Affiliate Marketing on Facebook

Help Your Website Visitors Share Your Product on Facebook

Our new “social sharing widget” is the easiest way to start affiliate marketing on Facebook.

You’ll simply install our Facebook (and Twitter and Pinterest) sharing buttons on your website… as I’ll show you in the demo video below.  This will hook in seamlessly with your existing LeadDyno-powered affiliate program.

Video Transcript: Affiliate Marketing on Facebook

And what I want to show you this morning is our new sharing widget, so basically show you what it does, how to set it up on your site. It’s pretty quick to set up so it’s a really cool feature that I’m excited about so I want to do is kind of a special webinar to show you how it works.

It’s pretty easy to setup so I’ll just kind of take you through what it does, how to set it up, and then we can take your questions. So it’ll be really pretty quick here. Richard, as many of you know, our support manager, hopefully will be joining me. He headed off on another call here. He’s just going to try to get back to this and kind of walk you through it. If not I’ll show you that as well. So Richard may be joining us here in a few minutes.

So with that I’m just going to go ahead and just go ahead and get started. So here’s what we based the sharing widget off of is basically off of Amazon. So every page of Amazon, you know Amazon’s got a ton of products. They’ve got this little share widget here basically where it’s under the “Add to cart.” The only page on the site has this widget. What’s special about the Amazon widget is that when you opt to share it for example to share it on Facebook it pulls the exact product information. So this Kindle Paperwhite, when I share this on Facebook, it doesn’t just share It shares this specific product, and then it pulls the information about the Kindle Paperwhite.

So this is what I can then post to my Facebook timeline for my friends and followers. So it’s the same, they’ve got integration with Twitter, so it’s pretty popular to tweet. It’s about, again, Amazon Paperwhite, it’s got the specific link to the specific product page and such. And then they’ve got e-mail sharing and then they also have Pinterest sharing. So you can share on e-mail, just click e-mail button again. They’ve got a note in there. But again, it’s all product specific.

So if I go to a different page on Amazon, so if I go to a different, for example, Kindle Voyage here, so different product, go to the share widget, again it updates to the Kindle Voyage. So this is the product that I’m sharing. If I go back to the, I know you get the idea but let me just kind of go to a different product.

So to go way different, now I’m shopping for sandals, hopefully for my wife but if I’m shopping for women’s sandals and I share this link, most likely I’ll share this on my Facebook timeline and then the Kindle. But again if I choose to, I got really excited about these women’s sandals and I shared it on my timeline, it would have the women’s sandals would be what was shared. Whatever this product info is about that.

So that’s that. We know many of you have many products you want to, many of you have different affiliate licenses. Some go to just your home pages. Some go to your product pages, so this is a way with our new sharing widget you can do stuff that’s product-specific, so get it on every product page of your site and when people share it it’s product-specific.

Here’s a Facebook Sharing Example

We set up a Shopify store. This is Richard’s doing. If you see one day Richard’s not here any more it’s because his metal beer stein business really took off and he left us at LeadDyno to go pursue his entrepreneurial dreams here full time. But in the meantime Richard’s got these things as a side business so he’s got a Shopify store set up. He’s got his metal beer steins, and what Richard’s done to help promote his beer steins is he’s added our LeadDyno sharing widget, which as you can see looks like Amazon. It actually looks a little nicer than Amazon’s widget. So this is basically what you can install on any page on your site. It’s like Amazon’s. It’s product-specific. If I share it on Facebook that’s the info related to this beer stein, okay, so it pulls that exact information. So same with e-mail, Twitter, and Pinterest.

So that’s basically what it does. Coming soon as a sort of a second rev of this we’re going to allow people to join your affiliate program as well if they are not already affiliated. So that’s kind of an added bonus, something Amazon doesn’t yet have. One bonus that we do have is if somebody is an affiliate and we’re able to identify them as an affiliate when they share, so they’re already an affiliate of Richard’s and they share his beer stein, they’ll get the ability to credit for that.

So added motivation for people to join your affiliate program. They can share this stuff, so it’s easy sharing, but they will get credit for it if they’re an affiliate. So that’s a benefit of them joining your affiliate program. We kind of look for them if they’re already an affiliate and they’ll get credit for the shares. They’ll get put through your entire store to their heart’s content. They’ll have stuff that they like. Any click that they get through that, they will get affiliate credit for that. And then of course any purchases you can pay them commissions above that.

All right, now how do we set this up? Actually pretty simple to set up. So within LeadDyno, you may have notice this, but if not you can find our sharing widget code. You log in it’s going to be in the lower left called “Sharing Widget.” You can configure the widget. So you can do different stylings. So if you want to be a little more cute, if you want the icon, if you don’t want the sharing names, you want a little sleeker, so see my widget preview updating as I update this stuff. So you can look, you can kind of change the look and feel however you like. If you want to include the social media names or not, you can update that.

Basically that’s going to update the codes. So once you get it how you like it, change the spacing if you want. Once you get this preview how you like it then you can just copy and paste the code and then this is what you place on your site. So just place it basically where it’s going to go on every product page. So let me just got to an example of what that looks like.

So I’ve got a Shopify store set up here, and basically I went under “Themes.” I’m adding a new snippet. And then I am under “Single Product” right here. Okay so this is my code for basically single product page. See about three quarters of the way down the page I’ve got that code in here. So this is where my LeadDyno sharing widget code goes, and then that goes on our product page. So basically right under the “Add Me” part is where I’ve added it here on my Shopify page.

So we do have a documentation on this, specifically where to add the code. And then I know that Richard will be adding a couple, let me just throw this in the chat window for you here. He’ll be adding eCommerce and Shopify-specific instructions. But in the meantime we’re happy to help you. So if you need specific setup help either just ping us on live chat or you can reply to e-mails you got from me. I mean, you know how to contact us basically in any of the ways that you want to contact us. We can walk you through how to set it up on your site.

But that’s basically it. It’s just a straight copy and paste of this code onto your site and then on each page you’re going to get a little sharing widget like this and it’s going to look just like Amazon share widgets do it. And it will work just like that, so it’s going to be all product-specific.

So I told you it’d be pretty quick. So that’s basically the setup. So does anyone have any questions? If you have any questions you’re welcome to type those into the Go To Webinar window and I’ll be happy to answer those. In the meantime if this is your first webcast with us in a little while, in twenty minutes’ time we will be doing a full demo of LeadDyno. So not just the sharing widget but basically everything. So if you want to join us again in twenty minutes you’re more than welcome to.

Basically I’ll walk you through everything that I use on LeadDyno to run our affiliate program. So if you want to see what’s new we’ve got some new sort of automation features in there as well in addition to the sharing widget. But we’ve got some other affiliate invitation stuff. That webcast will run about 15 or 20 minutes so you’re welcome to join us at the bottom of the hour and just sign up via the link that I gave you there.

But otherwise that’s the sharing widget. So please experiment with it. Let us know how it works out for you. We’re really excited about it and happy to help you get it set up. So that’s all we’ve got. Please do keep us posted and let us know if you have questions. So with that I’d like to thank everyone for joining and hope that we talk to you soon.

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