Affiliate Tracking Software – in Minutes

Here’s how to setup your Affiliate Program in just a few minutes with LeadDyno’s industry leading affiliate tracking software.

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Quick Affiliate Setup – Get Traffic Right Away

LeadDyno is optimized for fast affiliate setup – so that your affiliates can begin sending you traffic immediately. Affiliates will send traffic to your website via their unique referral link, which tracks the visitors, leads, and most importantly, customers that each affiliate sends. affiliate_dashboard_affiliate_link Each affiliate’s unique tracking link can be shared with a single-click.

Your Site’s Visitors, Leads, and Customers Defined

  • A Visitor is someone that clicks to your website. LeadDyno tracks the original source of this click (ie. affiliate, pay-per-click ad, blog post, tweet).
  • A Lead is someone who gives you their email address (ie. signs up for your free newsletter).
  • A Customer is a lead who purchases your product.

Affiliate Tracking Software A quick look at the number of Visitors, Leads, and Customers provided by affiliate Richard Roma. LeadDyno tracks every sale back to its original lead source – no matter how much time passes between the conversion and its initial click – so that you always know exactly where every lead and customer came from. Read More: LeadDyno User Guide for New Affiliate Setup

Affiliate Dashboard for Real-Time Progress Updates

Your affiliates can track their own progress in real-time via their Affiliate Dashboard. You will provide them with a unique link to their dashboard, so that they can monitor the visitors, leads, customers, and commissions they have received credit for. affiliate_dashboard_progress_payments Each affiliate can view their progress and upcoming commissions in real-time. The Affiliate Dashboard is an important resource for keeping affiliates engaged in their sales efforts. The real-time access to their statistics is both reassuring and motivating, as they can be sure that they are getting credit for the traffic they send your way. Many LeadDyno users advertise this capability front and center when they bring on new affiliates.

Affiliate Promotional Materials

The Affiliate Dashboard is also the place where your affiliates can access promotional and social media materials for their own marketing efforts. Here, they can:

  • Access their affiliate link.
  • Download promotional materials (such as banner ads) for their website.
  • Broadcast their link to social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus.
  • Generate a promotional email to send to their list with a single click.

We highlight these features in more details in our Affiliate Management section. affiliate_dashboard_promo_materials Promotional materials for affiliates’ websites have their unique affiliate link embedded. Read More: LeadDyno User Guide for Affiliate Dashboard Configuration

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