Affiliate Website Builder: LeadDyno Demo

We’re looking at the affiliate website builder for one of our sister companies, so this is what our affiliates see when they are logged in to their website. Each one of them basically gets their own dashboard which contains their affiliate link, and then ways that they can share their affiliate link and also ways that they can keep up on their progress.


Affiliate Website Builder: Demo Transcript

So first and foremost what Sam gets is a unique referral link. You can see it’s a nice looking co-branded link between our site and his. It’s also a direct link to our website, so as Sam posts this on his blog we’re getting credit for that inbound link juice as far as Google is concerned so that’s a nice thing as well. His readers, his followers are gonna click that link and they go right to our site. They’re not bounced around anywhere through the internet as well. So Sam can share this link either by copying and pasting it and putting it on his blog, in his newsletter, in his social media channels or he can take advantage of the social media shortcuts that we have.

So for example, if he wants to do a quick post on Facebook, really easy, he just hits that Facebook button, it logs him into Facebook it tees up this post and then with an additional click Sam can share this out. His Facebook followers will see this post come through their respective Facebook feeds. As these people click through or tap through, Sam’s gonna get credit for those referrals. Same idea on Twitter, so to share on Twitter he hits the tweet button it logs him in, it tees up a tweet, it’s got his affiliate link in there and a tweet pre-written so if he’s busy, as many of our affiliates are, as many as your affiliates probably are, with a couple of clicks they can get this sharing out there and be off and running.

In my experience you’ll find upwards of 80, even 90% or more of your affiliates are gonna use this pre-populated content, so a ton of value here, cause really it’s honestly the difference between them sharing their link or not. So I’m gonna show you where to write this content when we get to the affiliate manager side of things in a few minutes here. Also, Sam is able to see his progress as people click through his link he can see that in real time, so for example, he can see he’s gotten credit for 1,674 unique referrals that he sent our way via his link. Out of these 22 of these people have opted in on our website which means we also have email addresses for them. Eleven of these people have purchased thanks to Sam’s referrals and then he’s got some commissions due down here. So we can see he’s currently due $49.80. He’s been paid out, he’s done really well being a part of our affiliate program made over $1,400 already.

These commissions are coming from the sale, we’re paying a percentage of our sale. In your case, most likely that’s what you’re going to want to do. The percentage is up to you. If you need a hand in terms of choosing that for your industry, let me know. I can show you what others in your industry are using and what’s success within our own affiliate network and then we also do support a variety of nuances within those commission plans so if you need recurring commission that you’re looking to pay off for a subscription product we can support that. We can also support things like for product commissions, we do that for Shopify and big commerce folks, we can support multi-level plans so let us know what you’re thinking and we’re happy to help you out there.

Couple more things on the dashboard, so we’ve got a marketing material section where Sam has things he can post to his blog, also I got like an infographic here which has his affiliate link as well as the creatives, all he needs to do is copy this HTML, post it to his blog and he’ll get credit for anyone who clicks through here. Same idea with these banners, so we’ve got our HTML here. We’ve got our affiliate link already embedded in here. So Sam can choose any style of banner, shapes and sizes that he wants and then he’ll get credit for anyone who clicks through here and ends up onto our website.

And then I also have an archive of affiliate newsletters here, so he’s gonna receive these directly in his email inbox and then he’s also going to get them in archive available online. Here’s a recent one I sent out talking about our mobile app, letting our affiliates know that they can get our affiliate website builder directly on their phones. All they need to do is download the affiliate dashboard app, which is a nice segue because your affiliates have access to the exact same thing. So we’ve got an affiliate dashboard app which lets them get your dashboard directly onto their phones as well, so they just download the affiliate dashboard app by LeadDyno, available in Google Play or iOS stores and then plug in their email address. We’ll match them up with your own affiliate program and they’ll get access to it from their phones as well. So they can do all of the social sharing that I just showed you, from the convenience of their phones so this is a really nice benefit as well so I encourage you to take advantage of this here.

All right. Let’s get into the setup here, so I will bounce into LeadDyno itself. We’re gonna start with our content section which is about halfway down on the left-hand side if you’re logged into LeadDyno. This is where you can customize the affiliate website builder, so basically everything that I just showed you, where you can make it mobile friendly, you can select your color scheme, get your logo in there, you can even put the entire dashboard on your own domain if you would like to do that. Everything throughout, from the header to the introduction, to the instructions themselves, these are all customizable also. So you can type whatever text you’d like, or you can even insert images, you can pop links in there, you can get to the HTML directly.

We do support custom CSS so if you want to further style the page you can do that. And then always adding new features based on requests from you. This was a popular one in terms of service for affiliates so if you would like your affiliates to opt in to a terms of service agreement you now have the ability to do that so you can upload your terms of service here and then they’re gonna get a little opt in as they join your program.

