Affiliate Network (No Setup Fee) Setup

Thanks for signing up for our E-Commerce Affiliate Network! Now let’s setup your profile so that affiliates can find your program, and start joining it right away.

Step 1: Setup Affiliate Tracking Software is an affiliate network with no setup fee for merchants. You will need to “bring your own” affiliate tracking, which you can either get from us (via LeadDyno) or another tracking system of your choosing so that you can track traffic and commissions for your affiliates.

We’ll help you meet affiliates and influencers. We leave it to you to track affiliate commissions and pay them, via LeadDyno or whatever system you choose.

Step 2: Setup Your Profile

Your affiliate program profile is how we feature your product(s) and, most importantly, your affiliate program to the affiliates and influencers in our network:

Click here to update or finish setting up your profile.

Step 3: Get Featured in a Newsletter

We send out weekly newsletters (and Facebook updates) to 15,000+ affiliate marketing enthusiasts who are on the hunt for cool products (with generous affiliate commissions) to promote. Along with our Facebook promotions they will learn about your cool product(s) and affiliate program in newsletters like these:

I’d love to include your website, product(s) and your affiliate program in an upcoming feature. Let me know when your profile is ready to go, and I’ll get you teed up for an upcoming feature.

Step 4: Engage Your Affiliates

“I’ve got some affiliates!” customers often excitedly write to me. And after a pause, they ask:

“Now what?”

Now it’s time for you to engage your affiliates. Get them excited about working with you and earning affiliate commissions. Now that your recruitment efforts are working, it’s time to put on your Affiliate Manager hat and mobilize the new troops!

I host “Affiliate Marketing 101” webinars several times a week. You’re welcome to join me for free. I’ll share my tips, tricks and best practices in a quick 12-15 minute webcast that will also save time for your affiliate marketing questions at the end. Sign up for my next webcast here:

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