7 High Paying Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs with High Payouts

Wouldn’t it be great if all affiliate programs offered huge commission rates to their marketers? Unfortunately, most companies you come across are offering their affiliate partners less than 10% on generated sales. So that’s why our content planners at LeadDyno thought it would be fun to come up with a collection of high paying affiliate programs catered just for you! That’s seven programs, to be exact.

We have laid out the content into two groups. The affiliate programs that pay 40% commission and those that pay 50%. Understandably, companies will sometimes change their payout rate, products, and terms. But for this moment, the stuff below is what they are offering.

Here are the two groups and list of programs that we will be covering in the article:

Affiliate Programs that pay 40% Commission

  • All Natural Weight Loss Supplement
  • Delicious Organic Chocolate
  • E-Commerce Course

Affiliate Programs that pay 50% Commission

  • Stylish Jewelry for Women
  • Exquisite Printed Clothing
  • Email Revenue Generator
  • Memorable Gifts for Loyal Customers

Now let’s learn more about these affiliate programs that pay these whopping commission rates.

High Paying Affiliate Programs with a 40% Commission Rate

The first 3 programs will see earnings of 40% in commission going towards affiliates who bring in sales to these businesses. So if you have an audience who would be interested in healthy weight loss products or perhaps an e-commerce course, then these are the top-paying programs you should be registering with.

All Natural Weight Loss Supplement

Weight Loss Supplement | Sizzle Nutrition

The main reason many fail when it comes to achieving their weight loss goals is that they easily give in to their food cravings.

Even if you managed to starve yourself by eating only salad for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Every day! Eventually, that hungry beast is going to surface and devour every food in its path!

Fried chicken, pizzas, burgers, hotdogs, chocolate, and all the other unhealthy munchies. None of these foods are safe from the monster you’ve unleashed.

But it does not have to be all doom and gloom.

Sizzle Nutrition has released their latest dietary supplement, Sizzle Slim. By taking these capsules, you’ll find yourself…

  1. eating less food
  2. burning more fat and
  3. achieving your weight loss goals

And you can do all this without starving yourself!

Want to market this sizzling product on your website or social platform? Then sign up to their affiliate program that pays 40% commission on every sale you make.

Delicious Organic Chocolate

Promote Roar Chocolate - High Paying Affiliate Programs

Eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to say good-bye to your chocolate indulgences. In fact, thanks to the geniuses at Color Earth, you can eat MORE chocolate!

They offer a wide range of 100% organic products that include essential oils and natural supplements. But the product that intrigues us the most is their Roar Chocolate. An all-natural, sugar-free Belgian chocolate that boasts a highly nutritious edge.

Packed with 14 essential vitamins and minerals that give you a blast of energy to get you through the day. The chocolate also contains antioxidants and is said to boost your immune system.

If you promote their healthy organic products, they will reward you with a 40% commission for your efforts. So what are you waiting for?

E-Commerce Course

Welcome to eComSorted

A new year. New business strategies. New solutions.

Bigger sales goals – ‘cause that’s what it comes down to, right?

If any of this is meaningful to you, then sign up for the Increase Traffic & Sales with SEO & Social Media course from eComSorted.

This valuable 9-hour course will equip you with the basics, research, checklists, tests, SEO strategies, social media strategies, case studies and more to implement into your online business.

Want to earn 40% commission just for getting people to sign up to these courses? Then we suggest that you apply to their top dollar affiliate program.

High Paying Affiliate Programs with a 50% Commission Rate

Finally, we have these generous guys who are happy to pay their hard-working affiliates with a 50% commission on every sale. That would mean that you get HALF the sale price of all their products! Awesome, right?! But don’t go thinking that you get rewarded for every single sale these companies make. Of course, you only get paid for the sales that you bring to the table.

For these next 4 high paying affiliate programs, we brought together a variation in niches. So hopefully, there is at least one program that would raise interest with your followers. When you’ve spotted the perfect program, just tap the links provided and you’ll be able to sign up immediately.

Stylish Jewelry for Women

Heartbeat Pendant by ArREYOuStyle is a way to say who you are without having to speak” – Rachel Zoe

Beautiful. So what is your style?

Is it a tassel choker with your sleek jumpsuit outfit? Is it a Bohemian multilayer necklace with your playful summer dress?

Or is it a heartbeat pendant necklace that you wear with your sassy bodysuit and jeans outfit?

Whatever your style is, you’ll find beautiful jewelry to match it from ArREYOu.

Do you have the perfect blog or maybe Instagram account to promote these gorgeous jewelry pieces? Then this is definitely the one out of all the high paying affiliate programs to sign up with. And hey, you get a whopping 50% commission on each sale you brew up.

Exquisite Printed Clothing

Unicorn Hoodie by Fearless FalconA hoodie is just a hoodie until it has wolves printed all over it.

If that isn’t exciting enough for you, then maybe a skull head printed all over your tee is the right amount of unusual that you’ll love.

For the ladies, leggings are just leggings until they’re poppin’ mermaid leggings. Get exquisite printed hoodies, tees and leggings from Fearless Falcon.

If you’re not afraid of making a statement then you’ll rock these bold prints with sass.

Are you an influencer that has a platform to market these fashionable hoodies? And most importantly, do you have an audience that would be queuing up to buy forty of them from you? If that’s a “Hell Yeah“, then you shouldn’t be thinking twice about tapping the button below. Oh, and to confirm, you DO earn a mammoth commission of 50% from each sale.

Email Revenue Generator

Email Revenue GeneratorAre you stuck in your revenue generation strategies? Do you feel like you need to spend a lot of money just to try something out only for results to be dismal?

Perhaps the Email Revenue Generator from Jorge Callaos Marketing is your answer. This 12-video module will teach you how to transform your email lists into revenue without much work and without spending a lot of money.

Stats show that email is 40x more effective than Facebook for customer acquisition. So if email is not part of your revenue strategy, now’s the time to get cracking with it then.

At first, we weren’t sure if this one should be part of the list of high paying affiliate programs. It isn’t exactly the most fun product to promote. But with a commission rate of 50%, we thought – what the heck! So if you think you can get this revenue generator to shine on your marketing platform, then go ahead and register as an affiliate.

Memorable Gifts for Loyal Customers

High Paying Affiliate Programs | GiftHopperAre you looking for solutions to help increase business revenue? You may think that to do so you’d need to win more customers. However, studies have shown that over 50% of most business revenue actually comes from existing customers.

So, wouldn’t it make more sense to focus on your existing customers to hike up sales? It is easier and also cheaper than acquiring new customers.

At GiftHopper, you can send a personal gift to your loyal customers from as little as 5 bucks. Wouldn’t that be more appealing than sending out a boring newsletter? In fact, it’s as easy as sending an email! It would surely surprise your customers. Making them feel important and not just another transaction. You will have a greater chance of winning their loyalty.

Now it’s down to you, the affiliate marketer, to spread the word. So if you have the ideal medium to promote this amazing gifting service, then you know what to do. The button is right there. Do the right thing.

Want More High Paying Affiliate Programs?

Just because we have come to the end of our medley of high paying affiliate programs, doesn’t mean you have to end your hunt for suitable products to promote. You can always jump over to our other pages where we share details of many more great programs. We also have articles that provide valuable tips and advice on everything related to affiliate marketing.

So if you still have the urge to probe a few more articles, then you should check out the rest of our affiliate marketing blog.

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