 product categories. From clothing to jewelry to health products and beyond, we’ll discuss the specific commissions these merchants are offering to drive successful affiliate and influencer marketing programs.

But first, let me explain how these leading merchants decide what to offer their referral partners.

How to Set Your Affiliate Commission Rate

If you spend money with Google, or Facebook, or anyone else online, you should know how much you’re willing to spend to acquire a new customer.

The big sites, like Google and Facebook, make you buy traffic up front. This means that you pay for clicks without any guarantee that they will convert.

After the fact, these sites will show you your “cost per conversion.” (Facebook will do everything it can to show you cheerier – and meaningless – metrics such as costs per interaction or whatever. Don’t pay attention to those, it’s conversions that matter).

adwords cost per conversion

The ultimate conversion is a sale. And you should know how much you’re willing to pay for a new purchase. Remember, it goes beyond that single transaction. You now have a new customer, who you can sell more things to in the future, and get referrals from. So the value may extend beyond the profit margin on that first purchase.

Let’s say you believe a new customer is worth $20 to you. Great – this is what you can spend “per conversion” in any online campaign.

You may want to represent this as a percentage of the sale. If you have multiple items at different price points, you may instead be willing to spend 10% or 20% of the sale total to seal the deal.

I believe in extending this “revenue share” to affiliate partners. My thinking is that those who are able to bring us new customers are as valuable as our other marketing cogs – and they deserve a similar rate. Plus, I want to make my affiliate program more compelling than my competitors’. So I want to pay as much as I can to my affiliates.

What Others in Your Industry are Paying Today

Now, you take that number – either what you are paying today, or what you should be paying – and compare it to your competitors who are running successful affiliate programs.

A great way to do this is join an affiliate network as an affiliate and browse merchant offers to see what they are paying. This is exactly what I did with our E-Commerce Affiliate Network, the leading affiliate and influencer platform for online stores.

You can click here to join for free as an affiliate if you want to. But you don’t have to – I crunched the numbers for you below. Here are the average affiliate commissions that Top 10 merchants are paying in the following categories (displayed as percentages of the sale):

Product Category Affiliate Commissions (% of Sale)
Arts & Crafts 12%
Beauty 15-20%
Business 20-25%
Clothing 10-15%
Computers & Tech 15-20%
Education 20%
Family 20-25%
Financial 30-40%
Fitness 10-20%
Food & Drink 10-20%
Hair 10%
Health 20-30%+
Home 10-20%
Jewelry 15-30%
Paleo 10%
Pets 10-20%
General Products 10-20%
Recreation 10%
Services 30%
SaaS 20-30%
Adult 10-15%+

Ready to launch your affiliate program? Get started with LeadDyno, the leading affiliate marketing platform.

how to set affiliate commissions

Family Affiliate Programs | LeadDyno Marketing Guide

6 Family Affiliate Programs | Latest Affiliate Opportunities

Updated: 1st July 2018 – We have added 3 additional family affiliate programs to the list. The earlier programs are still accepting affiliate applications.

If you’re in search of products to promote on your family orientated website, then we have 6 great family affiliate programs for you to consider. The merchants listed in this guide have been specially selected from our extensive affiliate network directory.

Now let’s read more about these companies and what they are offering in terms of product value and commission rates.

Newest Family Affiliate Programs To Join

Below we have for you a bullet list of the family affiliate programs that we will be covering today. If the first few don’t interest you, then feel free to scroll straight through to the later ones. However, we made sure that each of the programs had unique family products that you could easily market on your desired platform.

  1. Surname Scrolls (20% Commish)
  2. Fitness Clothing for Moms & Baby Gear
  3. Baby Sleeping System (20% Commish)
  4. Outdoor Gear for Families (8-12% Commish)
  5. Products for the Whole Family (10% Commish)
  6. Brilliant Family Products for the Home (30% Commish)

1) Surname Scrolls for 20% Commission

The Internet Surname Database

It’s a pity that our ancestors didn’t have the internet. Imagine if they did?

It gets you thinking about how privileged we are to experience this technology era where we have access to everything online.  But you then come to the realization that so much of the past before the internet is lost.

