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Affiliate Recruitment Tools – Transcript

In this demo, we’ll be highlighting key affiliate recruitment tools available in LeadDyno.

This is the Affiliate program for one of our sister companies. I’ve got this dashboard. It’s available to all of our affiliates. It’s unique to each affiliate, contains everything that he or she will need to promote our site and our product. So first and foremost, what each affiliate gets is a unique referral link. This is that classic affiliate link, which they can copy and paste and put on their blog if they have one, on a website, into an email newsletter or into any social media channel. So who I’m showing you the dashboard here is one of our partners, Sam. Sam is a blogger in our industry. So when he mentions our product, he does use his affiliate link. The nice thing about this link is couple of things. One, it’s a direct link to our site, which means his readers, his followers are not redirected anywhere. It goes directly to our website. From an SEO perspective, that’s helpful because it just counts the straight inbound link for us, so that benefits us every time an affiliate posts a link of ours.

Another nice thing about our link is you can either put an affiliate code on there, as I’ve got to kind of co-brand the link. Or we’ve got a link shortener service now available where you can create kind of style short link for all of your affiliates. It makes it really easy for them to share. So some nice options there on the link sharing. We’ve also got some nice social media sharing options. So as I mentioned, that link can be copied and pasted into anywhere in social media where a link is permitted. We also have some shortcuts and these make life even easier for affiliates of ours, affiliates of yours, busy people I know. So what we do for them is we give them some shortcuts. So for example, Sam can share on Facebook something by clicking the Facebook button. When it does, it logs him in. It tees up this post. It’s a preloaded post, which I’ve written. So it gets our affiliates off to a nice head start and I have to sit there and think about what they want to share. If they’re crunch for time, which honestly, most of them are, most of them just share the preloaded Facebook post.

So big advantage here for doing this. He’s gonna hit that Facebook button, logs him in, tees up this post. He’ll get credit for any of his friends or followers who click through this post. So this will pop into their respective Facebook feeds, and as I click through, tap through, credit goes to Sam or whoever the affiliate was who shared this. Same idea, sharing on Twitter, gonna log us into Twitter, tees up this tweet. We’ve got a preloaded tweet. We’ve got an affiliate link already in there. So as affiliate share this on Twitter, their followers will be able to, they’ll see this come through their Facebook feeds, I’m sorry, their Twitter streams, in this case. And then, as he’s supposed to click tap through, the credit is going to go to the affiliate who shared it.

All right, so as folks are clicking through, progress updates in real time. In Sam’s case here, he has got a credit for sending us 1,681 unique visitors to date. Out of those 22, these folks have opted in, 11 of these people have purchased. Thanks to his referrals and then thanks to these purchases, he has earned some commissions. So we’ve got another $99.60, which will be paid out to him at the end of this month. He’s got some money available for upcoming months as well. And then you can see then where the date being paid out, over $1,400.00 since he joined our affiliate program.

A word on commission setup here. It’s up to you in terms of what you want to pay on your commission structure. We’re happy to help you out. I would say the most common ways to pay, and let me actually give you a little sneak preview into our affiliate network. You can see on the right side here where we’ve got some of our most popular commissions listed. Our most common ways are going to be a percentage of the sale but some people do offer set dollar amount. It’s typically on a purchase but it is possible for you if you want to pay per email address that you get or even per click or some combination of those that you could set that up as well. So let me know if you have questions on your commission setup. We can give you a hand with that or kind of point you in terms of the right direction but leave now to this for the variety of the nuances available there, including even multi-level recurring commissions, all that kind of stuff also.

Couple more things I want to show you on the dashboard here. Our Marketing Materials tab is where Sam can get creative for his website. So, things like this infographics here. He can copy and paste html here. He’ll get the infographic. He’ll also get his link embedded within here, same with these banner ads. So he can grab the html associated with these banner ads. Post it to his blog and [inaudible 00:04:45] for anyone who has clicked through these banners.

