Affiliate Recruitment Features & Tips

Really easy & really fast. Below are some of the features in LeadDyno that help with
recruiting affiliates.

Affiliate Signup Form

Automatically invite your customers to join your affiliate program

Do your customers know about your affiliate or referral program? As soon as you sign up with LeadDyno, we create and host your Affiliate Website for you. And like everything else in LeadDyno, you can customize it with your logo and colors… to make it specific to your brand and website. The next step is recruiting affiliates to join your program.

We have an automated way to recruit affiliates to your program with little effort.

The Affiliate Recruitment Email

We have a prewritten “affiliate recruitment email” ready for you. Here’s what it reads like out-of-the-box. All you need to do is sign your name, and this recruitment email will be delivered to each new customer as they “check out” from your online store. Sit back and watch your affiliate program grow automatically!

Easy Email Editor

All LeadDyno emails are powered by a simple email editor that you can use to customize the content as you wish. Affiliate Invitation feature that will invite new customers to join your affiliate program automatically.

Automated Emails

Emails are automatically sent to your customers after a purchase. The whole process is automated once it is setup. 

Quick Setup

Use our base template or edit to add your own language. Links will track each signup. 

Affiliate Invitation

More Resources on Affiliate Recruitment

Read one of our many guides on how to recruit affiliates, influencers and brand ambassadors. 

More Features

Affiliate Management
Commissions & Payments
Affiliate Website
Lead Management
Tracking Campaigns

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