Affiliate Marketing Recruiting Tips for Health-Related Products

We’ve got a new user who sells health-related products.  She’s having trouble recruiting affiliates.

This morning, she writes:

So far am not enjoying my results, am having problems getting professional affiliates. I wish you had a service of rendering professional affiliates that will have being great, So any suggestions?

Now, I wish we could snap our fingers and render her professional affiliates too!

And while we don’t – we do have a methodology to follow that will bring her high-quality affiliates in the health space.  As usual, it’s all about the health bloggers.

Here’s what I told her… , if you will…

My affiliate marketing recruiting tips for health bloggers


What have you been doing to recruit affiliates on your end?

Your site looks good.  It’s also, as you know, a bit of a niche.  So, while you are welcome to join our affiliate network:

I think you’ll get the best results with a targeted affiliate recruitment plan.

Which means we should look at health bloggers who have a similar philosophy.  Have you reached out to any others in your space yet?

By making these connections, you’ll start to see bloggers with larger and more established followings linking to your site… and most specifically, any blog posts you write that resonate with them and their audience.

This is where you want to offer them affiliate links to your site.  I’m sure they may have a reciprocal affiliate program that you too can join and earn some extra side money from folks you send their way.

To summarize, here’s how I would approach your marketing:

  1. Write health-related blog posts to drive traffic… the more specific to one of your products, the better.  While blogging is all well and good our goal here is to sell, after all 🙂 (If you’re not a writer yourself I would either hire one on Elance – or I can refer you to some good writers that we have used with success).
  2. Make friends with health bloggers that you like
  3. Offer them up affiliate links and get them to join your program

I think you’ll find that these bloggers will send 95% or more of the best affiliate traffic you see.  That’s because they already have an audience of folks who would be interested in your products.

Let me know if you have questions on any of this.

We also have a good webcast on the “how to’s” of affiliate marketing here this is worth watching if you haven’t already:

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