Affiliate Marketing Scenarios That Let You Go Global

There are quite a few ways to take your business across international boundaries by effectively utilizing the affiliate marketing platform.

However, the route you take is based on a host of variables—advertisers current processes, technical abilities, and infrastructure.

Keep reading below as we unveil various scenarios and how you can successfully expand internationally with affiliate marketing:

Scenario # 1 – Separate Programs

Let’s consider an advertiser who has various domains, separate for each region. Every site may have varying pricing points and inventories relative to the original US site.

The content and prices are displayed according to the country’s native language and currency. Similarly, the websites would have individual shopping carts relative to the US website. Moreover, other online and offline marketing channels are being efficiently executed for these countries.

In some cases, there are different business units accountable for the revenue coming from different nations (local vs. international). Therefore, in such kind of scenarios, it would make good sense to set up separate affiliate tracking system.

Scenario # 2 – Potentially Separate Programs (Depends)

On the other hand, an advertiser may prefer to operate through his/her own .com website. However, based on the IP address or visitor’s manual selection, the displayed content (language and currency) is of their country.

Based on a few crucial things such as individual reporting, sales tracking across various countries, a new affiliate program(s) seems feasible. The possible revenue will also be an important factor.

Scenario # 3 – Sticking to Existing Program

Lastly, let’s take the example of an advertiser who merely wants to gain international exposure for his/her brand and improve international revenues.

Everything will come across via .com and it might have or might not have a different language/currency. However, it is important to note that international shipping is extremely competitively priced.

Advertisers working under this scenario are recommended to work on expanding international revenues via their current affiliate marketing program. Moreover, the publisher staffing tool is considered the easiest way of accessing/targeting certain publishers rated high on the priority list of advertiser.

If you’re willing to expand globally, we hope that this has given you the right guidance and information regarding when to expand into individual affiliate programs.

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