And then finally, I have an archive of affiliate newsletters up here on the dashboard. When I send these out, these do go to our affiliates and land directly in their email inboxes. Nice way to engage affiliates. I like to send our newsletters…I’ll give you a couple of tricks in terms of writing effective email newsletters. I like to send our newsletters out. I’ll often align it with our affiliate payments and it’s always a nice way to get everyone’s attention. Say, “Hey, I’ve got some money going out the door. So login to your dashboard to see what you’re getting paid. If you’re not getting paid, use the social sharing buttons also, I set up for next month. You are getting paid. Use the social sharing buttons anyway. Get paid more next month.”

And then, in this case here, I’m also using the newsletter to kind of give them the inside scoop on our new, actually, our new mobile app. So letting them know they can now get the affiliate dashboard that I just walked you through on the web. And they can also get access to all of this on their phones as well. So that’s a good little segue here where everything I want to mention…anything I’ve just showed you is available on Android as well as iPhone. We can actually get the iOS. I think this is…yes, affiliate dashboard for iPhone as well. So Android and iPhone, you can get your dashboard on their phones. What they do is they just download our app, type in their email address and then they’ll be logged in to their affiliate dashboard via your program.

All right, so let’s embark on the second half here. I’m gonna take you into LeadDyno itself and show you where this is set up. And then, we’ll get into our affiliate network and affiliate recruitment, and then we’ll get in to questions here. So the affiliate website that I walked you through the dashboard, that can all be customized. I am doing this via our content section over on the left-hand side. This is where you can walk through. And if you want to go the mobile-friendly version, you can make these types of selections, the color scheme. Pick your logo in there where you can really kind of co-brand that dashboard to your own website’s look and feel. Even if you want to put it on your own custom domain on your website, it is possible to do that. Everything within the header is customizable as well. The introduction, the instructions, you can just rewrite those by typing in new text here or you can fancy it up, if you like, by inserting images. You can insert links out to other sites out to your site. You can embed html. We do even support custom CSS. If you want to further style it, you can do that. And then, we’ve got some amenities, such as if you want to have your affiliate opt in to a terms of service agreement, that’s possible. You can enable terms of service. You can upload yours here. And then your affiliates, in this case, would agree to your terms of service before they’re granted access to your affiliate program.

Also, in the content library, the Facebook post that I showed you earlier. So this is the preloaded post that’s going out to Facebook on the share right here. This is where we’re sharing that from…or this is where we’re composing that. So this is the title going out to Facebook body and the URL where folks are ending up. Same idea with the tweet. So we’ve got 140 characters to work with. You can include Twitter handles. You can include hash tags and then this link will click to an affiliate version of that link based on the affiliate who shares it when that goes out.

Get in to a few of our tools here, the affiliate newsletter. I showed you what this looked like from the affiliate standpoint. So here is where you can send it out from within LeadDyno itself. Kind of showing you another way you can engage your affiliates, is if you ever want to kinda rally them for reviews. That’s what I did with this newsletter here. So that’s kind of a nice way also to leverage your affiliate base. I know reviews are important these days. It’s kind of hard, as you know, to get customers to write them. Affiliates will often engage and help you out there. So that’s another way you can use the affiliate newsletter feature. You can send these out from LeadDyno.

You can also send some automated emails out, and these are going to fire off as the hint would say. So they’re automated. They fire automatically based on certain events. So for example, when a new affiliate signs up, we can send them a welcome email, which is gonna give them their affiliate link as well as the link to their affiliate dashboards. Everything they need to get up and running. In my case, I’m reminding about the mobile app because I want to be on their phones as well. You can also keep them updated on progress. We’ve got a weekly status email built, if you want to let affiliates know how they did for the week. All these emails are customized, as well as you can write, tweak them as you would like, and then you’re just going to mail them from within LeadDyno and they’ll be off and running. You can even let affiliates know every time they get credit, for example, for a new purchase. In this case, I’m sending them a thank you email, to let them know what was, who bought. So again, all customizable here and you can plug in some different variables as you would like.

