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Do you ever feel like a small fish in a big pond? With managing an affiliate program you may sometimes feel overwhelmed by the sheer size of your program and the number of affiliates you work with. And a big part of managing a successful affiliate program is what you offer your affiliates. After all, the better your relationships are with your affiliates, the happier they’ll be to promote your products. But don’t worry – with the right tools and strategies, you can easily manage even the largest affiliate programs. In this post, we’ll give you some strategies for affiliate program management. Stay tuned!

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7 Best Affiliate Program Examples

Several factors contribute to the best affiliate programs, from commission amounts to ease-of-use to bonuses and perks. Below are examples of some of the best affiliate programs. 

1. Amazon Associates 

Amazon Associates affiliate program page. 

Amazon remains one of the most successful companies in the world, with over $380 billion in revenue generated in 2020 alone. It also offers one of the most well-known affiliate programs, Amazon Associates. The affiliate program is appealing in part because of the brand’s recognizability. This leads to an increased likelihood of conversions for affiliates. Getting to such a high level of brand recognition takes time above all else. However, including attractive perks also helps. 

What makes Amazon Associates unique:

  • Affiliates receive a commission on a user’s entire cart if the user buys additional items.
  • There are millions of products to sell from any affiliate’s niche.
  • A partnering Amazon Influencer Program is available for social media users with large audience engagement.

2. Leadpages

Leadpages affiliate program page. 

Leadpages offers numerous products for businesses looking to build their web presence online. For instance, users can create attractive landing pages, sales pages, and lead forms. Thanks to the system’s real-time tracking software, users can also track their website performance. For affiliates, Leadpages presents an unparalleled affiliate program with impressive monetary gains in the form of a 50% commission. It also offers excellent support from the Leadpages team. Many affiliate programs tend to overlook the value of such support, leaving much of the weight on affiliates’ shoulders.

What makes Leadpages unique:

  • It has a dedicated affiliate support team and forms to meet other affiliates.
  • Affiliates can promote non-product-oriented content, such as webinars, blogs, guides, and videos.
  • Leadpages offers exclusive bonuses and promotions after reaching various milestones. 

3. Elementor

Elementor affiliate program page. 

Elementor is another popular tool for creating websites using an easy-to-use drag and drop editor. Website builders can easily install hundreds of widgets, integrations, and templates for any business or service. Its affiliate program is just as easy to use while offering numerous tools and additions. Moreover, the program emphasizes that all its resources are accessible for newbies and experts alike. You can use this strategy to entice all levels of affiliates to your own program. 

What makes Elementor unique:

  • Affiliates earn 50% commission with high pricing tiers leading to bigger payouts.
  • Elementor offers access to a comprehensive creative library of tools, resources, and content.
  • Powerful tracking software allows affiliates to measure their growth over time.

4. Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor affiliate program page. 

Affiliate programs aren’t just for tech-oriented or e-commerce sites and businesses. In fact, one of the most popular fields for affiliate programs is travel. One of the most popular travel affiliate programs is Tripadvisor. Garnering nearly 900 million customer reviews and opinions on hotels, restaurants, and activities worldwide, travelers flock to the travel site for advice and tips. Affiliates enjoy the program’s unique strategy to earn money. Instead of only being paid when a referral makes a purchase, affiliates earn a 50% commission every time someone arrives on the Tripadvisor site from their link and clicks on a link or ad. 

What makes Tripadvisor unique:

  • There is a 14-day referral window — affiliates still get paid as long as their users click on a link within two weeks.
  • Affiliates can use embedded links rather than sponsored posts.
  • There is an option to choose between two affiliate network partners.

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5. BH Cosmetics 

BH Cosmetics’ affiliate program page. 

Fashion is another popular field with a range of affiliate programs. Based in California, BH cosmetics prides itself on selling high-quality yet affordable makeup. Aside from its popular products, it also has a worthwhile affiliate program. BH Cosmetics stands out with its 90-day cookie life — the time affiliates can earn from a sale if a buyer doesn’t make an immediate purchase. Introducing long-lasting cookie policies is a surefire way to attract affiliates who may be concerned about not making sales right away.  

What makes BH Cosmetics unique:

  • There are clear expectations, terms, and conditions from the get-go — with an average $38 customer order value.
  • BH sends monthly newsletters with updates, tips and tricks, and incentive announcements.
  • Affiliates can access coupons or banners to add to blogs and social media pages.

6. Active Campaign 

Active Campaign’s affiliate program page. 

Active Campaign is a web platform that helps businesses smooth their operations using automation. Specifically, Active Campaign provides automation tactics to help businesses find and nurture high-quality leads while allowing them to implement split testing to measure their efforts. Its affiliate program focuses on the fact that affiliates can remain affiliates “forever” on the site, earning up to a 30% commission. As a result, affiliates know they have a lifetime value with the program. With the right amount of selling and planning, affiliates can rely on Active Campaign to provide them with a steady income, which is always an attractive offer. 

What makes Active Campaign unique:

  • There is a free affiliate starter pack with informative guides and webinars.
  • Active Campaign offers incentives to raise commission rates.
  • It is a highly-rated affiliate program across the board.

7. eUKhost 

eUKhost’s affiliate program page. 

eUKhost is a web hosting service with nearly 20 years of experience. Whether you’re looking to launch a personal website or want to migrate your large, corporate website to a new host, eUKhost has experts ready to take on the task. eUKhost also offers various security and privacy protection software. The affiliate program works a little differently than the others on this list — affiliates earn fixed commissions of 65%, 75%, or 100% based on the number of orders they get per month. Fixed commissions rates are sometimes preferred by affiliates, as they are less of a risk factor.

What makes eUKhost unique:

  • Affiliates earn up to an impressive 100% commission.
  • It offers access to a variety of affiliate materials, including banners, discounts, newsletters, and guides.
  • There is a wide range of high-quality, trusted products to promote.

Affiliate Program Management: Create an Affiliate Program That Transforms

Running an affiliate program remains a cost-effective, flexible, and low-risk way to transform your marketing and advertising efforts. No more will you have to allocate large chunks of your budget in hopes that the right people will eventually see your site and buy your products or services. Affiliates do the hard work for you while providing valuable data and insight into what your customers want out of your business. When creating a successful affiliate program, helps to have a knowledgeable partner on your side. This can ensure you get set up and running smoothly. With LeadDyno, you receive expert assistance every step of the way. Contact us today and get the best tips and tricks for an effective program that attracts the best affiliate partners. 

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