8 Latest Affiliate Marketing Products In Fitness (Up to 25% Commish)

Affiliate Marketing Products In Fitness

Are you into fitness? Then we have some great fitness products that you will love! But not only that – we will also be giving you exclusive access to sign up as affiliates for these brand and begin marketing their stuff! Depending on which affiliate marketing products you choose to represent – you’ll be looking to earn commissions between 5% to 25%!

Does that sound exciting or what?! Well, we were definitely excited while compiling this guide of the 8 Latest Affiliate Marketing Products in Fitness. So let’s not mess about at get straight into it.

Here’s the product summary of what we have lined up for you:

  • Stiffness & Pain Relief Roller (25% Commish)
  • Hot Fitness Apparel for Women (15% Commish)
  • Tea Detox (15% Commish)
  • Golf Ball Stamp (5-10% Commish)
  • Modern Day Warrior Apparel (20% Commish)
  • Fitness gear (10-20% commish)
  • Seat Hoody (15% commish)
  • Waist trainer (15% commish)

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Latest Fitness Affiliate Marketing Products

1. Stiffness & Pain Relief Roller for 25% Commission

Pain relief rollers - Simple Mobility Tools

Back pain can be disabling especially if you live an active lifestyle. If you’ve experienced such pain, then you know the satisfying relief that a chiropractor gives your back. Once they work on your back, you feel alive again. What if you had access to the awesome effects of having a chiropractor 24/7?

Well, now you do with the Mobilizer by Simple Mobility Tools. This nifty little roller works magic on your back by reaching the pain points and then isolating and loosening your muscles. From only $29.99, you can get your own Mobilizer and experience relief anytime and anywhere.

The best thing is that affiliates earn a tasty commission of 25% on sales! So why wait around? Hurry up and be one of the firs.

2. Hot Fitness Apparel for Women for 15% Commission

Womens Apparel - Summer Collection

Two words. Hot and HOT. Show off your curves in high-waist mesh or ripped leggings, figure-hugging bodysuits and sexy sports bras from  You’ve been working hard on your body and the results are showing – without a doubt.

If anyone should confidently feel hot in fitness gear, it’s you! You’ll look and feel great, even when you’re sweating it out. Oh, and you’ll definitely be turning heads at the gym – who wouldn’t if they looked as hot as you.

And as an affiliates, you’ll earn a commission of 15% on sales.

3. Tea Detox for 15% Commission

Fabfit Teatox Detox DrinkDo you feel like gunk on the inside? Are carb cravings getting the best of you? Struggling to maintain your weight? Your skin looks like a horror from all the breakouts? Yeah, it feels like your own body is at war with you. But it’s actually the toxins in your body that are creating havoc and you need a detox.

Fabfit Teatox is an easy 100% natural detox tea that will cleanse your body and give it the vitalizing boost that it needs. So get your 14-day slim pack now for only $29.00.

Affiliates earn a commission of 15% on sales.

4. Golf Ball Stamps for 5-10% Commission

Golf Ball Stamps - Ireland Golf BallsBecause you have this quirkiness about you, your golf balls need some of that quirkiness too. Quirky golfers can get golf ball stamps in over 120 designs from Ireland Golf Balls for €8.95. Three leaf clovers, red devils, smileys, lightning bolts and so many other designs. Easily identify YOUR golf balls on the course with these funky quick-drying waterproof prints.

Hey, everyone will know who the funky balls belong to. Only you.

Affiliates earn a commission of 5-10% on sales.

5. Modern Day Warrior Apparel for 20% Commission

Modern Day Warrior ApparelWhen fitness becomes more than just seasons of fitness, it then becomes a lifestyle. A way of living. It changes the way that you think and feel about living an active life. You are a fitness warrior. Fighting to do better. To be better.

If this sounds like you, Warrior Soul Agoge has inspiring fitness collections for you – motivational, military and warrior. This is the fitness lifestyle brand for the modern day warrior.

Affiliates earn a commission of 20% on sales.

6. Fitness Gear for 10-20% Commission

Krono - Fitness Affiliate Marketing Products

What is the one thing that is holding you back? Holding you back from being the fittest you that you can be. You admire those that look great around you and yet at the same time, you wallow in how unhappy you look. Despite your unhappiness, you continue to do nothing to change your situation.

What’s stopping you? Getting out of your comfort zone? Is doing nothing worth it for you? If it is, then you’ll stay the same.

But if you’re ready to make a change, then make no excuses – only results, by any means necessary. Ready to get in shape? Get your gear from Krono Fitness – apparel, conditioning, globes, wraps, and accessories – all to help get you into the fittest person you can be.

The commission rate varies depending on the products. And so your earning would be between 10-20% on each sale. But don’t let that stop you from

7. Seat Hoody for 15% Commission

Seat Hoody - The Ideal Cover for Sporty People

Sweat. There is nothing like having a great sweaty workout session to get you into shape. Until you get into your car and transfer your sweat there, eww. But we live in 2017, where there is a solution to almost every problem. Thanks to Seat Hoody, you can protect your seats from your sweat with funky seat covers.

Available in a variety of patterns and colors and made to fit all seats. Plus you can get your own Seat Hoody for only $48. Good things certainly come to those who sweat.

Affiliates earn a commission of 15% on sales, so

8. Waist Trainers for 15% Commission

Waist Trainers - Get A Smaller WaistWaist training has become a popular practice for women. Contrary to common assumption, with correct use waist trainers don’t necessarily work by squeezing your waist into shape. Instead, they work by constricting the stomach. And so this prevents overeating as the feeling of fullness is felt just after eating small amounts.

As a result: you lose overall body fat and achieve a smaller waist. However, they do provide an instant appearance of a slimmer waist. Therefore, get your waist trainer and other phenomenal shapewear from Waistless.

And that’s our final listing for today, and as an affiliate, you can earn a reasonable commission of 15% on sales. Apply here to become an affiliate of Waistless.

Before we wrap things up with our 18 Latest Affiliate Marketing Products in Fitness article, we just have one last thing to say. We know that many of you have your own products and are looking to start your own affiliate programs. Therefore, if you need any advice you can always contact us. Alternatively, you can also read our many posts where we guide you into setting up an affiliate network and other things like sorting out affiliate commissions.

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