8 Hot LeadDyno Features for 2018

Let’s scale and “dial in” your affiliate and influencer marketing efforts for the year ahead! Here are 8 new LeadDyno features, here and coming soon, that I want to make you aware of (and get your input on in an few cases):

  1. Updated PayPal Mass Pay,
  2. New HubSpot Integration,
  3. Affiliate-Specific Commissions,
  4. New BigCommerce Integration (& case study opp),
  5. Upcoming AWeber sync,
  6. Affiliate Analytics,
  7. ReCharge and more for recurring commissions, and
  8. Mobile App for Android and iPhone for your affiliates.

(And if a 1:1 phone call would be helpful, we’d be happy to chat. You can book a time to talk 1:1 here.)

Now let’s talk about our PayPal MassPay update…

#1 – New PayPal Mass Pay Support

PayPal abruptly (and without warning, of course) deprecated their popular Mass Pay API. Fortunately our talented CTO Mike rode to the rescue and wrote a new integration that will let you pay multiple affiliate commissions at one time via PayPal Mass Pay.

Here are the new instructions on setting up PayPal Mass Pay with LeadDyno (per their new requirements). If you need a hand and/or would like us to set this up for you via a screen share, please do book a 1:1 support call with us so that we can assist you directly.

#2 – (New!) HubSpot Integration

Our integration with HubSpot is live!

This “1.0” integration will send email addresses that LeadDyno collects directly into HubSpot. Want more? Please talk to me and let me know specifics so that we can address next.

Just hit “reply” and fill me in. Or we can hop on the phone. We’d appreciate your help in guiding the future of this integration.

#3 – Affiliate-Specific “Per Product” Commissions

By popular request, you can now create affiliate-specific “per product” commissions. This means you can say that a particular affiliate will always get credit for product SKUs assigned to him or her. (Note: This feature is available for Shopify and BigCommerce users.)

The new option for Affiliate Specific Products is located in the Payment for dropdown in the Commission Plan setup screen (and is available in addition to regular “per product” commissions.)

Can we help you set this up in real-time? Just ping Adam, Jenn or Deidra – they’re standing by in the lower-right of the LeadDyno app as well as our website.

#4 – Revamped BigCommerce App (& Case Study Opportunity)

Lots of good things happening at BigCommerce lately! I attended their excellent Partner Summit in December in Austin, TX and was thrilled with everything I heard.

We’re going to work with their marketing team to product a joint case study featuring one (or more) of our mutual users. If you’d like us to potentially loop you into these co-marketing efforts, please let me know! It should be great PR for all involved.

Also they’ve got improvements to their API that we’ll be taking advantage of as well. We’ll be reworking our BigCommerce app and integration in the first quarter accordingly. Current users won’t be affected – but if you do need a hand setting up LeadDyno with your BC store, either now or in the future, please let us know (as again, we can help with this 1:1 in just a few minutes).

And again if you’d like to be featured in a potential joint case study, please let me know.

#5 – (Coming Soon) AWeber Integration

Do you use AWeber for your email marketing? If so, please let me know because we will be teeing up an integration with AWeber as well.

We’ll be taking specific requests in terms of how you’d like to see the integration work. Want more than we have going with MailChimp? Great – please tell me the details.

#6 – Affiliate Analytics

Thanks to our users who have requested “more details for affiliates” in our feature request forum. Here’s the start – affiliate analytics, courtesy of our brilliant leader Carson.

You can turn on this feature by clicking the Content tab in the left-hand navigation and enabling the Affiliate Analytics feature (towards the bottom of your screen).

This will add an Analytics tab to your Affiliate Dashboard, giving each affiliate more details on their referrals.

Want to see something else in v2? Hit reply to this email to let me know, or leave a note in our feature request forum here.

#7 – Launch a “Recurring” Affiliate Program

Big news for Shopify merchants selling subscriptions – you can now setup an affiliate program with the new LeadDyno / ReCharge integration.

It’s an easy setup. Just add the LeadDyno App first, then add the ReCharge App – and everything should “just work.” Here are the full details on the LeadDyno – ReCharge connection.

Using another billing system to power your subscriptions? Here are the other third-party products we (LeadDyno) have existing hook-ups with (click the link for the setup instructions):

This brings our e-commerce integration total up to 17. Have a question on an existing integration? Have a request for a new one? Please let me know.

#8 – Launch a “Recurring” Affiliate Program

Your affiliates are probably on their phones even more than they’re on their computers these days. So we’ve got a new mobile app that will let them access your affiliate dashboard from the convenience of their phones.

Here’s how:

1. Tell your affiliates to download the Affiliate Dashboard by LeadDyno app for their Android or iPhone.

2. They’ll open the app and input their email address.

3. We’ll recognize them as a member of your affiliate program – and we’ll provide them with access to your dashboard from the convenience of their new app.

Bonus: Suggest Your Feature Request Here

Got a feature you want to see? Let us know in our feature request forum here. You can see our product roadmap, know what we’re already working on, and “vote up” existing requests that you’d like to see happen next.

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