Adult Affiliate Programs : Recommended Adult Website Affiliates

Adult Affiliate Programs: 2018 Recommended Adult Website Affiliates

This week we have a few steamy products to spice up your affiliate websites. We have decided to compile a list of adult affiliate programs that we believe will bring in tremendous profits in 2018. The adult industry is massive and adult products have huge potential for big earnings. So if you are looking to join the league of successful adult website affiliates, then we highly recommend that you read through our latest guide.

Here is a quick name call of the products that we will be talking about in this weeks adult affiliate programs guide:

  • World’s Leading Intimate Brands (20% Commission)
  • Luxury Silicon Dolls (15% Commission)
  • Affordable Vibrators (15% Commission)
  • Organic Intimate Products (10% Commission)
  • Luxurious Massagers (15% Commission)
  • Kegel Toy (15% Commission)
  • Pleasurable Kegal Exerciser (15% Commission)
  • Sexcessorize (10% Commission)
  • Adult Novels (12% Commission)
  • Yoga Inspired Sex Toy ($40 Commission)
  • Sexy Fashion (10% Commission)

2018 Adult Affiliate Programs

World’s Leading Intimate Brands for 20% Commission

Cherried | Intimate Adult Toy Brands

You don’t have to wait until Valentine’s Day to get your bedroom matters in order. So go ahead and indulge in the Fifty Shades Freed movie this month, spoil yourself and your partner with some goodies from Cherried. They stock the world’s intimate brands from vibrators, massagers to books and body products. All for your steamy pleasure.

So guys, let’s get intimate with the Cherried affiliate program and you can start making 20% commissions on every sale. Not bad for our first product in our guide of adult affiliate programs, right?!

Luxury Silicon Dolls for 15% Commission

Realistic Sex Doll | Silicon Wives

We won’t judge. Whatever you need to satisfy your sexual pleasure – you gotta do what you gotta do – just as long as it’s legal and safe (no episodes of “sex sent me to the ER” please). Maybe an exotic silicon doll is all you need and that’s what you’ll get from Silicon Wives. These full body sex dolls will be quite a treat – no doubt. A variety of dolls are available in various shapes and collections so you’ll find whatever you fancy.

If you think you could sell these sex dolls if you were given the chance, then you should apply now to become an affiliate of Silicon Wives and get rewarded with 15% commission on every sale.

Affordable Vibrators for 15% Commission

Affordable Vibrators - Adult Products

Ready to spice up your sexual pleasure with a toy but don’t know what to start with? Good news is that Knotty Vibes is a great place to start. You’ll find basic pleasure toys at affordable prices. Get naughty with your own vibrator from under twenty bucks. Put your sexy on with seductive lingerie from Knotty Vibes – available in plus sizes.

We can definitely see these products as being super hot favorites, so apply quickly to become an affiliate of Knotty Vibes to start making money for promoting their sexy products.

Organic Intimate Products for 10% Commission

Organic Loven | Adult Affiliate Programs

Don’t let another night go by without improving and enhancing your sexual health with your partner. Joining the organic hype, Organic Loven has brought natural eco-friendly intimate body products to the bedroom too.

Get the Organic Loven Subscription Box with a selection of products to help you along your journey of sexual exploration. Also get your organic supplies of intimate washes, oils, toys, books and so much more.

APPLY NOW to become an affiliate of Organic Loven. All affiliates earn 10% commission on sales.

Luxurious Massagers for 15% Commission

Adult Massagers | Lulu Luxurious ToysDeeply relaxing as your tension drifts away. Stress evaporates, and you feel your whole body submit to the sensual sensation of the massage. For your sexual well-being, Lulu Luxurious Toys has a collection of luxury massagers.

From travel-friendly to therapeutic devices, Lulu Luxurious Toys are rechargeable, waterproof and made from medical grade silicone.

And the best part, from only $24.99, your body can enjoy the pleasure of a sensual massage.

If you are looking to earn a luxurious 15% commission on sales, then apply here to become an affiliate of Lulu Luxurious Toys.

