How to Send “Automated” Affiliate Emails

Affiliate Marketing Automation: Grow & Run Your Program on Autopilot!

We’ve built a lot of email features in LeadDyno recently that I want to make sure you’re aware of. They’ll help you run and grow your affiliate program quickly – and they’re easy to setup.

If you’d like to see these features demo’d live, please join me (Brett) for our next live webcast.

Now, let’s go through a full rundown of our “Automated” Affiliate Emails together…

Keep Yourself “In The Loop” on Sales & Affiliate Activity

Every evening at 7pm, I look forward to the Nightly Summary email that I receive from LeadDyno. It gives me a final tally for how we did that day – our total visitors, new leads, and of course new purchases.

We can also let you know via email when a new affiliate signs up for your program:

And we can give you a heads up on a new affiliate sale… or any sale for that matter… including the source of the lead. Affiliate or otherwise.

To Enable these automated email notifications, visit Settings – Email Preferences.Now, let’s talk about how to automatically invite your newest customers to become affiliates…

Recruit New Affiliates While You Sleep

We recently released a new Affiliate Invitation feature that will invite new customers to join your affiliate program automatically.

  1. Turn the Affiliate Invitation Email “on”
  2. Your new customers will receive an invitation to join your affiliate program
  3. They’ll click to your affiliate website and sign up

I personally have had a lot of success brining new customers onboard as affiliates thanks to this email. I know that many of our users have as well.

So, please check out our new Affiliate Recruitment Email. I’ve already got one prewritten for you in the LeadDyno app itself.

You’re welcome to edit it as you’d like… but if you don’t, all you have to do is sign it with your signature, and Enable it to get it running.

Welcome Email for New Affiliates

If you’re not yet using our Automated Affiliate Sign Up email, got set it up right now. It’s located under Affiliate Content – Automated Affiliate Emails.This email will give your new affiliates the only two links they ever need to promote your website and product(s):

  1. Their unique referral link
  2. The link to their Affiliate Dashboard

Here’s an example of the beginning of a welcome email… as seen from my Gmail account:

Affiliate Progress and Sales Reports

Remember, as soon as you sign up with LeadDyno, we create – and host – your Affiliate Website for you. It looks something like this:

Affiliate Progress and Sales Reports

Finally, you can email affiliates when they send you a new lead. Or you can let them know as soon as they have a new affiliate sale. Or send them a Weekly Status update showing them how they did last week

Or you can do all 3… which is what I do personally. You can setup these emails under the Automated Affiliate Emails section, too.

And like everything else in LeadDyno, you can customize it with your logo and colors… to make it specific to your brand and website.
The Affiliate Website is where we’ll send people who click through your affiliate recruitment email. Here, they’ll be able to sign up for their affiliate program. And after they sign up, they’ll be passed through to their Affiliate Dashbaord – so that they can start sharing their link on social media right away!