This cold reality leaves us yearning to learn more about our family history and our ancestors. This knowledge is life changing and you can discover it for yourself at SurnameDB where you can discover the background to your surname.

You can also have your very own surname scroll for $25 printed in Old English script to display in your home or office space. What a meaningful treasure to have in any family.

This first affiliate opportunity will earn you a decent 20% on every sale that you generate. So if you want to join SurnameDB’s affiliate program, then click here to fill in the application.

2) Fitness Clothing for Moms & Baby Gear

Because being a mom is the best. That’s the glamorous version.

The not so glamorous version involves sleepless nights, a body that feels like it’s gone through the tumble drier and days that feel like weeks – best worst case scenario. For that, a mom needs some love too just as much as she gives it.

iMom shares that love with mommies with printed tees and some useful baby goodies that will keep a smile on her face when she needs it. You’ll find useful gifts for all the moms you know.

Want to promote these cool fitness clothing products? Then sign up as an affiliate of iMom to initiate the process.

If you are interested in more fitness affiliate programs, then you will be happy to know that you can go and read a related article, 8 Latest Affiliate Marketing Products In Fitness.

3) Baby Sleeping System for 20% Commission

Innovative Baby Sleeping System | Baby Products

Being a mom means no sleep. At least this is the case for most.

Having a newborn means that you are rocking 2-3 hours of sleep at a time and hoping the next day will be a better version of the zombie life. Because a happy mom means a happy family, I believe the world figured that it needed to solve the sleeping problem that most mothers experience.

So Nested Bean offers a much-needed sleeping system for babies, THE ZEN SWADDLE and THE ZEN SACK that combines the medically proven benefits of touch for improved sleep time for your baby.

This and more useful products for a happier mom and baby at Nested Bean.

Affiliates of Nested Bean can earn a commission of 20% on sales. Simply apply here to get started.

Feel free to check out one of our latest affiliate guides about other baby products that you can promote – Baby Products Affiliate Programs.

The next three family affiliate programs are the latest addition to this blog post. So for those of you who have already explored the above 3 merchants – then the following ones are for you.

4) Outdoor Gear for Families for 8-12% Commission

Yellow Backpack with Football Motif | Outdoor GearOne of the pros of having a family is that you get to do cool stuff together. Travel, sports, and outdoor activities are so much more exciting when you’re doing it as a family.

Creating those amazing memories together is always a treasure. If outdoor activities are a highlight in your family, check out Obersee.

You’ll get cool outdoor gear for your whole family – including the baby. Apparel, bags and more.

Register here to become an affiliate of Obersee and you can work your way to earning between 8-12% in commissions.

5) Products for the Whole Family for 10% Commission

Baby's Blue Dino Onesie | Family ProductsWhen you have a family, you find yourself needing all kinds of stuff that your single self-didn’t imagine existed. And by family, I’m referring to children, husband, wife, and even pets.

So if you’re looking for stuff that will bring smiles to your home, the go-to-store is the All Family STORE.

You’ll get household stuff, cute baby products, and products for your pets. Stuff like a fur remover, lint remover, cute light switch decorator, baby jumpsuits and more.

With such a wide range of products to promote, it would be a shame to miss out on affiliating with All Family STORE. So head on over there to apply and be on your way to earning 10% commission on sales.

6) Brilliant Family Products for the Home for 30% Commission

Toothbrush Holder/ Toothpaste Dispenser | Home ProductsThere are certain problems that come with having a family. One example is toothpaste.

Yes, this one is fresh in my home because the other day my 3-year old decided to wash his hands with an entire tube of toothpaste. And we all know how toothpaste problems in a family are endless.

Thankfully it’s 2018 and that means that family toothpaste problems can be solved with a toothpaste dispenser from Shop10top. Get this brilliant product and more to make family living a little more comfortable.

Affiliates – this is the highest commission rate of the day. So if you want to earn your share, then apply now to become an affiliate of Shop10top.

Want to explore more home affiliate products? Then check out our recent blog post, 16 Home And Garden Affiliate Programs.

That wraps up our guide to the latest family affiliate products that you can start promoting today. If you are still keen to browse even more family affiliate programs, then click here and we’ll take to the full list of participating merchants.