LeadDyno Affiliate Newsletter for May 2019

It’s commission payment time for LeadDyno partners! If we owe you $75 or more in commissions, we’ll be sending your payment your way via PayPal. Expect it by tomorrow.

New Promo Opp: 11 Most Profitable Affiliate Niches

Here’s a great “link love” article to promote on social media. We analyzed seasonal and yearly trends in the affiliate space to identify the 11 most profitable niches for affiliate marketers. The piece is extremely popular already:

And remember to use these social sharing shortcuts to get affiliate credit!

Resell LeadDyno (& More Apps!) with AppBind

My man Sunir Shah, the godfather of SaaS partnerships, is rolling with his own company and offering, AppBind (yeah Sunir!) It makes reselling LeadDyno easy by consolidating the billing (and more importantly, the reselling) in one convenient location.

Thanks to his handy work we now have an integration with AppBind that’ll let you resell LeadDyno along with complimentary apps. For more info and to get started, visit:

PS – No joke about Sunir being the biz dev godfather for SaaS. He built the earliest flourishing partner ecosystem on record at FreshBooks back in the day.

Happy May Promoting,
Brett Owens & the LeadDyno Team

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