Affiliate Marketing Trends to Watch Out For In the Coming Year

Technology is ever-changing. There’s no telling what will become obsolete in the future and what will be ‘the next big thing’.

Ten years ago, none of us would have imagined how technology would affect us the way it has now. It was only up to our imagination to think of all the things we could possibly do in the future.

As technology has changed and advanced, so have the trends in affiliate marketing. The world of affiliate marketing keeps changing and evolving, expanding and becoming bigger.

Here is a review list of all that was popular this year, along with the upcoming trends of 2017.

Mobile Marketing:

“Isn’t mobile marketing getting old?” you must be wondering. Far from it. In fact, statistics show that at least 19% Americans use their mobile phone to access information online. That means that mobile marketing is not going away anytime soon and will most likely improve in the near future. This is because most people nowadays access social media networks through their mobile phones.

Creating Brand Awareness:

How do you learn about a product? Online advertisement? Social media? Word of mouth? Brand image is important and will always be trending, for a good reason.

Study shows that 84% of people will trust a brand if someone close to them recommends it. Therefore, it’s important to create a trustworthy brand image. Plugins are also helpful for creating brand awareness. A WordPress affiliate plugin or any other social media sharing plugin can help spread awareness about your brand.

The Trend of Real Data:

Everyone is tired of fake affiliate marketing programs that promise everything, but deliver nothing.

This is why real data will trend in the upcoming year. Recruiters will be able to pick out the best affiliates on the basis of performance, and recruit them accordingly. With stats and demographics, affiliate data will become transparent.

This will not only happen on the affiliate’s end but the marketer’s too. That way, there will be transparency and trust.

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