Affiliate Link & Marketing Demo

Okay, so this is the affiliate dashboard for one of our partners. When you sign up with LeadDyno, you’re gonna get your own affiliate website, and each one of your affiliates is gonna get their own dashboard here. So this is an example of what they will see, in our case, this is one of our partners, Sam. Sam’s a blogger in our industry. He’s got, of course, a following via his website, his newsletter, social media channel, so on so forth. So Sam gets credit for anyone who clicks through his referral link, which he can get, first and foremost, front and center, right here. So this is that classic affiliate link which he can copy and paste anywhere.

A couple things to note there. One is that you can customize the link, you can also shorten it if you like. We’ve got our own link shortener service, which you are welcome to use there as well. So he can share his link by copying and pasting it. He can put it on his website and on his blog, into his social media channels, or he can also make use of our social media shortcut. So for example, he can do a quick Facebook post. All he does, he hits this “Facebook” button, it logs him in, it tees up this post to Facebook. His friends and followers are gonna see this come through their respective Facebook feeds, and as they click through or tap through, Sam’s gonna get credit for these referrals. Same idea with Twitter, he can post to Twitter just by clicking this “Tweet” button. It’s gonna log him in to Twitter, tees up this tweet and then his friends, followers are gonna see this come through their respective tweet streams. And similarly, as these folks click through the tweet, credit’s going to go to Sam.

So we’ve got all the plugins for him to share on social media. He can do it from his computer. He can also do it via his smartphone using our mobile app here, our affiliate dashboard app, which puts your affiliate dashboard onto each one of your affiliate’s phones here as well.

Our progress can be updated in real-time as well. It will be updated so as folks click through Sam’s affiliate link, they will get credit for the number of… He’ll be able to see the visitors’ opt-ins and purchases that he get credit for. He can also see how he’s looking on his commissions as well, right here.

Couple other aspects to share with you, I’ve got some banner ads, infographics, and such, which he is also able to take advantage of. He can copy and paste these and put’em on his website. We’ve got the HTML embedded in here. We also have his affiliate link embedded in here, so he can easily share this stuff and get credit for everyone who clicks through this infographic, who clicks through this banner ad and ends up on his website there as a result.

Finally, I have an archive of recent affiliate newsletters here as well. These are gonna land directly in our affiliate’s email boxes and we keep an archive there online, so I’m gonna show you how to compose these in a minute when we get in to the LeadDyno side of things. The nice thing, from your perspective, is that they will receive these directly in their email inbox, so it’s a nice way to engage your affiliates here as well.

With that, I’m going to flip over here, and we’re going to look at our… Let me actually just reiterate then, everything you just saw, available from the smartphones as well, so any device, all that sharing, you can get there. And then let me kinda keep clicking through here.

So now we’re going to mount into LeadDyno side of things and I’m gonna show you, actually one of my own accounts, so again, this is one of our LeadDyno accounts for one of our sister companies, so I’m taking you through kind of a back-end of how I’ve got that affiliate program set up. So the affiliate content section is where you’ll do most of that set-up. That is over on the left-hand side. This is where you’d be able to set up the affiliate website where you can control the settings, the header of the website, the introduction, instructions. This can all be customized. You can update the text simply by typing it down here. You can also insert images if you would like. You can insert links, you can update the HTML directly. We do support custom CSS, if you wanna further style that, you can do it. You can also do things such as getting terms of service in there, so if you would like to have your affiliates opt-in to your terms of service agreement, you can enable this, and then, do this opt-in process right here.

Also in the content section, so the Facebook post that I showed you, so that pulls from here. So when an affiliate of yours is going to share the Facebook post, we’ve got one that’s pre-loaded, so they can just click and share, and they’re gonna be off and running. That pre-loaded post is also contained in our content section right here, where this is going to be the title of the post, this is the body of the post that’s going to be shared when affiliates are sharing this on Facebook. Same idea with Twitter. So when they tweet out their social pre-loaded tweet here, this is what we’ve got going for them right here in terms of the tweet that’s available. This link will then flip to an affiliate link also when it gets tweeted out as you can see right here.

