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How To Create a Beautiful Affiliate Website

What’s the easiest way to find more affiliates? Simple – boost the conversion rate of your affiliate website.

And thanks to our slick new mobile-friendly affiliate website option in LeadDyno, it’s never been easier to create an affiliate sign up page that looks like the one we’re now using ourselves:

Upgrade Your Affiliate Website Today

You can upgrade your affiliate website, which includes the sign up page and dashboard, to this gorgeous new look by going to Content – Configure Affiliate Dashboard within LeadDyno. From there, select the “Modern – Mobile Friendly” version from the top drop down:

You can then walk through the customization tabs at the top of your screen to brand, write and customize your affiliate website.

And Custom Domains Now Available, Too

As you probably know, we host your affiliate website for you by default. Which means the URL is typically something like “”. (Ours is

Custom domains, or the ability to put the affiliate website on your own website, has been a popular request. It’s now possible – and here’s how you can setup custom domain support for your affiliate website.

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