All right, before I get into our affiliate network, let me get to our questions here. Question, can we preload images into our social posts that we prep for our affiliates? It’s a very good question. I do get this one quite often. So for example, the Facebook post. When you share a link on Facebook, they don’t give you an option to preload an image. It’s the same here. Facebook is going to pull the image from this page. So if I want to show you kind of how I get around this or how I show Facebook what I share, I’ve got a page here that has one image and it’s a big, fat image. This is the image that I get shared when I post to Facebook, okay. So this is what I recommend doing on your social sharing. Put one image on that page, and we’re gonna pick that image and that will be the one that Facebook is going to choose to share here. So, good question.

Let’s talk affiliate recruitment tools and then we’ll get into…I’ve got some more questions here. So we’ll get in to more questions in a moment. Our affiliate invitation email is a nice way to grow your program organically. Turn those new customers into new affiliates of yours as well. This is gonna reach out on the folks as they buy for you. Not much needed to do. You just enable the email and if you want to make any tweaks to the email, go ahead and you can do that right here. Otherwise, just enable it and this will send it out and reach out the folks as they buy from you. Invite them to join your program and then we’re going to send them to your affiliate landing page, which is going to be look something like this where they can opt in to join your program. So that’s been a real nice way for us and many of our users in terms of affiliate recruitment.

We also have an affiliate network. So this is exciting because we can give you exposure to affiliates and influencers in your product category or maybe outside of your current sphere of influence. So what we’re gonna do is get you featured in our directory, first of all. And you can set up your profile just from within LeadDyno. Click the Network tab in the lower left. That will walk you through a profile creation. What we’re gonna talk about your product, and then we’re gonna just talk about your affiliate program over here on the right. So a nice way again to get exposure to affiliates looking for products like yours. What we would like to do is well, what I would really like to do is get it featured also. So as you join and get set up, please reach out to me and let me know so that I can get you featured. As you can see here, we’re doing a lot of work on…not only on our Facebook page but also…let me see if I’ve got one that went out. This is a newsletter that went out. So this goes out via email to our affiliates interested in Health & Fitness, in this case. So they’ve got the ability here where they can click to join the affiliate program and a nice little write up here. So, again, as you set up your profile, let me know. So, if you’re interested in being featured, so I can get you into one of our newsletters here and help get you some initial traction on your affiliate program.

All right, and then finally, affiliate payouts. Last thing we’ll cover, pretty straightforward. We’ll just head on in here. I’m gonna…so let’s say I’m paying through the end of July. I’ll click the PayPal button, if you have a PayPal payment from me, out to Lori here, for the $11.30 that I owe her. I’ve got mass pay available if I wanna pay a bunch of people at once. Dwolla or Coinbase would be other ways to pay also. Work on to cut Lori a check. I would just hit the manual button. I will mark her up, just be manually paid.

All right, let’s get into the questions here. First…really, second question, someone I assume gets their affiliate link. So if someone gets their affiliate link to refer my product, does the referral just get tracked by cookies? That is correct. So we do use cookies. So if they clear the cookies, they would clear that tracking code. So they would not then get that commission. By default, the cookies are gonna last in perpetuity as you asked, but they do not have to. We have settings where if you want to change the link, the time that that ask for, that is, that setting is here. So I’m under Settings over on the left side, Affiliate Settings. See this last one here, number of months the affiliate referral last for, by default is forever, but you can edit this and make it last for a certain number of months, if you would like to do that. So that’s a common one as well.

All right. Question, how do we shorten the affiliate link? So the short URL is actually right here as well, under Affiliate Settings. Shorten URLs is how you would enable our link shortener by default right here. Question on setting up an MLM structure. So he wants to see a demo. So let me show you how to get this going. I just wanna have the doc ready for you, but I will to our…this setup. So to setup a Multi-level, what I’m gonna do is go on to our Commission Payment. I am going to select Advanced Options…oh no, I’m sorry. I don’t actually need to be. Oh yeah, no I do. Under Advanced Options, I already had that expanded. For tier support, this is Multi-level. So we’ve got our regular commission setup and then we’re gonna apply a different payments to each tier down here. So this is how we’re gonna do the Multi-level setup.

