Affiliate Tracking – How Well Do You Understand Your Affiliate Tracking Program?

Affiliate program tracking in one of the most integral components of running a successful affiliate marketing campaign.

Very few affiliate managers realize the full potential of affiliate program tracking and neglect to invest in good tracking tools or procedures.

Wouldn’t you want to track and observe progress of the people working for you in promoting your business’s products and services? After all, information gained from tracking your affiliates’ progress will help you come up with effective marketing strategies. You can also redesign your campaign or website according to received tracking reports.

A Good Affiliate Tracking Program Helps Affiliates As Well

You affiliates want as much data about the industry and traffic behavior as possible. It goes without saying that your affiliate program’s tracking and supporting feature has to be reliable! There are different options that can be chosen for affiliate tracking such as signing up with an affiliate network, running affiliate software, or designing your own.

What Must Your Affiliate Tracking Program Offer Affiliates?

The program must be able to provide the following reporting and tracking items, at minimum:

  • Clicks
  • Impressions
  • Sales/leads
  • Order ship date
  • Commission earned on each transaction
  • Returns
  • Total commission earned

Invest in the Right Affiliate Management Solution for Your Affiliates

Not all affiliate management solutions and programs are created equal. Some are more effective than others even with their simple capabilities while others require advanced capabilities. Delivering cost-effective ROI is the ultimate result.

Affiliate managers need to find more capable and robust solutions the larger their program becomes. Additionally, managers must look at automated processes, i.e. reporting, tracking, contracting and payment of affiliates. You will also need to think of your affiliates requirements. As such, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does your affiliate program offer clear lines of communication?
  • Are you providing all necessary tools and resources that help with affiliate marketing?
  • Are your affiliates driving value in their affiliate strategies and received data?

LeadDyno’s Answer to Affiliate Marketing Tracking and Reporting

In addition to helping affiliate managers build the best affiliate marketing program and recruit affiliates for product promotion, LeadDyno also offers Google and Facebook conversion tracking.

Now you don’t have to rely on Google Adwords and Facebook ad conversion tracking pixel! View LeadDyno’s demo video today.

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