Up to 80% Commissions For These New SaaS Services

I’m writing today to share three new SaaS Services that you may be interested in promoting as an affiliate. I pulled them from SaaS category listings on, which you can view right here.


Outstanding Content for $100 Commission

So the content marketing bug has gotten to you but you’re stuck on how to create your content professionally.  No sweat.  With Scripted, you will access thousands of expert writers that you can collaborate with to get the best content for your blog, newsletters, social media or website.  Simply submit your brief, get matched with the perfect writer and you’ll receive the draft shortly afterwards.First month is free and affiliates earn a commission of $100 on sales, including free trial signups – whoop!

Apply here to become an affiliate of Scripted


SaaS Services

Marketing Videos for 80% Commission

If you have a lot of social media content to manage on Instagram, then you will find Hopper very useful.  Take the pain away from manual uploads and handle all your Instagram posts automatically on Hopper.  Schedule your posts in advance and save yourself the hassle of doing things the hard and long way.  Hopper can also handle bulk uploads and you can enjoy multiple account features should you wish to manage several Instagram accounts.Affiliates earn a recurring commission of 15% for the first year.  Now that’s something to count on.

Apply here to become an affiliate of Hopper.


New SaaS Services

Marketing Videos for 80% Commission

Video content has a higher engagement rate than text and video increases conversion rates by up to 20%.  Video content is not only a nice to have, but is a yielding marketing channel.  The only problem with video content is that it costs a fortune to produce not to mention how taxing the process is.  Not with Animalty.  With Animalty, you can conveniently create marketing videos or GIFs with the online maker and download the published file.Pay just $5 per every 15 seconds of video – just a small fraction of what it would cost to outsource.Affiliates earn 80% commission on a user’s first download.

Apply here to become an affiliate of Animalty.

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