Also in the content section are Facebook post, so the affiliates share on Facebook is located here so we’ve got the title of our post, we’ve got the body of the post here, so this is what is basically being sent up to Facebook when we click the share button. Same idea, I’ve got a tweet here, 140 characters to work with so here’s my hashtag, twitter handles, all this good stuff. But basically what I’m doing is I’m writing the tweet, our Facebook post our affiliates can just hit that share and go, so I think it’s a big, big benefit to your affiliates if you do this initially for them, and then maybe update these every so often, and I like to kind of update this as I send out my affiliate newsletter which I’m actually gonna show you now as we get into our toolbox here, so moving down one tic here on the left-hand side moving down to our tools menu is our affiliate newsletter.

So as I mentioned before I send these out I like to do is update the social content because as you’ll see affiliates are gonna get something that looks like this in their email inbox, they’ll get excited, they’ll want to share about this. So when for example we want Instagram support I want our affiliates to be able to go out and talk about that on their own affiliate dashboards also so this is a way that they can. So with the newsletters you can stay in touch with them, kind of keep them engaged, keep them motivated, kind of give them the inside scoop on things.

Automated emails, so we’ve got newsletters that can go out from you and these are automated so these are gonna based on certain events so for example when a new affiliate signs up with you, we can send them this welcome email which contains their affiliate link as well as the link to their affiliate dashboard, so everything they need to do to get up and running. To show you a nice little, maybe out of the box but an effective way that you could maybe use to use your leverage for your affiliates, I’ve got the ability, I offer promos from time to time for our affiliates who will take the time to leave us reviews as well, so that’s a nice thing to do if you want to kind of incentivize affiliates who most likely used your product, big fans of yours so they can kind of help you out in this respect here.

On the automated side we also have weekly updates so you can let affiliates know how they did for the week so number of visitors, number of leads, number of purchases that they each got credit for or every time they got credit for a new lead or a new purchase you can also send them an email that looks something like this.

All right. Our last big topic here is going to be our affiliate network, so let’s talk affiliate recruitment. So if we’re looking to get exposure to affiliates and influencers and get folks into our programs as easily possible, our affiliate network is a nice way to do it. So click the network tab in the lower left that will walk you through the profile set up process. What you’re gonna end up with is a nice looking profile that looks like this where we’ve got your product featured, we have your affiliate programs featured and then we’re going to write newsletters that look like these, this one actually went out today featuring our nine hottest affiliate programs for the month of June.

We sent this one out yesterday talking about three new clothing products and their affiliate programs also so we’re sending our these newsletters all of the time so affiliates who get it come back here and they can apply to join your program with one single click and then if you got auto access on they’ll get immediate access to your affiliate program. So real nice way to ramp up that affiliate base with folks who are already writing about ways to promote products in your industry, why not let them feature you and then you’re able them to incentivize them using our affiliate program here. You can also turn your customers into affiliates also, so if you’re looking to grow your program organically our affiliate invitation email is a nice way to do that. Reach out to folks as they buy from you, let them know about your affiliate program, tell them about it, invite them to join, and it’s a nice way to join their program organically, get those customers turned into affiliates.

And then final step, as folks are selling for your we’re gonna reward them with our affiliate payments, so this is our affiliate payment screen at the end of the month here which actually is the last day of June. I’m going to hit the PayPal button that will tee up a PayPal payment from me out to Lori here for the $319.90 that I owe her. I can pay a bunch of people at once by using PayPal mass pay, so I could literally pay all of my affiliates at once if I wanted to. I could cut a check alternatively and just mark someone up as being manually paid. Dwolla or Coinbase are other options as well in terms of sending money around electronically.

All right a lot of ground especially for a Friday afternoon here, let me show you how to get additional support. If you have questions now please go ahead and type those in so the rest of the time is yours if you’d like it. You can connect with us on live chat, email and phone. We’re actually up to seven days a week so we’ll have somebody on tomorrow, we’ll have somebody on the 4th of July, so seven days a week including holidays, we are at right now. Phone, email, live chat, also social media info here. If you have questions for me about this webinar, follow up questions [email protected] I’m sure you’ve got emails from me in your inbox at some point those will go back to me and we can circle back and answer any questions that you’ve got.

Otherwise, I thank you for joining, I hope it was helpful today. I hope everyone has a great weekend and a great Fourth of July. Question coming in LeadDyno is an affiliate program manager so LeadDyno so basically everything you saw here is running through LeadDyno on the demo. So yes, that’s correct. If you’re looking for an actual human to manage your affiliate program for you, we do have some partners also that we can introduce you to if you’re looking for someone to actually pull all of these switches that I showed you here today. So if you would like that intro let me know. Otherwise everything you saw today that’s going through LeadDyno itself.


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