Affiliate Commissions for Quirky Things, Tactical Gear and Gun Building Blocks

Quirky Things to Make You Smile for 10% Commission

Surrounding yourself with quirky colorful things just makes you happy.  This is something anyone with a creative flare to them can relate to.  There is something about coming home to your bed with that emoji picking nose pillow that makes your day,, or reaching out into your handbag for that green frog purse that seems to make your world a better place, or maybe its those bacon socks that you will find comfort in.  That’s what life should be like, a world of colorful smiles throughout the day and Small Things Store gives you products that will do just that.  With their free worldwide shipping, you’ll be twinkling with joy. Affiliates earn a commission of 10% on sales.

 Tactical Gear for $10 Commission

Your mission is to survive and be equipped for action in anything that comes your way.  Be ready for action.  Be ready for combat.  Be ready to survive.  Be ready for anything.  No, we’re not sending you off to the next season of Survivor, but if your lifestyle demands activities of such a nature Gear4Tac has tactical gear to get you geared up for anything.  Plate carriers, tactical vests, chest rigs, holsters, headlamps and footwear make up all the gear that Gear4Tac supplies.

Gear4Tac offers FREE worldwide shipping.  Affiliates earn $10 commission on sales above $30.

Gun Building Blocks for $10 CommissionIf guns and building blocks rock your boat, then GUNBLX has an impressive collection of gun building blocks.  These make a great gift and fun activity for gun enthusiasts.  Made from high quality self-locking blocks, these pieces make great conversational displays in a home or office. A set is priced from $69.99 Affiliates earn a commission of $10.

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