The Advertiser’s Dilemma Beware of These Affiliate Marketing Pitfalls

Affiliate marketing is a rewarding endeavor for an online marketer who is ambitious. However, before you delve into it, there are various things you need to consider, unless you’re planning to fail of course. In order to help you through the affiliate marketing journey, it is crucial for you to know about some of the pitfalls that you could face during advertising campaigns. The list may not cover all the various challenges you could face but it’s a good place to start:-

Cookie stuffing

Cookie stuffing refers to forcing an affiliate’s cookie into any visitor’s browser regardless of whether they have clicked on the link provided by the affiliate. These cookies direct visitors to another site and they are able to receive a commission. Affiliates are meant to promote an advertisers website and refer customers; not paying them a commission on sales from people who have just visited the affiliate’s website. It is good to keep an eye out for what cookies are set on the affiliate’s website and whether it is benefiting you.

Paying for Double Commissions

When you decide to run an ad campaign, you may think about promoting the offer on various affiliate platforms, you should always be careful as affiliates can register for your offers on different platforms and earn commissions from all of them for the same order. To avoid this issue, track the conversion code and cross-check on all the platforms for duplicate orders.

Most of the platforms you promote your offers on have a support group. Check their policies on cancelling double commission orders and ensure that you get rid of the affiliates who grab on to the double commissions.

Brand Search Campaigns

Advertising correctly through proper channels is important; you may have promoted your company at a place with a lot of traffic and are now facing a paid ad which links the visitor to your website through the affiliate’s link. To avoid paying someone else a commission that was generated through another advertising medium, it would be best to restrict the branded terms from the affiliates search campaigns. To be on the safe side, you could also think about restricting specific keywords that will reduce your costs significantly.

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