How To Use Coupons To Grow Your Affiliate Program

how to use coupons to grow your affiliate program

Even though the days of coupon-cutting may be over, many people still depend on deals to save money when they make a purchase. One study from Blackhawk Network showed that 80% of shoppers are willing to go out of their way for a good deal.

Coupons are a great way for marketers to generate excitement around their products, and they are therefore prevalent in the world of marketing. Coupons particularly help brands in industries with lots of competition. They give customers a reason to buy via a discount, and people love finding the best price. 

Affiliate programs can incorporate coupons to generate more revenue. Coupons can be integrated into your program via a coupons affiliate program, where you link up with affiliate networks that will put out your coupon codes on their expansive websites. This method helps you expand the number of shoppers you reach with coupons while saving you time managing codes with affiliates individually.

You can also allow your other affiliates, like influencers and content creators, to use coupon codes when promoting your products on their platforms.

This guide will cover a few ways to incorporate coupons for affiliate marketing to grow your program and some tips for when you’re getting started.

Referral Tracking

One way you should consider using coupons is for referral tracking. For example, when affiliates use an affiliate code through LeadDyno, the code can offer a customer a discount while also tracking the sale back to the affiliate. You do this by connecting unique coupon codes to specific affiliate accounts, and any time that coupon code is redeemed, the affiliate gets a referral. It works the same as if a customer used their unique URL for the referral.


Incentives like coupon discounts give people a really good reason to buy something from you. It’s estimated that 90% of consumers use coupons in some way, and the coupon redemption rate is expected to rise to 94% in 2022.

Offering incentives to customers brings these benefits:

  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • Customer retention and loyalty
  • More brand trust
  • The opportunity to attract new customers
  • Improved brand awareness and reputation

Integrating coupon codes as an incentive is a great way to engage affiliates with an exciting deal for their followers.

Marketing Strategy

Today’s marketers know just how important it is to meet customers where they are. And today, that means engaging them on all digital platforms, especially social media and search platforms. A coupons affiliate program is a great addition to your overall marketing strategy, as it combines affiliate marketing and incentives. It also motivates more sales and can be used for products or even subscription services.

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3 Tips for Using Coupon Codes

1. Make Sure Affiliates Have Their Own Codes

To take advantage of the referral tracking feature, make sure that each affiliate in your program has a unique coupon code that can be attributed back to them when someone makes a purchase.

2. Work With Credible Coupon Affiliate Websites

There are lots of coupon affiliate websites out there, where customers turn when they’re looking for a last-minute code for their purchase. These sites also send out lists of great deals to subscribers, so partnering with them could get your brand in front of more eyes. 

Coupon sites may apply to your affiliate program, but just make sure you vet them so you know they are legitimate. One indicator is if they have a professional affiliate representative who works exclusively on affiliate programs. You may also work with sites through a separate affiliate network.

3. Add Coupons to Your Website

You can also create a coupon page on your site where visitors can find current deals and purchase from you directly. It also means you may appear higher on Google’s results page when someone searches for a coupon online.

How To Get Started With Coupons To Grow Your Affiliate Program

Whether you want to work with coupon affiliate websites or allow your affiliates to use unique coupon codes, offering discounts can be a great way to engage more new customers and build customer loyalty.

LeadDyno makes it easy for you to use affiliate codes for referral tracking or coupon codes on many platforms. We integrate with Shopify, BigCommerce, Ecwid, Recharge, Wix, and more platforms ideal for affiliate programs will recognize the coupon code that you assign to an affiliate for tracking.

Launch and grow your affiliate program with LeadDyno, and you’ll see a boost in revenue for your eCommerce store or SaaS business. You can track performance in the simple dashboard and focus on engaging and motivating affiliates to sell.

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