9 Pet Product Affiliate Programs

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It’s time to take your pets shopping! Or should I say, it’s time to invite everyone else to take their pets shopping? This week, we have mustered up some really awesome pet product affiliate programs. So for all you pet enthusiast marketers, this guide’s for you!

Get Acquainted with these 9 Pet Product Affiliate Programs

These pet product affiliate products have been specially hand-picked from our network of e-commerce merchants. Learn about the products they are selling so you can decide which program will best suit your affiliate marketing venture.

These are the pet products you will be promoting:

  • Adorable Pet Gear by Petongo
  • Pet Safety Products by Safe and Sound Hound
  • Raw Honey for Dogs by K9 Honey
  • Dog Accessories by BudBoi
  • Dog Gear by Dignified Doggy
  • Pet Supplies by RojoDiversity
  • Natural Supplements by Sustenance Herbs
  • Mushroom Extract Supplements by MushBoost
  • Hemp Infused Products by Hemp My Pet

Now let’s nitpick at the 9 pet product affiliate programs we have rounded up for you.

1) Adorable Pet Gear [30% Commission Rate]

Adorable Outfits for Your Pets - from PetongoYou know your pet is spoiled when you get them a holiday wardrobe.

Like super adorable outfits and accessories from Petongo.

Cute tees with prints “This is what SPOILED looks like” and “Sorry Santa I ATE the Cookies”.

And nothing says cuteness more than a reindeer romper for your furry friend.

Oh, and Santa’s little helper elf suit on your little dog is an overload of sweetness.

If you wish to promote these adorable products and earn a generous commission of 30% on sales, then you should join their affiliate program.

2) Pet Safety Products [4% Commission Rate]

Comfy + Safe Car Seat for DogsYou wouldn’t compromise your safety while traveling, would you?

The importance of your pet’s travel safety shouldn’t be any different.

After all, you would never want anything bad to happen to your furry friend.

So head on over to Safe and Sound Hound for all your pet travel safety products.

Get dog car seats, dog purses, carriers, water safety gear, bicycle accessories and more.

Want to promote these must-have safety products for pets? Then jump onboard their affiliate program and start earning 4% on every sale you make.

3) Raw Honey for Dogs [10% Commission Rate]

Healthy Honey Tasty Treats for DogsDid you know that dogs can receive the same benefits from honey as humans do?

That’s right. In fact, honey will calm your dog’s digestive system, give it a natural energy boost, improve its immune system and more.

Give your dog doses of honey goodness from K9 Honey.

Made from raw honey, this all-natural product makes a tasty treat and food topper for your dog.

Your furry friend will be happy and healthy with K9 Honey.

Affiliates earn a commission of 10% on sales. Here’s a great opportunity to market a trending product that dogs love.

4) Dog Accessories [25% Commission Rate]

BudBoi Pet Product Affiliate ProgramDog parents can never have enough cool stuff for their fur babies.


They are onto anything that is cute, cool or makes their life easier.

Like an LED ball collar, an automatic feeder, a dual leash, a pet car seat, a GPS tracker, grooming stuff, toys, and the list goes on and on.

Yeah, knock yourself out and visit BudBoi for all this cool stuff and more.

Get free worldwide shipping. Whoop!

And double whoop if you decide to join this or any of the other pet product affiliate programs. As an affiliate for BudBoi, you make a healthy 25% commission on sales that you generate.

5) Dog Gear [50% Commission Rate]

Affiliate Program with Dignified DoggyHaving a dog is a big deal. It’s not just a side note in your life. A dog becomes family and it comes with huge responsibilities.

You realize it’s a big deal when you find yourself purchasing dog steps, a pet gate, a tracking system, a dog stroller or even a dog treadmill.

Yeah, the big deal goes far.

For all this stuff and more (yup, there’s more), check out Dignified Doggy.

They’ll get you primo products for pooches. Fancy stuff and stuff that will make your dog’s life easier.

ALERT! Affiliates earn a MONSTER commission of 50% on sales! So what are you waiting for? Join their enticing affiliate program now!

6) Pet Supplies & Merchandise [10% Commission Rate]

Cat Scratcher/ Groomer by RojoDiversityYour cat is living its best life when they can relieve themselves with a cat arch self-groomer.

Your dog is living its best life when you have the coolest training gear that will make training time a pleasure.

And you.

You are living your best life when your home has your favorite pet plastered all over – from the floors to the walls.

And the love goes as far as rocking tees and jewelry inspired by your pet.

If you’re obsessed like that, then go ahead and indulge yourself and your pet at RojoDiversity.

Get cool pet supplies and lovable merchandise for pet owners.

Want to earn 10% of sales just for promoting these pet products? Then join their pet product affiliate programs team and start earning.

7) Natural Animal Supplements [10-25% Commission Rate]

Sustenance Herbs | Pet Product Affiliate ProgramsWhen your pet gets ill, it can be stressful and it can also be very costly.

Promoting everyday health is a priority.

If you’re concerned about whether your pet’s diet is sufficient, then it’s probably best to get supplements to be safe.

Sustenance Herbs offers a range of natural supplements for your cat, dog, and horse to promote good health.

From everyday supplements to specific ailment supplements, your pet will be happier and healthier.

Start making money with their tiered commission structure of between 10-25%. Simply register with their affiliate program to get the ball rolling.

8) Mushroom Extract Pet Supplements [75% Commission Rate]

Shiitake Extract by MushBoostPet owners wish their furry friend to live longer, healthier and happier.

So apparently the supplement to give them is MushBoost.

These mushroom extract supplements support healthy living. And they also help prevent various conditions. Such as cancerous tumors and inflammatory bowel disease.

MushBoost is the #1 manufacturer of researched based pet supplements.

So, you bet you can count on the results.

CRAZY COMMISSION ALERT! This one’s a BEAST! Affiliates earn an incredible 75% commission on sales! The only thing crazier than this is if you don’t join their affiliate program!

9) Hemp for Pets [30% Commission Rate]

Pet Products Derived from Hemp ExtractNews flash. Hemp seed oil is not only great for humans but pets can enjoy its benefits too.

Click on over to HempMy Pet and check out their range of organic hemp infused products that work amazing results for your pet’s health.

They help with pain management, inflammation, overall health, and many other common ailments.

You’ll be sold on the product testimonials – from veterinarians to pet owners experiencing positive results.

So go on and “hemp” your pet up.

That’s a wrap! A tasty wrap filled with a commission rate of 30%. Join the last contender for today’s selection of pet product affiliate programs and start making money.

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