3 New Features for LeadDyno’s Affiliate Tracking Platform
“Per Product” Commish, Social Media Sharing Plugin, PayPal Mass Pay & More
We’ve got 3 new features we added to our fantastic affiliate tracking platform that I’d like to share with you this month. They’re all based on requests from you and your fellow affiliate marketers…Feature #1: “Per Product” Affiliate Commissions
Our biggest feature request has been the abilityper product affiliate commissions to define different commissions “per product” (or per SKU). I’m excited to say that this feature is now available for Shopify and Bigcommerce users.

For those of you who want to pay a higher affiliate commission for your higher margin products, and lower (or no) affiliate commission for your lower margin products, this is the way to do that.

Here’s how you can set up “per product” affiliate commissions in LeadDyno.

Feature #2: Our Social Media Sharing Plugin (for Your Website)
We’ve got a new “social media sharing” plugin that you can put on any – and every – product page on your website. It lets you put a sharing widget like this on any page…

So that visitors can simply “click” to share information about that specific product with their friends and followers.

Here’s a 2-minute video showing how it works…

Feature #3: PayPal “Mass Pay” for Paying Affiliate Commissions
Contact PayPal to have them enable “Mass Pay” in your account…

Then, you’ll be able to use Mass Pay to pay affiliates all at one time. Just check the affiliates you want to pay, then click the new Mass Pay button at the top of the screen.

Free Webcast: How to Find Great Affiliates
Many of you have asked for help finding great affiliates to promote your site and product(s).

I actually have a special “affiliate recruitment” technique I’ve used with great success in growing our two online businesses.

I recently shared my technique with current customers at no cost.

If you missed the live event, you’re welcome to watch the recording “on demand” here…

And if you want to join for our next live webcast on “finding great affiliates” you can sign up here.
Participation in the “Hot Seat” is not mandatory… but it’s available for those who do want valuable marketing advice for free.

Finally, Our “Product of the Day”
This one’s for you, fellow dog lovers…

Show some love for your dog by picking up this shirt from fellow LeadDyno customer Arm The Animals – and a portion of the proceeds will be donated to animal rescue.

PS – If you’d like to have one of your products featured, you can submit them – or your entire website for consideration – here.