Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Welcome to LeadDyno! You made a great decision to launch your affiliate program with our platform. Now, let’s launch and scale your affiliate (influencer) marketing efforts together.

In this Affiliate Marketing for Beginners guide we’ll discuss:

How to recruit and sign up affiliates, where they’ll share their link (on social media, etc), ways you can engage and help them, and best practices and shortcuts for getting the most from your new affiliate program.

affiliate page customization options, color and logo

Step 1A: Sign up new affiliates

Since you’ve already signed up with LeadDyno, you now have your own Affiliate Website. “Out of the box” this page is hosted by us, and it’s located at You can start sending potential affiliates to this page so that they can sign up to join your affiliate program.

I’d recommend linking to this page directly from your own website. You should also send an email newsletter out to let your current list know that you now have an affiliate program (with this link included). And of course you can (and should) promote your Affiliate Sign Up page via your company’s social media channels, too.

Step 1B: Sign up as an affiliate yourself!

Once you’re in the dashboard, you’ll see how easy it is for your affiliates to:
  • Share their referral link.
  • Track their own progress, sales funnel and commissions.
  • Access additional resources like banner ads and social media shortcuts.
Each dashboard is unique to each affiliate. The affiliate codes, links and social media shortcuts are specific to each partner – so that we can make sure we credit the person properly. Of course as I mentioned you can customize everything within the dashboard.
affiliate marketing for beginners
Customize Affiliate Dashboard

Step 2: Customize your affiliate website (& dashboard)

You can make the entire affiliate website your own – complete with your brand’s colors, logo, messaging and styling. In your dashboard navigate to Website. You can even put the affiliate dashboard on your own domain if you’d like.

Step 3: "Pre-write social medial content for your affiliates

Take a few minutes to preload some social media content for your affiliates. Write a Facebook post, compose a Tweet, and so on.

Affiliates tend to share the messages that we provide them with (versus composing their own from scratch).The more convenient we can make sharing for them, the more they’ll post and share their link.

For example, here is the current Facebook post example to use and share with their own friends and followers.


facebook affiliate marketing
Customize Affiliate Dashboard

Step 4: Engage your affiliates with newsletters and automatic updates

If you’ve followed these steps, you probably have your first few affiliates signing up already. You can actually borrow an email we have sent to my our affiliates before. Make any edits you’d like, sign your name to it and make it your own. We have four of my own “swipe file” emails available for you to use in the Affiliate Newsletter section of LeadDyno (located in the Tools menu). Click + New Affiliate Newsletter and you’ll see my four templates available in the dropdown menu.

You can also send affiliate newsletters via MailChimp, HubSpot and/or AWeber. We have integrations with all three of these excellent email marketing platforms.

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