For Your Affiliates: Instagram Link Sharing in 3 Steps

Instagram Link Sharing in 3 Step

For Your Affiliates: Instagram Link Sharing in 3 Steps. Your LeadDyno affiliate dashboard now has Instagram shortcuts. Please forward these instructions over to your affiliates, so that we can help them turn their Instagram profiles into passive streams of affiliate commissions!

Instagram Link

Do you use Instagram? How about earning some affiliate commissions from anyone who views your profile? It’s easy to share your affiliate link on Instagram. Here’s how…

Step 1 – Open Your Phone’s Web Browser

And tap your “one-click” affiliate dashboard link. You should have this in your Affiliate Welcome email – and if not, your affiliate manager will be able to provide this. (The URL will be something like this).

Then, click the Instagram social link on the right-side, and follow the sharing instructions that appear below it…

instagram affiliate marketing

This will copy your affiliate link to your phone’s clipboard.

Step 2 – Launch Instagram

Then, launch Instagram, and paste the link into your profile.

You can do this by tapping the Edit Profile button, and pasting the link into the Website field (which is third from the top):

instagram profile affiliate link

Step 3 – Save

Then hit the check-mark in the upper-right to Save, and you’re done!

From now on, everyone who views your profile will be a potential source of affiliate commissions for you!

Instagram Link Sharing

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