Kegel Toy for 15% Commission

Miss VVs Mystery | Adult VibratorsLadies, does “remember to do your Kegel exercises” sound familiar? You bet it does! But whoever remembers to do them? Need a little naughty incentive? Miss VV’s Mystery has created Miss On The Go Vibrator that allows you to tone your pelvic muscles while experiencing erotic pleasure with its mobile app.

Doing your Kegel exercises don’t get any hotter than this, ladies. Buy this innovative Kegel vibrator for $139 on SALE right now.

Start promoting these vibrators now as an affiliate and earn a commission of 15% on sales. All you need to do is to apply here and become an affiliate of Miss VV’s Mystery.

Pleasurable Kegal Exerciser for 15% Commission

Kegel Exercises App - Miss VVs Mystery

Miss VV’s Mystery promotes a healthy sex life for women to inspire self-confidence – because confidence is sexy. This sex toy helps women exercise their pelvic muscles while enjoying erotic pleasure.

If you have to do your Kegal exercises, then you may as well have a bit of fun while you’re “down there”. Ladies, indulge in a bit of pleasure with the integrated social media app that allows you to realize your fantasies through an interactive game.

Here’s another great adult product from Miss VV’s Mystery that you can promote as an affiliate. If you aren’t affiliated with them yet, you can sign up here and get started today!

Sexcessorize for 10% Commission

A Deeper Shade of Red Board GameNeed something new and fun in the bedroom to reach great pleasure? You’ll find something enjoyable for you from Sexcessorize – high-quality adult toys, dolls, lingerie, games, bondage gear and lubricants.

Sexcessorize values your privacy which is why your purchase and delivery package is 100% discreet so you don’t have to worry about anyone getting into your bedroom business – unless you want them to 😉

Let’s spread this sauciness around and promote the heck out of Sexcessorize! Apply here to become an affiliate of Sexcessorize and you can earn commissions of 10%.

Adult Novels for 12% Commission

Adult Affiliate Programs for Erotic Novels

Adults need bedtime stories too. Therefore, go ahead and spice things up on your next date night or romantic weekend getaway. Novel Erotics will help you live your steamy fantasy with your partner. Each “novel” contains an erotic story to inspire you together with all the gear you need.

Get a bondage set for beginners when you purchase the Evening Tea “Novel”. You and your partner will be in for an erotic treat. Go on, treat yourself to some naughty fun.

Promote these erotic novels and see yourself earning a commission of 12% on sales. Simply apply here to become an affiliate of Novel Erotics.

Yoga Inspired Sex Toy for $40 Commission

Sex Toy - Inspired by Yoga

Ladies, pleasing yourself just got spicier. Imagine an orgasm experience in your entire being: physically, mentally and emotionally. That is exactly what happens when a sex toy for women is created and inspired by yoga and meditation thanks to Zentoy.

Controlled via Bluetooth on the mobile app, the Zentoy is fun, comfortable and relaxing with unlimited control and full customization to reach your spot just right. Teach your body, free your spirit.

If you would like to earn 40 bucks for every sale you make, then become affiliated with Zentoy and start promoting their products today!

Sexy Fashion for 10% Commission

The White Unicorn - Sexy Lingerie

Most women say that they wear lingerie more so to make them feel sexy than for their partner’s pleasure. If you feel good, you will look good. In this case, if a woman feels sexy she’ll look sexy. Ladies, get your sexy on with a steamy range of lingerie from The White Unicorn.

Feeling freaky? Then dress the part with a choice of naughty costumes that you’ll certainly have fun with. Plus-size lingerie also available from The White Unicorn.

The last of the adult affiliate programs today will earn you 10% commission on sales. So apply now to become an affiliate of The White Unicorn.

Don’t forget – as always, we have many more adult affiliate programs that you can browse and register with. Simply CLICK HERE to check them out now!

That’s all we have for you in this week’s Adult Affiliate Programs blog post. However, we would still love to hear from you, which you can do by leaving a comment or reaching out to us using our live chat system.

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