Okay, let me move on, show you a few of our key tools. We’ll talk affiliate recruitment, and we can tackle any questions that you have. So in our toolbox here, the ability to compose an affiliate newsletter is gonna be right here, so again, a nice way to engage your affiliates. Some tips and tricks for writing affiliate newsletters. I like to send these out. I think a monthly basis is a nice habit to get into. I like to time our affiliate newsletters with our affiliate payments if I can. I find that’s always a nice way to get everyone’s attention. Also, if you got things that are new, novel, some new products, new features, so on so forth, I like to give our affiliates the entire scoop first if I can and I do that using our newsletter feature, and kinda so they can get out to social media, they can start sharing and they’ve got something unique that they are taking out there.

We also have some automated affiliate emails. So these are gonna fire off based on certain events. So for example, when a new affiliate signs up, we can send them a welcome email. This contains their affiliate link as well as a link to their affiliate dashboard, so everything that they need to get up and running. I also have the ability to, as do you, I let’em know how they’re doing, so for example, we’ve got a weekly status email that lets them know how they did for the week, so the number of visitors, leads, and purchases that they each got credit for, and we can even let affiliates know every time they get credit for a new lead or a new purchase by letting them know with an individual email as well. So this are all customizable. You can tweak them as you would like. Again, the nice thing is that LeadDyno will send these out on your behalf so you don’t have to sit there and email your affiliates, but you can kinda keep them engaged just on an ongoing basis there.

All right, finally we will close with probably our most popular topic, affiliate recruitment. So let’s talk about how we are going to get affiliates to sign up for your program. We’ve got a couple of angles, so let me start with the organic one, our affiliate invitation email. What this is is you’re gonna reach out. An email that is gonna go out to new customers as they buy from you, reach out to them, describe your affiliate program to them, let them know about it, and we’re gonna invite them to join. So it’s a real nice way to turn those new customers of yours into new affiliates. I found it’s nice…it’s been very effective technique for us in terms of getting folks to sign up for our program, so a nice way to get that organic type of growth and real simple to set up. Literally, all you need to do is just enable the email and then make any tweaks to it that you would like, and then you’re going to…this is going to be fired off to your affiliates as you go.

We also have an affiliate network, so this is a nice way, again, to get in front of those influencers who are promoting products in your industry who you might not otherwise have had access to. So to join our affiliate network, so if we click that “Network” tab down here in the lower left corner, this is going to get you into our affiliate network where you can sign up. Free for you to join as a LeadDyno user, and we’ll give you exposure to the affiliates and influencers, especially those interested in the products in your category.

So what we do is we get you a listing here where we talk about your product, we talk about your affiliate program, the details associated there. We send out newsletters such as these that are going out to the affiliates in your category, and we’re doing Facebook posts out to them, and we’re doing affiliate recruitment on our end all the time as well, so that you can take advantage of it. And as folks see these features, they can apply to join your program with a single click. So a real nice resource here for exposure. If you’re interested in taking advantage of it, again, really easy, just click that “Network” tab in the lower left corner, and that will walk you through the set up process. Also if you do set up your profile, let me know if you’re interested in being featured, because I’d love to get you featured there as a new user as well.

And then finally, when it’s time to pay folks, what I do is I head on in here, I hit the “Pay” button. And let’s say I’m gonna pay Lori, and let’s say I’m gonna get ahead of the curve, pay Lori through the end of July. So I just fast forward to the end of July here. I can pay her via PayPal, if I just hit the “PayPal” button that’ll tee up that payment from me out to her. I can actually pay a bunch of people or everyone all at once using PayPal Mass Pay, if I would like. Other electronic options are gonna include Coinbase, will let you send Bitcoin around, or if you wanna cut a check, so if I wanna cut Lori a check instead, I would just do that and then mark her off as manually paid here.

Okay, so covered a lot of ground. I am happy to get into your questions now, so let me know if you have any. Type those into the GoToWebinar window, I’m happy to stick around as long as you would like, if you do have questions or things that you would like to see demoed. Let me also get our contact info over here. Phone, email, live chat is available now seven days a week, every day of the year. You can get help on live chat in the lower right, that’s a convenient way to do it. Social media info here as well. Live chat is also available within LeadDyno itself. And then finally, if you wanna circle back with me on anything, [email protected] will go back to me.

Otherwise, I thank you for joining, so I hope it was helpful. Again, we’ll get you an email out with this recording. Stay in touch, let us know how we can help with your affiliate program. Let us know if we can get you featured especially. Hope everyone has a great rest of your Wednesday evening, and hope to hear from you soon as well.

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