7 Social Media Marketing Affiliate Programs

Social Media Marketing Affiliate Programs

Whether you’re a business consultant, entrepreneur or even a social media expert ⁠— today’s affiliate programs will get you excited. Especially if you’re an influencer looking to promote a few tools and services to earn some commission bucks.

What we have lined up for you are 7 social media marketing affiliate programs that you can sign up with today.

Here are the companies that are looking for an affiliate partnership:

  1. PromoRepublic
  2. GramStacks
  3. Smart Engage
  4. Agent-cy
  5. Social Shark
  6. Little Shop for Bloggers
  7. Craig Hansen Consulting

Now that you’ve had a glimpse of your potential partners – let’s delve deeper into what they’ll need you to promote.

2019 Social Media Marketing Affiliate Programs

1. Social Media Management Tool ⇨ 20-30% Commission

Social Media Management Software

You shouldn’t be straining yourself about managing your business’ social media.

Yeah, social media management can be task demanding, however, the process can be simplified.

It’s tools like PromoRepublic that make social media management easy.

You can basically run your social media on autopilot.

Create and schedule posts as well as monitor the community activity.

What particularly stood out for me was the look of their dashboard. I love the birds-eye view you get of all your content.

They offer packages for small businesses, freelancers and agencies.

Affiliate Details

Affiliates commission: 20-30% on sales

Affiliate link: PromoRepublic affiliate program

2. Instagram Automation ⇨ 33% Commission

Social Media Growth with GramStacksAre you struggling to make Instagram work for your business?

So many platforms. So many online strategies to keep up with. It’s all a lot!

If you need to simplify but boost your marketing strategy on Instagram then you need to subscribe to GramStacks.

This smart automation software will attract real, targeted and relevant followers to your landing page.

Uniquely designed to fit your business needs, GramStacks is the virtual Instagram agent your business needs.

Affiliate Details

Affiliates commission: 33% on sales

Affiliate link: GramStacks affiliate program

3. Engagement Automation ⇨ 30% Commission

Dashboard view of Smart Engage AppSpeaking of new marketing trends, Smart Engage will take your marketing strategy to the future.

The online space is hectic, your customers are all over the place and you know what?

Their behavior is changing online. Well, at least how their response to the usual marketing.

So whip up Smart Engage in your strategy.

This is an all-in-one autoresponder that connects your customers’ email to their Facebook Messenger and notifications.

Engage with them through messages on the platforms where they’ll actually see you.

Affiliate Details

Affiliates commission: 30% on subscriptions

Affiliate link: Smart Engage affiliate program

4. Digital Marketing Services ⇨ 20% Commission

Social Media Marketing Affiliate Programs | Agent-cy2020 is fast approaching! And if your business doesn’t already have a digital strategy ⁠— then it’s time to act fast!

Don’t be left behind while everyone else succeeds digitally.

The marketing platforms and resources are all there. So no more excuses.

There are even firms like Agent-cy who will provide you with all the assistance you need to achieve online marketing success.

A few of the services they offer include social media marketing, graphic design, content writing, and web design.

Affiliate Details

Affiliates commission: 20% on sales

Affiliate link: Agent-cy affiliate program

How to Join Social Media Marketing Affiliate Programs?

Don’t worry. I didn’t trick you into thinking there were seven social media marketing affiliate programs and then drop you with only four.

I would just like to take a moment to explain to you how to go about joining these affiliate programs.

You may have already noticed that at the end of each program, you are given an affiliate link. So simply click on the link. Fill in the application form. Submit. And you’re done!

Now let’s carry on with today’s agenda.

5. Instagram Growth Service ⇨ 50% Commission

Grow Your Instagram Business with Social Shark

If you haven’t already started, now is probably a good time to get your business out there into the Instagram universe.

Yeah, it may feel like an overwhelming ocean of images, videos, stories, and hashtags.

But you can relax those eyebrows because Social Shark will help make it easy for you.

This Instagram growth service uses automated organic marketing techniques to grow your followers, engagement and of course your brand’s awesomeness.

Because if your business is rocking Instagram, you’re super-cool.

Affiliate Details

Affiliates commission: 50% on sales

Affiliate link: Social Shark affiliate program

6. Social Media Packs ⇨ 50% Commission

366 Social Media Motivational QuotesHaving a social media presence is a full-time commitment. Your life revolves around creating content round the clock.

And the big rule: consistency.

Sometimes it’s too much pressure for such a creatively demanding task.

So we could all use a shortcut where possible.

The Little Shop for Bloggers is your shortcut to creating lovely motivational quotes for your social media profiles.

Buy a pack of 366 quotes beautifully designed and your content is sorted for the year.

Affiliate Details

Affiliates commission: 50% on sales

Affiliate link: Little Shop for Bloggers affiliate program

7. Linkedin Lead Generation Course ⇨ 50% Commission

LinkedIn Lead Gen | Craig Hansen

When the going gets tough in business, the panicked get panicking. Full-on stress-dot-com mode.

Being desperate is a dangerous place to be ‘cause you’ll screw things up properly.

Before you begin your scavenger hunt for solutions, breathe like a human, relax those frowning eyebrows and consider improving your knowledge.

Like the best thing that could happen when you sign up for a course with Craig Hansen Consulting is that you could learn how to leverage Linkedin lead generation to grow your business.

Learn to position yourself as a power-user on Linkedin and build a viral profile awareness strategy. Increase your connections and customer leads.

So relax and stop freaking out.

Affiliate Details

Affiliates commission: 50% on sales

Affiliate link: Craig Hansen affiliate program

Looking for Other Social Media Marketing Affiliate Programs?

If you are, then that’s perfect! Because we have a large directory of merchants looking for someone just like you!

Simply head on over to our affiliate network site. Then use the search bar to find what you’re looking for.

Alternatively, if you have the hunger for more of our tasty affiliate guides, then check these out:

Before I wrap things up, I’d just like to remind you that you can always reach out to us for any assistance or if you have any questions.

Now go sign up to a few of those social media marketing affiliate programs so you can start earning some cash!

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