If you would like…so I have a trouble again. I got typed that in wrong. I’ll send you a document here if you have questions or if you want to. I’ve got a bunch of questions here, so I’m gonna kind of go on quick. But if you do need help setting up your Multi-level structure, let us know. I’m happy to help you with that. But also, I’ll send you this, which is kinda step-by-step, well, walkthrough.

All right, can we create two or three new social media posts weekly for all channels, and will affiliates be able to see them easily, so new groups, for a specific time period? So yeah, that’s fine. What you’re gonna do is, but you probably just gonna change amount. I mean, I would probably…I would either just change the primary ones, which are the main ones that post on the page, that page when I was logged in. Or you could add additional ones if you wanna toss up additional Facebook posts, additional tweets, that’s fine. And then you can make invisible, not visible. So you can really toggle those as many as you would like. And then, a follow up question in categories for digital products. And yeah, so if you have a digital product services for social media, I would probably recommend our Computers & Tech category for signing up but if you want to have me take a look at it, I can do that as well.

Health & Detox products would be a good fit for our Health category. Is it a way to set standards for your affiliate network? So, yeah, generally, in our case we screen all the merchants. So we do take a look at everything that comes through the network. So it is subject to our approval in terms of a health product being listed on the network.

Successful website. We never tried affiliate marketing, like everything on videos. Once we’ve signed up for the program, will people be able to sign up with us? So yeah, when you would sign up for LeadDyno, you get your own affiliate sign up page. This is a page that you can direct people to, if you want to encourage affiliates to join your new affiliate program. And then, as I mentioned, if you’re interested in joining our network, we can get you listed in there as well. So those would be the starting steps that I would recommend.

Can we come at mass pay to your system and I’ll get paid directly from your account? That’s right. So all you really need to do is just enable mass pay and what will happen here, I’ll show you a payout. Let me…I’ll pay Charity here early. So I’m just paying it once. Mass pay is the same thing. I’m gonna log into my account so you can remember this, if you would like, and then it’s a one click payout. So I’ll pay her out this way and then we are good to go. So mass pay is gonna be the exact same process as that. Okay, let me close that up

BigCommerce pricing question. We do have a $29 a month starter plan in addition to our other traffic levels. So that, for Shopify and BigCommerce folks, you can get access to a $29.00 startup plan that’s a…so it’s a plan that accommodates up to 1,000 unique visitors, just add up from those stores. And then, to dovetail well into the question on pricing, so it is a monthly flat fee and we do not take a percentage of sales. So we don’t punish you for sales here.

And that question, yeah, a multi-level setup. Yeah, no problem on that. You can pay our live chat operators to setup the call or I’ll show you our contact page here as well. And then, follow up question, Somebody joining our network. Yes, the network is free for LeadDyno users. So if you’re a LeadDyno user, it is free for you to join, nothing beyond the flat monthly prices that I showed you earlier. And then, I think, in the final question that we’ve got here is going to be setting up an MLM structure. I wanted to call on that. So that is a good close. I’ll show you where I get a hold of us.

One more question on Shopify stuff. So let me actually show you how to get a Shopify pricing. So for Shopify folks, if you want to get our app, you’re just gonna go here and you’re just gonna add our app and then you’ll be good to go. Same idea for BigCommerce. Anyone adding us from an app store, from LeadDyno itself you’ll find the free trial stuff on our home page. Our contact info is here as well. So we do phone, email, live chat. This is available seven days a week now. So we added Saturday support. It includes holidays as well. So we’re around. We know you’re around and a lot, we’re around as well to support you. Live chat, lower right, will get you probably quickest help of phone, email info here as well. [email protected] goes back to me.

So I thank you everyone for joining today on this start of the work week. So I hope everyone has a great week. And let me know if we could help. Let us know if you join our affiliate network so I can get you featured there as well. Thanks again. And hope to hear from everyone soon. So please keep us posted. I’d love to hear how your affiliate program is going and to help whatever we can to make that a successful program for you.

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